Nara Shintaro
Nara Shintaro
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate May 23
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 5'11"
Weight 180
Blood Type O Negative
Kekkei Genkai Shadow Manipulation
Classification Academy Instructor
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu and Stealth
Clan Nara
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team None yet
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration 13058827
Academy Grad. Age 11
Chuunin Grad. Age 13
Nature Type
Element Shadow
Mother Nara Katae
Father Nara Katsumori
Sister Nara Usagi
Signature Jutsu
Shadow Sewing

"Now, now. Surely we can find a way to settle this without me having to kill you."




Nara Shintaro eighteen-year-old Jounin Academy Instructor from Konohagakure. His greatest prides are in his village, his clan, and the fact that he has worked hard to not be considered lazy like most Nara men. As an instructor, he carefully watches over Students of Konohagakure, wanting to teach them all to become the best shinobi they can for Konohagakure. The best lesson he wants to teach them is to strive for self-improvement, not just to be better than their peers.

Since the second war with Kirigakure, however, Shintaro has been acting rather different. His normally diplomatic demeanor turned into that of a cold, bloodthirsty shinobi bent on killing as many of Kirigakure's forces as possibly. for a while. It is rumored someone very important to him was killed by their Death Ray, but no one knows exactly who. He took a vacation for a while after the war was over and traveled with a Wandering Medical Ninja and seemed to get past what was
poisoning his mind. He seemed rather jaded for a while when he wasn't able to see her, but things seem to have gone back to normal now.




Here stands a young man looking to be in his late teens, about 5'11" tall. While not a total monster of muscle, his figure is rather impressively built of lean muscle. His face holds a strong oval shape, strong chin and nose creating the look of a handsome yet tough man. Electric blue hair, brushed back out of the way, though a single long strand now hangs down from his hood in front, and eyebrows cause him to stand out a bit, along with a double lightning bolt tattoo that starts in the center of his forehead and goes down both cheeks.

The newly-promoted Jounin is now adorned in robes that are quite different from his Chuunin attire. Bronze-colored bracers covers his forearms, similar-colored spaulders on his shoulders, which are strapped together by a strap that creates an 'X' across his chest and back. The hood and main parts of the cloth are all a dark grey. A red belt wraps around his wast, with a side-hanging shinobi belt over it that holds weapons and such. The front of the robe is parted at the legs, keeping it from looking like a dress. Dark grey pants cover his legs, tucked down into bronze-colored boots.





0 Born in Land of Fire
11 Became a Genin
13 Became a Chuunin
16 Became an Academy Instructor
17 Became a Jounin



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