Murasame Akio
Murasame Akio
Birthplace Land of Earth
Birthdate 6/7/1 A.F.
Gender Male
Age 12
Height 5'1
Weight 105lbs
Blood Type AB-
Kekkei Genkai Metal Manipulation
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu/Combat in General
Clan Murasame
Affiliation Iwagakure?(Questionable Loyalty)
Team None
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Fire
Element (Secondary) Earth
Element (Special) Metal
Unknown Unknown
Signature Jutsu
Branching Metal Binds

The Genin of Iwagakure with an unknown agenda/history.


Akio is a member of the Murasame clan. He was actually not born in Iwagakure even though Iwagakure was already formed at the time. His parents happen to have been branded traitors by their clan for planning to take over it. The clan head at the time was rivals to Akio's father, and that rivalry went so deep as for Akio's father to gather a group of the clan against him. He had even faked evidence to show how the clan head was the one planning to ruin the clan. Eventually they were found out and Akio's parents were kicked out of the village along with some of their closest supporters.
His mother was pregnant with him at the time, and they had to settle pretty closely nearby to the village in a small town. Knowing that the birth was happening a few of the loyalists to Akio's father decided they had enough of him, and planned to kill both of Akio's parents and leave to grow power. There coup was succesful thanks to the birth being a distraction, and the newborn Akio was taken by the small group of Murasame clan members. The only thing he had of either parent was a necklace of his mothers with the Kanji for Akio on it which is where he got the name. Which was not the name given to him by the few who decided to try to raise him as their own.
Turned out that their main plan was to turn him into a weapon for the clan, and had taught him how to use the clans KG of metal manipulation to a good effect for his young age. Although one day a man stumbled across the little hideout. Akio stumbled across him, and had a short conversation before asking him to save him from the horrible place that he was forced to stay in. At that moment the Murasame hiding in their came out of the walls all attacking at once aiming to kill this man. It had all happened in a flash, but the man before Akio had moved quickly. He pulled out a sword then as if teleporting moved from person to person striking them with a mix of sword strikes, and blasts of lightning that he had held in his palm. Then only after about one minute of that he sheathed the sword. Every person besides Akio, and the man he dubbed the lightning samurai were left. Akio opened his mouth to speak again, and felt the hilt of the blade colliding with the side of his head.
He woke up a day later inside a hospital with a sword on a nearby table that was supposedly his. The place where he was he had no idea, but he quickly got his questions answered. He was now in the village Iwagakure, and had supposedly been dropped off by a man with a sword. When he was healed to a nice point they decided to test his skills to see if they would enter him into the academy. His skills in fact were better than what the academy could teach him, and he was dubbed a genin for the week later after making sure he wasn't dangerous and was in no way a harm to the village. All he knew was that he was now a member of the village that he was raised to destroy. Whatever reason he didn't know, but he wanted to find out. Was there something bad about the village, or was the group he had hated from the beginning really as evil as he thought.


Akio seems to be surprisingly trustworthy based off of his past, and kind considering the torture he has been through. He tends to be quiet when in big groups, but with smaller groups and with anyone he has grown to trust even a little he opens up even more. He does seem to be closed off about his past though, and the most that he has spoken of is vague refrences. Overall it seems he wants to start anew in Iwagakure, and he is going to begin by learning who he himself is. Being trapped mostly alone besides your torturers doesn't allow much.


Starting from the top he is overall average height and weight, but he is slightly more muscular than most. He has Light Brown hair, and blue eyes. His hair is long enough to cover his forehead and his ears on both sides reaching to just above where his chin is. His hair actually covers a lengthy scar across his forehead that eventually he uses his Iwagakure Hitae-Ate to cover. He is actually scarred on most of his body although a lot is hidden from view. His shirt is covers his scars on his back, and all of his upper arms. The few he has on his hands are covered by gloves, and any on his legs is covered by the full length pants he wears. The only normally visible ones are all on his lower arm, and it is easy to count at least a dozen scars big and small on each. Sometimes you might catch him wearing a necklace around his neck of unknown origin to anyone, but him and he has a sword on his back that was left with him when he arrived at Iwagakure.


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