Lan Feng
Birthplace Shinrai, Southern Kingdom
Birthdate 06/1/09 B.F.
Gender Female
Age Nineteen
Height 4'7"
Weight 78 lbs
Blood Type AB+
Kekkei Genkai Ashes of the Dead (presumably)
Classification Bodyguard and Retainer
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Necromancy, Taijutsu, Chakra-Taijutsu, Forbidden Techniques
Clan The Feng Family
Affiliation Southern Kingdom (previously), Xiang Qi (present)
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age Nine
Chuunin-Equivalent Age Twelve
Jounin-Equivalent Age Presumed Un-achieved
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth
Element (Secondary) Wind
Element (Tertiary) Fire
Biological Family Separated From; Status Unknown
Imperial Staff Trainers, Friends, Adoptive Family
Xiang Qi Master (Bodyguard), Friend, Companion
Signature Jutsu
False-Reincarnation Ash-Puppets

Lan Feng, also known as Emmi, is a suspiciously short, cute, and fun necromancer from the Southern Kingdoms who served in the Emperor's Court as a retainer and bodyguard for Xiang Qi, daughter of the Emperor. Recently, the two have eloped in order to avoid a rather cruel arranged marriage of Xiang Qi and a minion of the Emperor, and has been staying in Kirigakure since then. Emmi is known primarily for her penchant for bright colors, controlling the dead, and enjoying long walks on the beach.


Lan Feng was born into the harsh lands of the rural south of the Southern Kingdoms, and from there, she grew up, equally harsh. These people, those of her family and neighbors, were known for their resilience, hardiness, and perseverance through even the most arduous of ordeals. Lan Feng was no different, despite her status as a ‘runt’.

She was small, smaller than her brothers and sisters, the smallest of them all. Her parents were concerned that she would get sick and die, but her health stuck and she never had any issues, in fact, her vitality outpaced that of anyone around. She had energy that others lacked, and never gave up at anything, so by the time she was six, she was a vigorous young girl destined for a future as an eager, talented wife. But that would not be her fate – there was more in store for her.

Lan Feng became a pawn in the political scene of the world when she was given up by her family when they could not pay their taxes. She, a lovely young girl, though small as she was, would make a nice slave for someone – at least that was the theory. No one would have assumed, though, that she would be bought by the staff of the royal family to be trained as a servant. Lan Feng’s destiny was shown, then: She would serve the Emperor like all others, but in a more direct capacity. She was introduced to her charge later that year, the daughter of the Emperor himself, Xiang Qi.

The young girl was placed into a plethora of lessons, ranging from academic to martial, and excelled in all of them. It was appropriate for one of the southerners to work so hard, but at the same time, the promise of returning to her family if she achieved success drove the young girl on. However, over time, that promise was no longer there, it was replaced with duty and admiration for Xiang Qi, whom she served. Her desire to improve herself and better protect and serve was what inspired Lan Feng now.

It paid off, for by the time she was sixteen, Lan Feng had learned much, and because of all of her skill and knowledge, she was assigned to be Xiang Qi’s personal servant, to bend to her will, serve her every need, and die in her stead if need-be. However, instead of becoming just some menial servant, Xiang Qi and Lan Feng became friends, good friends – as close as any. Now, Qi even trusts Lan with much of dealings as well as her life.

Among her time of training, Lan Feng became notorious for rather unique techniques. She had rather remarkable control of her Chi, something that many lacked, at least to her degree, and become a student of some of the greatest Chi masters the Empire could manage, those who instructed in the royal palaces! There, she learned to hone and control her abilities, to combine her techniques into dangerous abilities, most notable was her ability to control rather unsavory materials – the ashes of the dead. There were other things she could control, but that was her focus.

She was small, she was unassuming, she was more like a child than the adult she had become, and so she made up for her lack of frightening disposure by using frightening techniques. She used the ashes of the dead to fight and formed them into the beings they once were, erecting hordes of zombies to fight for her, but more notable yet was her ability to directly assume control of one or more with a technique similar to chakra strings that had been learned from the Chi masters of the Empire that may have been learned from puppeteers of the Shinobi World in the past. By doing so, the ‘zombies’ she created become much more deadly, nigh as dangerous as they were when they were alive.


Emmi is a fairly straight-forward girl, in that she is everything you expect from a teenage girl. She is silly, strange, hard-to-understand, frustrating, fun, and binges on food occasionally. However, one thing is for certain, she tends to do what she can to bring happiness to other people - somewhat contrary to her nature as a necromancer and bodyguard. She spent a good portion of her early life miserable and in servitude, and does not intend to impose unnecessary feelings of negativity on others.

Emmi occasionally has a seriousness to her that contradicts her otherwise cheerful, bubbly nature, and can seem much more mature than she appears. When engaged in conversation, she often does her best to exude an aura of intelligence, helped by the fact that she speaks at least two languages, understands multiple cultures, and is well-versed in both martial and scientific studies. For a long time, Emmi was a girl who scared easily, but after working with and controlling the dead, her sense of fear has diminished significantly, and any unease she might feel in any revolting or disgusting scenarios is basically gone.


Note: List is not conclusive and will be periodically updated… maybe…


The girl that stands before you is both incredibly small for her age, as well as blatantly foreign. She measures out to a height barely over four and a half feet tall – if that – and weighs a rather appropriate, paltry amount in the range of seventy to eighty pounds that is gathered from her thin, yet athletically toned frame. She has the noticeable appearance of someone who has spent much time physically active, and though she is well-muscled and toned, it is in a soft and gracefully feminine manner.

