Maki Himawari
Maki Himawari
Birthplace Kusagakure
Birthdate April 19
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 5'3"
Weight 130 lbs
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Kekkei Genkai <Name of kekkei genkai if applicable. Othewise, put "None">
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Hare Fist
Clan Kemonoken
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 11
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
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Signature Jutsu
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Born as the middle child, but always seen as the 'baby' of the family, Himawari was cheerful from the moment she came into the world. Oh, and by 'middle', she was the fourth born of six children. Ichirou, her eldest brother, tends to be brooding but deep down, he's a caring person. He became a Fierce Donkey Fist. Her second brother, Yuuma, is a deeply curious person but tends to be distant with thought regarding whatever new information he's found. He took up the Fierce Orca Fist. While she never met her older sister, Moe, she heard stories about the woman going 'Confrontation', as a manner of speaking, though those that mention her never say just what Beast Fist she chose, leading Himawari to believe she's not a Kemonoken.

There was a long spell in which Himawari's parents focused on the eldest three, but when Moe was sixteen, and a year after she'd left, the little leveret was born. From the moment she was born, her parents knew she'd take after Mama, though they'd be a bit surprised years later. Only two years later, Riku was born and he turned out to be a Confrontation Spider Fist. He is manipulative and a true-born Trickster, but rarely means to hurt anyone and rather teach them a lesson, usually worth learning. Five years after this, Shin was born. He has turned out to be a Fierce Elk Fist. He's always searching for the truth in every situation.

Her father, Ryouichi, is a Fierce Koi Fist, a great teacher and a patient man. Rin, her mother, is a Confrontation Rabbit Fist, quick to anger but generally chipper.

Always hyperactive, Himawari has spent her years as your everyday child. She was fortunate enough to not really need to have any part in the Clan Wars, as they were over before she was truly of age. In fact, as she was taking her final her tests (at least the ones her father was giving her), they were told about the end of the wars, putting off her actual 'graduation' until quite a bit later. Her early years were spent playing with her older brothers when they were available and not out fighting, learning from her father and occasionally learning some more… painful lessons from her mother, and (much more often) running around giggling.

Around six years of age is when she seriously started being taught, even sent away to a Kemonoken Fierce Fist school for a time. She learned a lot there, some of which was obvious to her parents long before this time (like her Fierce Style, which turned out to be Hare Fist), but she had a horrific time learning what would become the staple for Academy graduation. Ninjutsu was not her thing. The Henge? She still didn't perfect it by the time Konohagakure was formed and thus had to spend a whole year in the Ninja Academy relearning what her Grand Master and father had both taught her as well as learning new things.

Her family actually settled themselves in Kusagakure, but aligned themselves with Konohagakure when it was formed, like many others in that land. She was about ten years of age when this happened and was immediately put through the Academy. It wasn't until she was eleven that she actually graduated, which both frustrated and delighted her. She had a lot of fun there, making new friends and the like, but the classes were so /boring/. She already knew she was horrible at Ninjutsu, was pretty sure the same applied to Genjutsu (though they did manage to prove this) and she was speedy and excelled at Taijutsu. No surprises!

Happy to finally be out of there, she wore her protector proudly upon her forehead for a time, but it became uncomfortable and she sewed it to her kunai pouch within the next year. She was part of a rather unsuccessful team until she was thirteen, when she was reassigned to another. This one did more for her, furthering her experiences.

When she was seventeen, she almost lost her brother, Yuuma, when he was attacked by a peculiarly large scorpion, leaving him with a fear of arachnids (particularly ones with stingers) and Himawari a prejudice against scorpions in particular. Unsurprisingly, Yuuma's fear put some tension in his relationship with his younger brother, Riku, which is quite upsetting for the woman, but she understands and tries not to make a big deal of it.


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A bright smile is predominant on this woman, her lips neither especially thin nor notably thick, but full all the same. Above is a slightly upturned, but flat-pointed nose. Her eyes are a remarkable grassy green, standing out starkly versus the pinkish-red of her curly hair. A fluffy pig-tail is on either side of her head, both of which bounce merrily whenever she moves. Her skin is fair, but well-tanned. She is a modest five feet and three inches, the majority of that in her legs. A lithe form is accented by muscles in only the necessary placements, though her legs tell a different tale. They are thick with muscle, suggesting she is almost always on her feet and probably uses those when she fights more than anything.

Covering her torso is a vest of sorts with thin, airy pink cloth. It is tied together in the front with black cloth, showing a white tank top beneath and even beneath, where the lace around the bottom hem is apparent. Her shorts are spandex, leaving all her clothing clinging quite tightly to her, though the vest has some room to flutter in the breeze. The sandals on her feet are clearly meant to be kicked off with ease. Around her waist are multiple satchels and pouches, all attached to one belt to also be taken off easily if needed. There is one pouch, however, which is attached around her stomach so as to stay, holding kunai and bearing the symbol of Konohagakure.


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