Maneshi Shemri
Maneshi Shemri
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Grass
Date of Birth 4/5/12 (28 as of this RL date)
Age 36
Height 5'9''
Weight 145 lb.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Combat Information
Rank Chuunin
Position Rank-and-file kunoichi
Elemental Affinity Wind (through Shiikaa)
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu, hunting
Team Team Ruri
Signature Techniques
Maneshi Taijutsu
Extra Limb
Feline Fusion III
Tiger Roar

Part-time kunoichi, full-time wife and mother, all-time scrapper



Shemri is a ninja from the Land of Grass who took to traveling with her husband, Fukanzen, and eventually settled in Sunagakure. Her talent lies primarily in taijutsu, and she is known as a quick and fierce fighter who can hold her own against multiple opponents. Though Shemri is a Maneshi by name and traits, her mother is a Satonezu, and Shemri holds a strong desire to elevate the reputation of the 'mouseling' clan. She works hard as a shinobi to prove through her example that a Satonezu may be strong and courageous.

Full History


Desert Rose by Sting

Proud, quick-tempered, and serious, Shemri is somebody around whom you need to watch your attitude. Being the mother of a rambunctious little girl has put Shemri in the habit of keeping others in line with an all-too-ready hand. On the other hand, she's very dependable in a fight. Though not stupid, Shemri can be simple-minded and even naive. She prefers straight-forward dealings and will rely on her fists and feet much sooner than the stereotypical "spy-like" Sunagakuran ninja.


Maneshi Shemri is an athletic woman in her mid-twenties, a touch taller than the typical woman of her age. Her most prominent feature is her hair, which is of a blazing red color. In front, it sits over her brow in straight bangs; the rest of it is pulled back and tied off with a black ribbon into a simple ponytail, which hangs down to the back of her neck. Next one might notice her skin tone, an olive complexion rarely seen in the Land of Wind. Shemri's eyes are a dark green, like hard flakes of jade, and the natural tendency of her eyelids is to lie lightly hooded over them. Her nose is pointed, and the bridge of it rises up nearly above her eyes.

Shemri's outfit starts with a sleeveless grey vest with a thatched diamond pattern texture. The diamonds are stuffed with tightly packed straw, serving as a cheap and flexible form of armor and also muting the appearance of Shemri's bosom to a gentle curve. Underneath this vest is a white undershirt, the short sleeves of which can be seen poking out of the vest on either side. A short skirt matching the color of the vest masks Shemri's abdomen, and black leotards cover her thighs down to her knees. On Shemri's feet are a pair of brown shinobi sandals which reach up along most of her shins, a sort of sandal/boot hybrid. The standard thigh-strapped shuriken holster and shinobi pouch-holding belt are present. Just below the belt is Shemri's one concession to vanity, an apricot sash which is neatly tied in the back and hangs one long end down to ankle-level as a sort of 'tail.' Shemri's Sand forehead protector is sewn onto the front of the sash, completing her ninja ensemble. One more small (but important!) detail: Shemri wears a diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

Also, when Shemri is around, very often so is Shiikaa. Shiikaa is a cat of the higureneko subspecies. He is on the small side even for his type, though not grossly so. His fur is smooth and silky, colored black with a faint bluish tinge. Pale gold irises surround his inky-black pupils, like solar eclipses. The gaze of these eyes can be somewhat unsettling, especially if given to someone unfriendly to Shiikaa's mistress.


Tekketsu Fukanzen

Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler

A strong and clear-headed warrior whose sense of honor resonates strongly with Shemri's. Fukanzen and Shemri met in the training grounds, and went from camaraderie to friendship to romance in relatively quick succession. After a long courtship made humorously awkward by their combined lack of romantic instinct, they finally tied the knot, and today are a happily married couple.

Tekketsu Megumi

In My Arms by Plumb

Fukanzen and Shemri's young daughter. She takes after her mother rather strongly, which ironically is quite a headache for Shemri. Megumi is rambunctious and adventurous, continually wanting to explore and getting into trouble. Despite her aggravation at Megumi's mischievious nature, Shemri is very proud of her daughter's spunk.

Rurohashi Ruri

Alive by Superchic[k]

The leader of Shemri's team. Shemri's relationship with Ruri is mostly professional, although of course their profession is one wherein you have to have significant trust in and rapport with your colleagues. Shemri's seen a lot of things trying to do Ruri in, and a few of them nearly succeeded…but even through terrible injury and overwhelming horror, Ruri has never given up or failed her team.

Rurohashi Rinako

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper, as performed by Miley Cyrus

A senior member of Shemri's team, but more importantly, Megumi seems to have taken quite a shine to her. Rinako is like the big sister Megumi never would've had otherwise. Too bad she's such a…questionable role model.


Hey Hey by Superchic[k]

Make no mistake, Shemri thinks Kara is a strange girl. Wearing outlandish clothes from a culture long gone, toting around a puppet that looks like a dead guy wrapped in bandages…and apparently she has father issues. But, she's certainly a reliable team-mate, and hey, some people would think Shemri's mode of dress indicates she has a mouse fetish or something. Here's to individuality!


One Girl Revolution by Superchic[k]

Mission Log


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Akimichi Noab
Saito Jon
Shirayuki Koseitama
Ongakuno Aburei
Kamizuru Cherii

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