Nara Honosuke
Nara Honosuke
Birthplace Amegakure
Birthdate 08/03/07
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 6'
Weight 180 lbs
Blood Type AB+
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Chuunin
Areas of Expertise Nara Style Shadow Ninjutsu/Water Manipulation/Toad Summoning
Clan Nara
Affiliation Amegakure
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 11
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 15
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Suiton (Water)
Element (Secondary) N/A
Mother Nara Jiyo
Signature Jutsu
Summon Gamatetsu, Water Clone Jutsu


Even from his birth, Honosuke wasn't a very dutiful child. His mother was mid-ranking family member of the Nara Clan, who had by virtue of her beauty won the hand of a noble in the relatively recently developed Amegakure. To be truthful, she didn't really even want to have a child, intent on enjoying her life and doing missions so as to increase her fame and notoriety as a deadly ninja…however, once she became pregnant, that all changed. Social pressure and the limits of time that she had once she had birthed Honosuke led her to become increasingly more and more homebound. It wasn't long before his mother lost all ambition to continue with her ninja duties, focusing on running her household.

Honosuke was far more interested in his mother's shinobi past, even from a very young age. He had found her forehead protector that she had sealed away in one of her trunks and was duly rewarded with a sound spanking from his father and a stern glance from his mother for getting into her things. Ninja matters were 'Too much trouble', she had always said to Honosuke, who, being a child, immediately took this as ninja affairs being just for adults. In classical parental defiance, Honosuke did whatever he could to seek out information about the shinobi of the wider world, even going so far as to sneak around Amegakure and (badly) following the various ninja squads from the great villages that passed through.

Eventually, Honosuke was noticed by a fellow member of his clan, a distant cousin who had been sent to visit his mother and gather an update about the affairs of Amegakure. The arrival of the cousin was of extraordinarily interest to young Honosuke, who was just about the age to become a genin. He knew that if he stayed with his mother, he would never get a chance to pursue his dream of becoming a shinobi. So, one night, he ran off with his cousin, who agreed to at least train him while he was on the road, travelling between the Hidden Villages.

During his training, Honosuke was taught the trademark ninjutsu of his clan, Shadow Manipulation, as well as discovering an affinity for Suiton, or Water-Based Ninjutsu, learning to simply manipulate the water around him, though he could only perform limited techniques. During his time with his cousin, Honosuke performed several missions, though mostly his involvement was spying on the enemy incognito and occasionally using his Shadow Imitation Jutsu to drag sentries away from their posts in order for his cousin and the rest of his group to eliminate their targets.

Upon his return, some four years later, Honosuke was a fairly well trained shinobi, even though he received very little 'classical' schooling, his practical experience far outweighing official training. This balance of skill got him noticed by a certain group forming within Amegakure. The feudal lord of the Land of Rain was interested in starting a shinobi corps in order to better protect the borders of his country…and of course sell out their services to other villages for the prestige and money. And so, Honosuke was drafted into the first generation of shinobi in the Land of Rain.




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