Kusari Enishi Ren
Kusari Enishi Ren
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Snow
Creation Date 2/12/2010
Age 24
Height 6'2"
Weight 155
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Combat Information
Rank Wanderer
Position NA
Elemental Affinity None Known
Areas of Expertise Enishi
Team NA
Favorite Jutsu
Enishi Sever



Ren is a playboy by heart, but also tends to be a very loyal friend to anyone whom he takes a liking to. While his manner of speech can be described as odd, he is still a talker and he is very much a social creature despite his appearance. He has an unbeaten ability to be painstakingly calm no matter the situation. He does show anger, but by inflection rather than yelling or suicide runs.

Ren is an oxymoron. He is both the life of the party and a put off; both a lazy person and a responsible one. One can say that he has an equal helping of all human emotions and strives to balance them in his life.


A five foot, six inch man stands before you with relaxed, though spiked, black hair. It is perfectly trimmed to a certain length and while spiked, still manages to give the appearance of relaxation. His face is soft featured and the only noticeable feature are his blue eyes. He wears a ruby earring on his left ear, but none on his right. The ruby earring is a drop and the ruby itself is shaped like a tear drop.
His clothes consist of a pair of black, utility boots with belt buckles around them in strategic places. His pants are just a simple pair of black cloth pants and unlike the rest of his clothes, they have no buckles to hold them. His shirt is a black long sleeve shirt with no unique features. The area from his wrist to his elbow has buckles on it and the shirt extends down to the top of his knuckles. Over all of this is a black trench coat, split at the bottom near the feet and legs. The top part consists of two stout black leather pauldrons and a black piece of hard leather over his chest area. The arms of the cloak aren't arms so much as they are hang downs from the pauldrons. This also has buckles on it.

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