Nara Satomi
Nara Satomi
Birthplace Land of fire
Birthdate 05/19/7 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 5'10
Weight 63kg
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai Shadow Manipulation
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Leadership; tactics, strategy and analysis. Decent at ninjutsu.
Clan Nara
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Team Shadow-strike
Ninja Rank Jounin
Genin-Equivalent Age 8
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Earth
Element (Secondary) None
Father Nara Hito
Signature Jutsu
plain cunning




Satomi is and has always been a motherless daughter of a hard-working craftsman. Which explains the tomboyish behavior. She's gigglish, and at this hormones are getting the better of her. Creating a huge internal conflict over quite a few things. She's a logical thinker, and feelings aren't logical. So she's not entirely sure how to work with those. She doesn't repress them like most people in her situation seem to do. Instead you'd easily find yourself overwhelmed by a kettle brewing with so many emotions and energies that it's difficult to pin which is her real one.

She can lie like the best, has an over-protective father which explains her physical setback. She can't stand the helpless attitudes of some people; the fire of her father his past burning inside her as well. Survival of the fittest. That's what it's about, if you can't improve. There's no meaning in being at all.

"Don't fight, even if the Kage wills it, if defeat is certain…
But fight, even if the Kage forbid it, if victory is certain."

These are the words that roam her mind every night, conflicts between honor and logic. Obedience and doing what's right. She hasn't shared it with anyone, but anyone close enough to her can see something's clearly eating away at her.



Before you stands a lovely girl, with pitch-black hair, about 5'10 and a half in height, slim and with decent curves. She doesn't dress like most girls in skirts and dresses, instead wearing jeans or shorts that compliment the curves on her rump even more, especially when she wears the skinny jeans! She has tall legs, and a nice hip to waist ratio, though she doesn't seem to care much, she's usually seen wearing a tight-white T-shirt, just a tiny bit too short, showing off an inch of skin, clearly a sports-bra underneath, hiding her curves just slightly, along with a blazer or a open jacket without sleeves, usually either brown or red. She does spend some time putting on make-up, just a touch-up which makes her look a little more attractive, though she doesn't spend hours working it, good thing she's good at applying it quickly, most guys can't even tell the difference!

She has a cute face, slight complexion on her cheek, high cheekbones and a warm smile, her red lips (due to the make-up) are small, so is her nose, which is slightly pointy, something she hated about herself, but others never really seemed to mind. Her pitch-black hair is cut short in a diagonal line, falling nicely just above her shoulder, curling at the end.

She has nice, slightly tanned skin; her nails are well kept though never bear a color. Her body is toned, those lucky enough to see could easily see the hint of a six-pack her slim abdomen carries, though her light-weight shoulders and small arms indicate that she needs to work a little more on those, nor do her hands look like those of a brawler, clean and soft to the touch.



Name Relationship Info
Nara Hito Father Ye' old overprotective father

Ninja Journal

Journal Entry 1-10 | Getting acquainted:

Journal Entry 11 - 19 | Pain, friends, and the soul:

Journal Entry 20 - 30 | Bonds:

Journal Entry 31 - 40 | Love:

Journal Entry 41 - 50 | Happiness:

Journal Entry 51-53 | Sadness

On war and strategy, philosophy of peace

OOC note on her book: This is something she's IC"ly writing. As chapters get added ic'ly they'll be added on the wiki. Unless she specifically showed you or you broke into her house you wouldn't know about it.

Skills And Abilities


Hinotori blinks at the Anaguma Castle (A Shogi formation), it looked cool anyways, but Hinotori is trying to figure out how to do this, how to get to her King and beat it. He didn't have many good pieces left and without thinking he begins to move his pieces into a flanking maneuver, bringing two group of pieces to the front and side while only a few were left sitting doing nothing. He knows he need to take her pieces but honestly he isn't sure how he is going to get this to work but hey if you don't try, you don't know if it would fail or not.

On another note though, Hinotori has been watching Satomi, glancing at her when she isn't looking at him, watching her as she made her moves. She isn't concentrating hard, she's thought out her maneuvers already, countered in her head where he would go and how he would play. A hidden smiles creeps up on his lips as he plays, this is her true strength. It's not Ninjutsu, Genjutsu or even Taijutsu, it's her mind, the ability to predict and out maneuver her opponents then exploit their weaknesses.

She's sufficiently skilled in shadow-style ninjutsu and field manipulation genjutsu to fend for herself. Though her true strength and abilities are with her mind alone.

Mission log

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Hinotori & Satomi

Daisuke & Satomi

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