Nagayama Amaya
Nagayama Amaya
Birthplace Land of Lightning
Birthdate April 17th
Gender Female
Age 25
Height 5'6" tall
Weight 155 lbs
Blood Type ???
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Field-Operative
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Kemonoken
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team None yet
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration 024501
Academy Grad. Age N/A. Genin equivalent at 11.
Chuunin Grad. Age N/A. Chuunin equivalent at 14.
Nature Type
Element Unknown
Father Nagayama Chirico
Mother Nagayama Keiko *Deceased*
Husband Saito Jon
Signature Jutsu
Five-Claw Strike

Cat-like kunoichi of the Fierce Beast Cat-fist Style. Ex-Jounin; wife; War-vet.


OOC Note: Some parts of Amaya's background would be relatively common knowledge for Kumogakure residents, and more generally people of the Land of Lightning. Other parts would more or less be unknown to anyone unless an individual had actually been personally involved. The parts that are publically known will be indicated as clearly as possible. Further, certain subjects/people/events/etc. may be marked as ICly important! The ICly important parts will eventually have their own informational sections somewhere on the wiki (on Amaya's page or elsewhere). If there are not presently any notes or similar for ICly important info, then feel free to ask about them on the MUSH, via page or @mail to Amaya (alias "Neko").


Amaya has a lot of good times in her past and a lot of bad times as well. However, unlike some others with dark and tormented histories, Amaya tries not to let it impact her outlook on life or to influence her behavior. It is impossible to completely divorce herself from the memories of the trials she has gone through, but she can at least not dwell overly on the negative parts. To this end, she may seem care-free, up-beat, and generally optimistic. However, at rare times she can be remarkably glum, depressed, and mopey. It generally only takes something positive happening or being said around her, however, to make her bounce back.

The death of her mother is a major source of guilt for Amaya. She feels that her mother died because she failed to find a cure in time. She could have made a difference if she had tried harder, or done something differently. That's what she tells herself, and no matter what anyone else says to the contrary her emotions will remain the same on that matter. Amaya is extremely protective of those close to her that are still alive. Her father, her husband, and her friends are all people she is sworn to protect. She has a tendency to over-react or to behave violently when she perceives a threat to her loved ones.

Loyal, generally honorable, but willing to do what needs to be done to protect the innocent, Nagayama Amaya is firmly entrenched on the side of the "good guys". She may hurt inside a lot more than most good people, but she can't let personal suffering get in the way of doing what's right.


Amaya is a woman with long white hair that has two odd points in it — almost like cat ears. She has thin black eyebrows over deep-green eyes. A small nose is set over her soft lips. She wears small eye-glasses sometimes — particularly while reading. Amaya is fairly slender, though she has tightly-packed muscle all over her toned form, giving her a cat-like, athletic build… Though with a >very< generously proportioned chest, a narrow waist, and sufficiently wide hips to mark her as a full-grown woman. She has smooth, strong-looking legs, and moves with natural grace and precision.

Amaya is currently wearing a violet, sleeveless vest that doesn't fit her properly in the slightest, tied shut in front with a combination of white laces and a bow right at the top of where her cleavage becomes visible. And there is plenty of cleavage visible. It seems there's precious little underneath that vest of hers. She wears Kumogakure army/soldier-style combat boots on her feet. Amaya has a pair of sleek, black, fingerless leather gloves on both hands, extending up her forearm, and terminating in white fur trim. Covering each glove at the wrist is a shining, polished steel bracer that probably hurts like hell to get hit with.

Hanging >very< low on her hips are a pair of baggy, green army pants that are common to Kumogakure soldiers, though with the addition of a large hip pouch on the right side, for storing ninja tools, scrolls, etc. The waistband of these pants has apparently been damaged at some point, because a piece of fabric has been looped through and tied off in a knot at the base of Amaya's belly in order to keep the pants from falling down. From how low they ride, the knot is apparently not doing a very good job.

When on duty or combat missions, Amaya wears her Kumogakure hitai-ite (forehead protector) on… Her forehead, of all places!? How strange!



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