Kirryu Yoshi


“I'm a traitor."

“I'm a coward."

“And yeah, I'm a kid too!"

"But you know what I'm not? Someone's who is going to let any of that hold me back when it comes to doing the right thing in the end."

Moto "Kirryu" Yoshi
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Earth
Date of Birth June 4, 0 B.F..
Date of Death October 28, 15 A.F..
Zodiac Ox
Gender Male
Apparent Age 24(15)
Height 6'0"
Weight 226 lbs.
Hair Color Moss Green(?)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Blood Type B
Kekkei Genkai Corrupted Kirryu Shape shifting
Classification Missing-nin
Areas of Expertise Breaking and/or making things dead(-er), Tracking
Clan Kirryu
Affiliation Kirigakure(formerly)
Team Blueprint(disbanded)
Ninja Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 010365
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chuunin Grad. Age 21(12)
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Fire Fire
Element (Secondary) Icon-Water Water
Element (Tertiary) Icon-Boil Boil
Parents Yoshi and Kokoro Kirryu
Foster Brothers Souta and Surumu
Signature Jutsu
Absolute Progress


A former member of what was to be the "blueprint" design of future Kirigakure team structure turned Chuunin after the hidden village's first chuunin exams, and one of the resident Jinchuuriki. This proverbial rising star would later participate in the Bloody Mist Tournament. Although he would claim no victories in the event after facing challenging opponents from foreign lands, Shippodoku Keiji & Iwata Michiko, the Moto would recover and continue his shinobu career, walking the middle ground whereas his former teammates were either promoted or fell behind in terms of rank for a time.

Old resentments, doubts, and paranoia would later drive Yoshi off this path, away from the young woman his Kirryu instincts marked as "mate", Shimizu Kiji, and the only steady home in the young man's life. At some point after an escort mission to the Land of Lightning, Yoshi failed to return the Land of Water, a fugitive at heart, and someday soon, in title.

Note on background: Information in the tabs "Yoshi's Origins", "Stolen Time", and "Bijuu History", is all stuff that only those mentioned within the entries would possibly be familiar with, but no one else, unless they actually investigate the information. Information in "Academy Dayz" would be information known to those in Kirigakure, but likely no where else unless investigated. If you wish to ICly learn information from one of these segments, you will need to acquire that information from Yoshi himself.


Yoshi life has not been easy to say the least, though compared to some in similar shoes, the ride could be still considered better by a long shot. He grew up on the road with nothing to call his own except what was picked and would not burden him, and that which was given by his parents. As traveling performers that diverged from the rest of their Kirryu kinsmen, and relatively unremarkable performers at that, the gifts were far and few. That being said, he grew up appreciative of the few and less tangible; such as the love of his parents and freedom to explore within reason.

Much of Yoshi's life has been spent isolated in one form or another, leading to stunted social skills. He learned over time to cope with this weakness, though he remains an often reserved and cautious fellow with a blunt way of speaking. Naturally this makes him a little difficult to get close to; especially given his past. Those that do however are rewarded with kind and fiercely protective soul, willing to lend an ear or aid in carrying the burdens of others.

On the other hand, those who would think to make an enemy out of him should beware. While not nearly as quick to anger or spite as he once was before his growth was accelerated, Yoshi does retain a breaking point; despite what his outward patience may imply. Once breached, he can be relentless, unforgiving, and savage in his endeavors to punish the one that has pushed him so far. Even more so in cases in which someone he cares about is threatened.

Then, there are moments in which Yoshi exhibits these traits, but dumb down to the level of a beast more than man. Such moments are rare and far between, but noteworthy because of the fact they are when he is at his most dangerous. And thus, best avoided for the sake of one's personal safety.


The before you stands at roughly six feet tall, deep tan in complexion, and bearing an athletic build that scarcely does the man's strength real justice. Long and slightly curly dark brown hair adorns his scalp, framing an an angular face with moss-green bangs. His hair extends further along the sides of his face and above the lips into a thin, scruffy mess. The skin covering up to half an inch beneath his mud brown eyes is vermillion, further enhancing in some ways the world weary upon an otherwise handsome mug. As if self aware of this fact, it is not uncommon for one to see this individual wearing shades or hidden beneath the shadows of a hooded upper body wear. Perhaps even both should the mood strike him.

With but a few exceptions, this man's attire is loose and simplistic in nature. Worn about his torso is a faded indigo kimono shirt that's left open to expose the top of bandages wrapped about the man's abdomen. A simple band of rope holds up tattered faded indigo pants that don't quite reach his ankles. A single split straw sandals otherwise bare feet, and carried almost always is a medicine box that nearly dwarfs his torso. It is past this point that the otherwise simple farmer or down-on-one's-luck merchant falls away. A thick, rich blue scarf coils about the neck, obscuring at times the lower half of his face, and drapping a several inches past the shoulder blades from one end. The second and perhaps more distinguishing aspect of the man before you is a sizeable weapon strapped to his form; typically a classical zanbato or nodachi.


Age 0
Kiyoshi is born.

Age 6
Kiyoshi is introduced to the world of shinobi through his parents traveling performance.

Age 7
Meets the Moto Family.
Becomes the host for five-tailed demon, Kokuo.

Age 8
Officially gains genin rank.
Gains his first friend, Kaguya Yuriko.
Apprenticed to Okumo Meruin.

