Nagahara Rika
Nagahara Rika
Personal Information
Birthplace The Deep Desert
Location Symbol-Sunagakure Sunagakure
Date of Birth ???
Age 16
Gender Female Icon-Female
Blood Type AB
Height 5'3"
Weight A lady doesn't tell!
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Dark Grey
Combat Information
Rank Jounin
Position None
Elemental Affinity Icon-LandofFire Fire
Icon-Wind Wind
Icon-Lightning Lightning
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu Specialist
Team none
Favorite Jutsu
Wind Based, or Wind-fire mixes

Nagahara Rika, the young prodigy of the Nagahara clan. Recently recovered from devastating injuries that almost killed her. Also known to have embraced that newfangled Moga lifestyle!


Born to the Nagahara clan - a nomadic clan from the deepest deserts of the Land of Wind, from the Star Dunes branch of the clan, Rika took well to all training. Like so many of her clan intelligent, and with a perfect affinity to Chakra moulding. She seemed poised to become one of the greatest of her clan, and just at the time it was needed and the clan joined its strength to Sunagakure. Already a veteran at a mere 13 years old with the founding of the village, she was made a Chuunin and performed admirably. Her skill with the mixture of wind and fire style jutsu was impeccable. A graceful dance of elemental doom. Her team one of the best of the Chuunin. She needed experience of course, and her overly serious determination and even arrogance was pretty much to be expected for a prodigy like her. Even her parents thought she should loosen up a bit, though she didn't. At least not yet, instead, something else forced a change.

By the time she was fifteen, she had been made a Jounin for her skills. And her first mission? Her combat team of Jounin was along with one other of experienced Chuunin under a Jounin leader were sent to ambush an enemy force that was supposedly destroying some of the Land of Wind's villages. Yet it was a trap, a spy had infiltrated Sunagakure, and fed them false intelligence. So the hunters became the hunted. Worse, the villages had already been destroyed along with many lives. They never even realized what they walked into. Their enemy was prepared, and caught them completely by surprise. They barely even had time to react. Within a minute the entire team was dead. Except Rika. In the last second her team leader managed to fall over Rika's badly wounded body, shielding her from the worst of the powerful blast that finished her off. It was just coincidence she was closest at the time, but it was the first of a series of flukes that saved her life.

Rika was overlooked by her foes then as well, for she was already unconsciouss, and was severely wounded enough she probably wouldn't have survived either. And the fact it was night meant the heat of day wouldn't finish her off either. Fortunately, her skills were the other thing that saved her. Another team was returning from a mission far away, and the explosive jutsu on the horizon in the gloom of the desert twilight attracted the attention of the team leader - a Chuunin of a team of Genin.

Rika was worked on by the healer of the time, but her injuries were too severe for the poor genin to do much for. Then they had to take her to a nearby redoubt, cut off from the village and fearful of whatever force could wipe out 2 teams of Jounin and Chuunin in battle. Eventually, another team was sent to investigate. the ambushers had long since departed, and they all helped escort the young team and Rika back. Her debriefing helped expose the traitor. But she was hardly better. The wounds had left her weaker than before. And worse, the sheer speed they were overwhelmed had her convinced she was worthless, weak. It would take most of a year for her to recover.

Since the recovery, she's befriended one of the Councilmembers, and managed to master some of the more puissant jutsu of her Family.


Since the incident, she's been a shadow of what she once was as a Ninja. The arrogance beaten out of her thoroughly, replaced by a bitter, biting cynicism and sardonic attitude at times and a live for the moment attitude, almost self-destructively so, at others. She tends towards utter depression at other times, and spending time alone in the desert, supposedly in meditation, but many wonder if she can even manage that, or if it is just a form of sulk. And in her times of health she's fully embraced the Moga lifestyle and fashions, much to her traditional parents' chagrin - and the surprise of many, as before she was quite dutiful, prim, proper, and behind the times with seemingly no care at all about modern fashion or life. But despite her physical weakness, she is ostensibly recovered enough to be on active duty once more, but will she? Her flame has flared and flickered out… but will that flicker be gone for good, or will it once more rekindle her candle and allow her to shine again?

As it turns out, she is shining again. Mastering many of her clan's more powerful Jutsu, and accomplishing at least a few missions since - admittedly, many of them as a leader for Genin and Chuunin instead of more combat focused Jounin level stuff. Still, she has the ear of at least one Councilmember as well.


A young woman in her mid to late teens that stands a few inches over five feet tall, her hair a deep purple in color, feathering out to the side and falling to just about her jaw level, and pulled into a single, stubby pony tail in the back, while two more longer bangs fall to her jaw in front, framing her face. Her eyes have a definite slant to them, and a very narrow seeming squint to them, it seems as though it is her natural state. She has a slender body, even frail looking, especially with her pale complexion. And in lieu of a forehead protector she instead has a set of brass goggles, slightly tinted, round lenses and the frames sticking out about an inch, moulding to the eyes when not worn up at the forehead.

A mantle cloak, designed to pull tight and completely shield the body from the winds or chills obscures most of her body, even the neck high with an additional shoulder covering edge to it. At around collar level, seemingly a sort of large clasp, the Sunagakure forehead protector is worn. Knee high boots are worn on her legs, and rarely does the cloak reveal enough to show any other clothing beneath, though in those occassions, she can be seen to wear what seems to be long tights or leggings, and a black colored straight, tunic skirt of a moga fashion.


-16 years Before Game Start (BGS): Rika Born
-10 years BGS: Rika helping carry supplies to battles, learning jutsu in the process
-8 years BGS: Rika kills for the first time, defending camp
-6 years BGS: Rika an active participant in battles
-3 years BGS: Sunagakure founded, Rika, already quite battle hardened, made a Chuunin on a combat team.
-2 years BGS: Rika leading her Chuunin Combat Team
-1 year BGS: Rika Promoted to Jounin, sent on fateful mission, badly injured
-GS: Rika ostensibly recovered.
-1 year AGS (After Game Start!) - Rika still doing the Jounin thing!


As a member of the Nagahara clan, it is no secret she is a specialist in Wind and Fire Ninjutsu, all her clan is to some extent. Magnifying two of the harshest elements of the desert to use in battle. Amongst her more favored jutsu are Hellwind, and Ghostwind. The two form two of the real signatures of Nagahara Jutsu, the former being a whirlwind of fire and wind, the later being heated ripples of air creating lenses to mask her present by bending the light around her, effectively making her invisible.

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