Kuroki Moe
Kuroki Moe
Birthplace Land of Grass
Birthdate 2/17/26
Gender Female
Age 36
Height 5'5"
Weight Nunya
Blood Type B+
Hidenjutsu Chakra Tattoo Manipulation
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Kuroki
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age N/A
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 34
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) N/A
Element (Secondary) N/A
Unknown Unknown
Signature Jutsu
Seeking Tattoo Bind


Moe was not born of the Kuroki Clan originally, being the clan is rather young in itself. Rather, she was born in the Land of Grass to a family of Kemonoken, the Maki. Being of the eldest three of the family, she was focused on heavily, yet, compared to the rest, she was born physically weak and showed no talent for Taijutsu. No Beast school they went to would perform the ritual to convert her chakra to ki, saying it would be a waste of whatever she could ever potentially be to try to force someone as physically weak as she to take on their traits.

Due to her inherent weakness, Moe was something of an outcast, even amongst her own family. She always had the feeling that she was being ridiculed behind her back, and she doubted she was wrong about that a lot of the time. Despite this, she stayed with her family throughout her childhood and did what she could to be useful. It all came to a head, however, one night in the midst of a family dispute. Moe was incidentally struck and knocked back and, in the heat of the moment, ridiculed to her face about her weakness. After a while of argument, she stormed out the door. Her family figured she'd only gone for a walk, and even she figured that would be all she was doing, yet she found herself not stopping. She continued walking until she had left their home village and then their region and eventually the country as a whole.


Moe seems to have something of a cynical personality. She is observant, intelligent, and cunning, yet she holds a loyalty to the Kuroki Clan that is impossible to shake. Where many Kuroki clan members are rather laid back, Moe is a focused and determined individual, able to be as ruthless and powerful as she needs to be for any given situation. Quite the opposite of her given name… which she despises thoroughly and is often teased about.



Standing just over five and a half feet tall, this woman has a rather lithe figure in some ways, her body not showing much muscle at all, though she does appear to bear the curves that would mark her well into adulthood. She appears to be roughly in her mid-thirties, traditional white makeup decorating her face and long black hair that would likely reach down to her thighs if undone put up into a traditional set of knots. However, she doesn't seem to be purely traditional by a long shot, noted by mostly by her general attire and snake tattoos in various places on her body.




Adoptive Cousin

& Sunagakure Councilman

One of the few people on the Sunagakure Council that Moe can say she knows fairly well, at least as well as one can know Kuoroke. Within their clan, he is one of few with an attitude similar to hers, bearing matters of the mind over matters of the heart. It's something she admires in her cousin, a reason she knows he will always serve Sunagakure well in his position.


The Pain Ayumu is a bit of a thorn in Moe's side. He's disrespectful, even if jokingly so, and annoying. If that weren't bad enough, just because they annoy each other enough to not socialize on missions that they accomplish things in a hurry, it seems Sunagakure teams them up more and more.


The Prude Moe has something of a silent feud with Ei. There's not much to it, just a trade of glares from Ei and smirks from Moe, all seeming to stem from Ei not approving of how Moe dresses. It'd probably help at least a small amount if Moe would tell Ei that she dresses that way so that it's easier to use her jutsu, but it's a little too fun to do that just yet.

Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities

Tattoo Prick
Tattoo Trip Tattoo Shield
Tattoo Tremor Hairs Probing Acid
Seeking Tattoo Bind Greater Tattoo Shield

Theme Songs

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