Murasame Kaneko
Murasame Kaneko
Courtesy of Hotaru's Player
Birthplace 7R4sdOi.png Land of Earth: Iwagakure
Birthdate September 13, 2 AF
Gender Female
Age 12
Height 4'4" (132.08 cm)
Weight 65lbs (29.48 kg)
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai DqWkuFY.png Metal Manipulation (Haneton)
Classification Taijutsuist
Areas of Expertise None
Clan Icon-MurasameClan_(Unofficial).png Murasame
Affiliation 7R4sdOi.png Iwagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 10 years
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 12 years
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) k2c9w8j.png Earth
Element (Secondary) VsoyCJH.png Fire
Element (Special) DqWkuFY.png Metal
Father Murasame Ken
Mother Murasame Rika
Signature Jutsu
Spinning Metal

A young genin who is slowly making her way into the shinobi world.



Kaneko is surprisingly bright and cheerful, even in the darkest of situations. Knock her down, and she'll get right back up. Whether or not it's with a vengeance depends on how good a mood she is in. The girl is, thanks to her clan, a bit obsessive over her apparent strength. She knows that she's weak, but she tries not to let it get to her too much, and she doesn't let it stop her from making new friends. Especially when she wants to get along with the older shinobi! Sometimes she'll get over nervousness by simply blustering her way through a situation in a rather goofy way. Who knows if she's actually paying attention to all the minor details?


Kaneko is a young girl who looks quite average in appearance. She's neither weak nor strong; somewhere in between. Her figure is built in a way that she is more lean than bulky, implying that she should be fast on her feet once she gets a bit of proper training in. The blood of the Murasame runs through her, of course. With them being all blacksmiths (in some form or another) the girl has a bit of muscle from practicing at the forge when she can. Of course, since she's young, she's only practiced! If she's ever back from the fiery h311-holes, one might see a bit of soot on her face.

As a student, Kaneko wears no traditional school uniform. Not that there is one. The clan symbol is displayed rather prominently on the back of her cloak or jacket. Said cloak is reversible should she need to disguise herself. The goggles she wears for the forge are kept around her neck. If asked, she wouldn't be able to tell where she wants to put her hitai-ate, though. Black pants that seem to cling to her skin show off slender legs. They are fairly well-muscled, indicating a lot of hard work in kicks and sprints. Her arms are a bit harder to see, but those who look closely might be able to see some of the muscle she has. This is made easier by the yellow t-shirt she wears. On its front, there is only a small symbol of Iwagakure on the breast.


Name Pronounced: Notes
Maneshi Shu & Kimi Meanie-sensei & Kimi-chan The one person Kaneko didn't want for a sensei. It was only a matter of time, but really…. This could have gone a lot better, no? The only thing that makes this team bearable would likely be her teammates!
Watanabe Hotaru Hotaru-chan A young girl that Kaneko met and quickly became friends with due to a love for learning at the hands of the evil(?) genin, Nendo. Hotaru is silly at times, but Kaneko doesn't mind. Perhaps because the young Murasame is blinded by emotion herself.
Murasame Akio Akio-kun A strange and mysterious Murasame who claims to have been fighting all his life. Kaneko is friendly, but occasionally suspicious of him. It took a bit, but Kaneko finally thinks she trusts Akio. So much that she even invited him to live with her and her parents!

Ninja Journal

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Skills And Abilities

Rank Technique Name Type
D Earth Dive Defense
D Headhunter Technique Attack
D Stone Dagger Rug Attack

RP Logs

Theme Songs

Mezame by Kajiura Yuki

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