Murasame Ariya
Ariya in her everyday armor
Birthplace Land of Wind
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 5'8
Weight 140
Kekkei Genkai Koton
Areas of Expertise Metal Elemental Taijutsu
Clan Ex-Murasame
Affiliation Jump
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Metal, Earth, Fire
Signature Jutsu
Extending Strike

Shunned for her weakness during the Clan Wars, and self-exiled for the blood on her hands afterwards, Ariya has wandered in search of a home. Not just a house and a door, but a place where she really belongs. Never having found that place, Ariya is happy with her current lifestyle of completing missions and beating-people-up-for-hire. Her friends know her best as a stalwart ally, while her enemies have seen her in style. She has armor and weaponry unlike any other warrior, and a personality to match. Never one to untie a knot when she can cut it in two, Ariya is one of those types who'll always carry the War on her back, and a sword in her hand.




Ariya lives by a moral code unlike any other, that doesn’t stop at breaking rules or breaking skulls. But when she does give her word it’s as good as gold. She never says something about someone she’s not willing to say to their face or on their face. Some would merely dismiss Ariya as a straightforward fighting fool. However, there’re layers to Ariya that most aren’t willing to try and delve into. Dark secrets hidden in her past that are darker than most. One thing is for sure. This is a woman that you want on your side.


Ariya's expression and the trials she's been through make her seem taller and older than she first seems. She has red hair brushed back out of her face and held in place with a few pins. Her eyes are dark orbs that look out on a world filled with danger. She's not one for big smiles and laughter, but there's a hint of occasional warmth in her otherwise serious expression. She's not bad to look at, but that's beside the point.

Ariya has a curving body hidden under thick cloth and light armor with a breastplate and metal spaulders altered to fit her slender frame, but a skirt and leather boots that offer far less protection. Her hands are covered in long gloves patterned in metal plates, and discs around her knuckles. She gives the impression of a formidable yet feminine woman. A shinobi headband is tied tightly around her arm, with the kanji symbol for 'hanasu' engraved on it rather than any village allegiance.




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