Miira Noa
Miira Noa
Birthplace Desert
Birthdate 1/1/3
Gender Female
Age 12
Height 5'0
Weight 80 lbs
Blood Type O
Kekkei Genkai Scorch Release
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Miira
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Wind
Element (Secondary) Fire
Element (Third) Scorch Release
Signature Jutsu
Heat Haze

Miira Noa is a sickly girl from the Miira clan. Readily accepting her physical weakness, her Clan's decision to settle down in Sunagakure has done wonders for her health and training. Now, she hopes that she can put those skills to use in service to the village which has saved her life. Though she is still somewhat naive and frightened by the reality of a ninja's life, she is growing in leaps and bounds.


Born a scant twelve years ago, Noa has already seen massive changes in the way of life of her clan. Changes which have benefitted her more than most.

Born to Jirou and Suzu Miira, Noa was a bookish and sickly child. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she is, a bookish and sickly child. Ill-suited to the harsh realities of life in the desert, she found it difficult to pull her weight, and hard to contribute to the nomadic existence of the clan.

She rarely felt good, but she did find some talent in the manipulation of chakra. A rare talent grew in her for the measured and judicious use of her internal energies. Despite her physical weakness, she was able to master several impressive techniques. But being without a home, forced to try and earn her keep in ways which never suited her, she could only go so far.

When the Miira joined with Sunagakure and she could rest underneath a strong roof, she became much more comfortable in herself. She was quite talented in the manipulation of chakra, after all, and with her clan's bloodline, she was able to secure her place as a ninja of Sunagakure, albeit one who remained consistently in the middle, or even the bottom, of her class. Her taijutsu was a glaring weakness, almost enough to prevent her being eligible at all… her genjutsu was average, but her ninjutsu was what allowed her to graduate.

Noa is a tired young girl, most of the time. She dislikes putting in more than the amount of effort required for anything, as all her life she has lived in a state of constant exertion; living in the desert is hard! She's weak, physically, and it is only through wit and tactics that she can succeed in her duties…

And like all Miira, her duties are simple. To support her family. To use her warlike abilities to bring about victory for those with greater dreams than hers. She's just a girl; she doesn't have grand notions of what should happen… but she does know that a ninja's place is to serve as a tool for making the future. She believes that with all her heart, and she is hopeful that now, she can rest… build her strength, and become worthy of the name Miira.


Noa is a scholar. She enjoys reading, studying and learning. She has always excelled in these arenas, and she considers knowledge to be power - a key tenant to any Shinobi but one which Noa has embraced with an uncommon fervor. She dislikes acting when she doesn't know every variable in a situation - which means that she is often uncomfortable about acting at all.

Noa is brutally honest with herself - perhaps even overly critical of her weaknesses. She has always lived with the fact that she's physically weak, but she doesn't want to die! Similarly, she wants to help make the Miira clan great. The clan has always been a scattered group, relatively weak when compared to greater groups like the Uchiha or Reizei.

Noa dreams of a day when the Miira clan is spoken of in similarly hushed whispers. Scorch Release Ninjutsu might not be the Sharingan, but it is certainly a potent tool of murder, and Noa wants to learn everything she can to bring glory on the Clan and expand its influence in Sunagakure.

She strongly believes that by tying the Clan's destiny to that of Sunagakure, the Miira are taking all the right steps necessary to secure their future, and that securing that future is the most important thing there is. She will strive to overcome her weakness, to become strong and everything that a ninja must be!


Twelve years old, Miira Noa is a sickly creature.

Dark hair is kept in a ragged mop, unkempt and poorly cared for. Her eyes brilliantly dark behind scratched up, old lenses. Wire frames perched precariously on a tiny nose. A Sunagakure forehead protector, does its job well by protecting her forehead. The girl's dark skin betraying her heritage amongst the tribes of shifting sands. Another mark has been made in the forehead protector, though. Given equal prominence next to the sign of Sunagakure is a stylized sun - a circle with eight straight lines coming off it. The clan mark of the Miira.

She wears loose brown robes, hiding away a frail body. She looks like she doesn't eat enough, barely anything of her, as though a strong breeze could blow her away. Given that she's barely four feet tall, it is quite possible that one could.

Her feet are protected by a pair of soft leather shoes. She doesn't carry any other equipment or materials - at least, not visibly.


RP Hooks!

Do you have the patience to train a hard-working but inexperienced Genin? HELP ME!

Do you like reading? I totally like reading.

Do you want to know more about the Miira? I totally am one.

More as they develop…

Ninja Journal

Dear Diary,

My first day as a Genin and I have already completed a mission!

It was a frightening one let me tell you! I went with Yamauchi Chitose and Hayato Satoru. Chitose is the one I wrote about before - rumored to have been involved with the tailed beast somehow… but I don't believe it myself. She was too nice to be involved in something like that!

I didn't do very well, but that is to be expected of a newcomer like me. Kuoroke-sama says that I will get stronger. I believe him.

We were meant to cure people who had some sort of hallucinating disease, but we spent most of the time killing looters. I say we spent most of our time doing that - Chitose and Satoru killed nine of them and one of them almost killed me before I was able to land a hit and kill him.

The look in his eyes as he fell to the ground (this section crossed out several times)

These were desperate scavengers willing to throw their lives away for a few coins. Father says that I shouldn't worry about such trash, but it is hard not to feel pity for them. Still, what's done is done, and as ninja, it is our job to kill when killing must be done.

I submitted my report to Kuoroke-sama and he was mostly pleased with it. I will be trying to train my taijutsu awareness so I am not quite as inept in future.

Skills And Abilities

Wind Bullet
Heat Haze

RP Logs

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