Her body is very proportional, balanced between torso and limbs. Her arms are long, slender, and end in small, petite hands with long, dexterous fingers. Her legs are similar; descending from a set of narrows hips are a pair of legs, slender enough to give her a nice gap between her thighs and defined enough to be incredibly pleasant on the eyes when visible.

Above her narrow hips is a flat, lightly toned belly and slim waist, that gives even the tiny girl an ‘hourglass’ style figure. Her torso is as small as the rest of her and she proves to be in well enough shape that definition of her muscles shows along her ribs. Upon her chest are small, rounded breasts that sit high and proudly upon her chest – shapely enough to be the envy of many and the objects of attention to those more lascivious in nature.

Her visage bears the attractiveness of someone with nigh-perfect symmetry to her features, and is set upon a head defined by pleasantly angular, yet softly rounded-out attributes. She has high, yet narrow cheekbones, cheeks that blend well and lack any excess fattiness, giving her a defined, mature look. She has a small nose with a pleasantly concave-sloped bridge. Her lips are narrow and curl into a vast array of expressions frequently and with ease and tend to bear a light bit of make-up to make them stand out a bit more than they would.

Her eyes are large and doe-like, yet bear a fierceness to their features and general expression. The red coloration of her cornea contrasts greatly and noticeably with the pure whiteness of her sclera. She has taken the liberty of accenting her eyes with a lighter shade of red eye shadowing, as well as black eyeliner and mascara. Her eyebrows are either of naturally graceful form or shaped into long, narrow lines, slightly more prominent towards the central regions of her forehead and narrowing out to the fineness of a needle at the end.

The foreigner’s hair is long, very long, long enough to reach her knees unless styled in a manner that avoids such things. Bear a distinctly dark, black coloration with a hint of deep-hued purple and a bit of glossiness to their fine, silken strands, her locks do have a bit of uniqueness to them. The cut of her hair is done in a fashion that her bangs are chopped straight across, even with her mouth, and tend to be parted in the center so that they dangle along the edges of her face, framing it. Her fringe hair over her ears and shoulders is lopped off along her belly button or so, and tends to hang over her shoulders and down the front of her body. The rest of her hair is pulled back into a ponytail, tied into place with a large, purple and black bow (Alternate hairstyles will be noted in sets/first poses).


Note: Outfits known to be worn by Emmi.

The girl is garbed in a colorful Kimono of fiery colors; various shades and blends of reds, yellows, and oranges make up the palette used in its design. The kimono is sleeves, though she does have sleeves of a detached nature. While the kimono leaves her shoulders and armpits bared, she has her upper arms wrapped with white bandages starting about half way down, and just above her elbow the detached sleeves are secured in place. They billow out and flow down to her fingertips. She wears gloves beneath the sleeves that are made of a soft, white fabric. They cover her palms and secure around her thumb and the bases of her fingers and are backed by a dark red bracer made from leather. The bracers cover the backs of her hands and ascend up under her sleeves.

The Kimono itself is designed with an opened front that is secured in place by a wide obi, however, with the way it is designed and secured, the kimono leaves her collarbones partially bare, and utilizes a deep v-neck to display a small portion of her modest cleavage. Beneath the Kimono, she wears a tighter, white undershirt that contrasts with the darker red fabric of the kimono proper. The obi she wears is a mixture of dark orange and yellow, giving a light complimentary contrast blending to the red of the kimono, and is tied in a fashion that generates a rather flamboyant and large bow against her lower back.

The bottom segment of the kimono has an odd design. The right hip is exceptionally high-cut, rivaling a standard mini-skirt, which leaves her leg bared. The fabric slopes around her other leg, descending to her foot as if it were a full-length garment. This irregular cut-style displays her legs, clad in black thigh-high stockings and thin, dainty kneeboots with a slightly raised heel made of various orange and yellow colors to continue with the theme.

Skills And Abilities

Emmi's Skills



    General Taijutsu

  • Block
    • Rank: E-rank
    • Roll One: Pow+Tai
    • Roll Two: None
  • Block II
    • Rank: D-rank
    • Roll One: Pow+Tai
    • Roll Two: None
  • Dodge
    • Rank: E-rank
    • Roll One: Spd+Tai
    • Roll Two: None
  • Dodge II
    • Rank: D-rank
    • Roll One: Spd+Tai
    • Roll Two: None
  • Physical
    • Rank: E-rank
    • Roll One: Spd+Tai
    • Roll Two: Pow+Sta
  • Physical II
    • Rank: D-rank
    • Roll One: Spd+Tai
    • Roll Two: Pow+Sta


    General Ninjutsu

  • Tree Walking
    • Rank: D-rank
    • Roll One: None
    • Roll Two: None
  • Water Walking
    • Rank: D-rank
    • Roll One: None
    • Roll Two: None

    Ashes of the Dead

    Kugutsu no Jutsu

  • Kugutsu no Jutsu I
    • Rank: D-rank
    • Roll One: None
    • Roll Two: None


    General Genjutsu

  • Genjutsu Kai
    • Rank: C-rank
    • Roll One: Gen+Seal
    • Roll Two: None

Menagerie of the Dead

Note: Photo not relevant - just cool! =^.^=

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