Miira Rikuto
Miira Rikuto
Birthplace Land of Wind
Birthdate 02/25/3 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 180cm ( 5'11" )
Weight 78kg ( 172lbs )
Blood Type A-
Kekkei Genkai Icon-Scorch Scorch Release
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Long-Range Combat
Clan Miira
Affiliation Icon-Suna Sunagakure
Team Sandstorm
Ninja Rank Genin
Graduated Academy Age 10
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Fire Fire
Element (Secondary) Icon-Wind Wind
Element (Special) Icon-Scorch Scorch
Parents Miira Arata & Kimi
Uncle Miira Kosuke
Signature Jutsu
False Surroundings Technique

A wandering soul anchored to the harsh dunes in the Land of Sands. Rikuto often neglects his body for the sake of testing, learning and exploring. The destinations he sets are not normally the goal but just excuses to explore and wander, as his parents before him did and still do. He had little reason or cause to stay in any one place for long except for Sunagakure, except for home. Few things hold his interests for very long except for Ninjutsu, something that no matter how much he studies it, he always finds a new way to use it or discovers another using it in bizarre and clever ways.

Looking at the sand of the Past

Every saga has a beginning, a middle and an end. The life of this young Miira is no different in some respects, though his saga had begun when the saga of his clan may be coming to a close.

Peeking at Rikuto’s soul

Curiosity is relative to lethality would be a way to describe this young Miira, especially when elemental manipulation is involved, even loosely. This curiosity often is two toned when dealing with other people, no matter their age. Is he thinks there are secrets or knowledge to find out, he will seek it, though once he has it in his hands and understand it he becomes swiftly bored which leads him to travel again to seek out a new curiosity.

He is far from being a quiet soul, often offering to aid in other figuring new things out or learning them. While this Miira takes some pleasure watching others fail, he encourages them to try again as long as some progress is made or attempted.




Ninja Journal

Sealed Entries sorted by Year

~~~ 11AF ~~~
~~~ 12AF ~~~
~~~ 13AF ~~~

Unsealed Entries

January, 13 AF

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Skills And Abilities



RP Logs

Harmony of the Soul

This is a song, or rather a tune, that comforted him in his youngest years. Its a song he, usually only when he is alone or with those he trusts, hums. Many of the words are lost to him when he tries to sing the song himself sadly.

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