Age 9
Makes contact with the Gobi, unleashes a portion of its power.
Gains his first rival, Okumo Sei.
Meets Hissori, Mushi, & Isra.
Gains an Seal that accelerates the aging process.
Becomes student under Isra.
Joins team Blueprint; consisting of Yuriko, Meruin, Sei.

Age 21(12)
Mastery over the Gobi achieved.
Team Blueprint disbanded.
Officially gains Chuunin Rank.
Leaves Kirigakure for good under false pretenses.

Age 23(14)
Joins Iwagakure.

Age 24(15)
Dismissed from Iwagakure's service to avert potential war.
Killed by Kirigakure forces; Kokuo returned.


Before Yoshi came in contact with the Moto brothers he had never once underwent formal training as a shinobi. Instead, the basics up to that point — such as substitution and the rope escape technique — were learned through observation and experience whenever he aided his parents in their performances. The Moto brothers further built upon this foundation to the point that by the time Yoshi entered the academy he was proficient enough to hold his own alongside his peers. Unfortunately, as Jinchuuriki of the five tailed demon as well as virtually an outsider due to being a foreigner, Yoshi has had a difficult time advancing beyond what is expected of an academy level student. His refusal to bring his ill treatment to either the higher officials or his brothers only hampered him in terms of learning to hone his understanding of ninjutsu and genjutsu.

Yoshi is naturally too stubborn to accept aid easily and thus pressed on by improving his mind and body through means less constricted by reliance on others. Plus, he is natural a spiteful and selfish individual, and as such, would not allow others to interfere in matters he took personal. This attitude led to a more developed physique compared to his peers, as well as a greater insight about the world at large. As a host of the five tails bijuu Yoshi’s durability and stamina is also greater than the average shinobi. This, coupled with his bijuu’s seeming compatibility due to high regeneration led, drives him onward down paths that best benefit from what is inherit. Namely Taijutsu, and perhaps the more risky through a wide variety of weapons.
In time, Yoshi's heart inevitable opened up to the point in which someone outside of the Moto family could be considered a friend, and in spite of attempts to keep such bonds tenuous at best, the young man's potential grew even further.


Yoshi’s knowledge about Ninjutsu is limited due in part to a preference for the physical arts. As a result, he knows of few techniques, and fewer still that do not inherently come with being a Jinchuuriki. Any and all ninjutsu he does know have been picked up over time for the sake of closing up a weakness in regards to range, or the possible elimination of his Jinchuuriki abilities.

Through self-study and the teachings of his mentor Isra, Yoshi has learned to utilize some seals, though currently for the sole purpose of storing weapons and supplies. Under the brief guiding hand of Akane, and by observing some of his former fellow Kiri shinobi, Yoshi has gained a grasp of his element affinities, fire and water.

Yoshi is divided evenly between hand-to-hand combat, and the use of weapons far too large to be wield by a normal person without some sort of enhancement. In the latter's case, he does so without any such enhancement or struggles as a result. Although the majority of his training in regards to weapons have mainly involved the use of swords, seeing as how his mentor is none other than the seven swordsman Isra Uzumaki, Kiyoshi has adapted what practices he could so that they remain present regardless of what weapons he chooses to wield. It adds a certain predictability to his methods, but his speed and roughly self-taught means of fighting removes the weakness.

The same self-taught adaptions to the foundations is present in his hand-to-hand skills. The academy and further training under Meruin has honed him to the point the man has grown comfortable enough to flow from known to the unknown without much trouble, and endure pain in all its myriad flavors without flinching. He has also gone as far as to begin incorporate the advantages of being a jinchuuriki into his fighting style, inventing the signature technique "Absolute Progress" in time.

As far as preferred method of fighting, taijutsu – armed or otherwise – is preferred. Intimidation and disabling his opponent(s) is a first priority by his book. While he has long since gotten over his qualms about killing, it remains personal preference of avoid needless death.

Genjutsu is by far Yoshi’s WORST subject. While he does not necessarily lack the aptitude to pick up on techniques aligned with this style, without prior experience and early attempts to keep him blind to it, Yoshi simply does not know enough about it in order to employ it; only how shrug it off through sheer will power or pain.

Cures & Heals
Yoshi is not a medic, nor should he EVER be mistaken for one. That is unless one counts being able to break someones limbs in two as a medical talent. In which case, Yoshi is a certifiable surgeon. The demon within is another matter entirely,for so long as it remains within the former shinobi, its regenerative abilities benefit the boy as well. In time, the Kirryu went on to master the Bijuu's Chakra to the point of being able to even purge contaminants.

Jinchuuriki Transformations
As Kokuō's jinchūriki, Yoshi is granted a significant amount of chakra and stamina from the beast. Mastery over the chakra produced by the beast has also granted the shinobi free reign over accessing the many varied tail variations of the Bijuu; included taking on the form of the Bijuu itself. This success is the result of his training under Okumo, Meruin, and the then sven-tailed Jinchuuriki, Mushi. Unlike other jinchūriki, Yoshi's corrupted bloodline has also gave birth to hybrid physical forms, blending the two natural advantages of beast and man while also removing some disadvantages.

Although control has been established, the five-tailed host is not completely resistant to entering such transformed states should sufficient emotional stress overwhelm reason. It is simply a great deal more difficult, and dominance over the power can be reasserted over the course of most battles.


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