Kusaragi Myuu
Rankoro (Kusaragi) Myuu
Birthplace Land of Wind
Birthdate Feburary 18
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 5'7"
Weight 122 lbs
Blood Type AB
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Rankoro
Affiliation None
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin Equivalent
Ninja Registration N/A
Genin Equivalent 8
Chuunin Equivalent 18
Nature Type
Element Lightning
Mother Rankoro Tsumiko
Father Rankoro Toshiro
Little Sister Rankoro (Kusaragi) Aika
Signature Jutsu
Chakra Bullet

A young woman who has travelled the length and width of the continent since she was born, along with her mother, father, and eventually, her younger sister. Though born in what would, in the future, be Kazegakure and having grown up during the clan wars, Myuu holds no particular allegiance to any of the great villages, or any country, choosing to continue where her parents left off, and travel the whole country.

She's not entirely selfish though… While she doesn't wish to affiliate herself with any formal ninja village, Myuu also doesn't simply use her abilities for her own benefit. She actually uses her power to help out common people, usually at no charge, without having to have her missions neccessarially assigned to her.



Myuu is the sort of woman who just has to keep moving. She's constantly trying to get things done, and almost always with the sort of gung-ho attitude that was used by her parents before their untimely demise. Due to the desire to stay on the move she never settles down in one place for very long, often moving from one town to another, using her skills to help the locals, usually for free, but sometimes in exchange for supplies or money to buy supplies.

Myuu dotes over her younger sister as if she were her mother, providing her all of the necessities as well as working to further her sister's shinobi training. She's a decent teacher, though in her opinion, nothing like her parents were.


Myuu isn't the tallest girl in the world, standing at a modest 5'7" height, with a build that could hardly put her much higher than a hundred and twenty pounds. She has long, black hair that falls down to her mid-back in a silky cascade, clearly well kept. Her bangs are fairly long, and when not brushed to either side, nearly fall down low enough to conceal her gunmetal blue eyes. Myuu sports a healthy skintone that speaks of time spent outdoors, without truly being tanned. Due to her slightly off skin tone, it's fairly difficult to determine exactly where she came from, though some of her features suggest that it may have been from the Land of Wind.

Myuu is a slim woman, sporting thin shoulders, a long, elegant neck, and a pair of slim, but well toned arms. Her bust is about average, if a bit small thanks to her overall athleticism, but certainly present. She wears a long black Jacket over her arms and shoulders, left open in the front, displaying the cleanly cut cloth over her chest to hide her breasts from view, while leaving her trim, well toned belly to the elements. In colder weather, the jacket is tightly fastened with the use of several leather straps sewn into the material, and looks to be quite warm. A pair of black, somewhat formfitting pants covers Myuu's hips and stretches down over her legs, before becoming hidden within her heavy black boots.

Due to her dress, it's difficult to tell exactly what sort of a fighter she is. She does not seem well suited for any normal form of combat, lacking any sort of armor, or obvious ninjutsu seals, or even any obvious source of weaponry, though she certainly holds herself with confidence that suggests she can hold her own in a fight.




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