Nara Shugo
Shugo, Nara
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate 01/31/02 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 15
Height 5'8"
Weight 160 lb.
Blood Type AB+
Kekkei Genkai Icon-Yin Shadow Manipulaton
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Icon-Nara.png Nara
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konohagakure
Team Konoha's Fang
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 15
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Yin Shadow
Father Nara Ishimaru (Deceased)
Mother Nara Tamako (Deceased)
Signature Jutsu

"I went through the effort of doing this so.. time for a nap.."


If ever there was a prodigy of the Nara family way, it was not Shugo. Named as a guardian of the village of the hidden leaf, the young Nara - even from a young age - was more interested in naps than playing. Other children were referred to as stupid or annoying, and even the instructors of the academy were given the title of 'annoying' at the best of times. It was kind of hard to validate the Nara's claims however when he had to repeat the semester of schooling time and time again. Shugo was probably the most unwilling student that the academy had to deal with; he'd sleep in class, read comics rather than take part in lectures, and rarely if ever did he win a sparring match. If anything, the thing that Shugo was best at was finding excuses for why he didn't do his work, or getting fed up and doing well on the work by sheer dumb luck.
The only problem with Shugo's lack of will to do anything, was the fact that he had no parents to tell him otherwise. Both of his parents had been felled in combat and were no longer around to keep forcing the young Nara forward. In their place, there was another unlikely conduit of inspiration however. A young Nara that was not blessed by the shadows and steadily endured and soldiered on by showing his mind's strengths in the academy.. Even when pretending to nap, Shugo listened to the younger Nara trying so hard and as such, barely tried at all. It kept most of the negatives from being said about a Nara trying in comparison to one that could barely keep his eyes open during a lecture or just overall avoided being tested. It would be that younger Nara that lead to Shugo's self-proclaimed downfall.
Sparring days were the iffy days of the Nara's academic life… when it was just anyone from the class the lazy nara would often be bested by them so easily that he'd get complaints from the opponent. When the opponent was one of those bullies however, the Nara would remind both the fellow students and the teachers that he was one of the shadow clan. Binding the bully in place and making them give in on threat of having to slit their own throat against their will. He'd be scolded of course when it was something so dramatic but all the same, it proved his capabilities to graduate. What kind of a shinobi is depressed by his graduation day to the point that his hitai-ate needs to be brought to his home?
Despite his lack of enthusiasm, the Nara does what is expected of a genin and does his best to do it well. Granted, more often than not, Shugo would rather finish a mission quickly and spend the day sleeping under the shade of a good tree with a nice breeze to comfort him but the life of a ninja isn't always so easily bent.. It has caused the Nara to work toward perfecting his shadow's uses so that he can at the least make that life take less effort… mendokuse~


Patient and adaptable are the best words to describe Nendo. Rather than rushing head-long into something, he prefers taking his time and examining many possibilities before taking the first step. Every step that follows is based on how well the step before came out, making sure to adjust and change his tactics where he feels necessary in order to make it to his desired ending result. In the case of a test he will often study it from beginning to end and think over each question even before his name has been signed. Being something of a trickster deceit isn't beyond Nendo if it will allow him to get the result he's after. Rather than simply taking on friends Nendo takes on extended family; Nendo is more so the type to feel friends fall under the category of being "precious" and calling one as such can be a sign of his being dedicated to their safety, readily placing himself in danger's way if it means defending a friend.

Likes Sleep, shade, naps, quiet, cloud viewing, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, stormy days, overcast skies, books, bird songs.
Dislikes Unnecessary things like work, studying, moving, effort, loud people, groups.
Hobbies Not having a hobby…


Shugo is a fairly average height of 5'8" with olive toned skin and brown hair pulled into an untamed ponytail that is customary of the Nara clan. Dull green eyes are only bested by the dull and lazy expression that Shugo wears and even carries himself with. He is almost always found wearing his green shirt poorly buttoned and his baggy brown pants tucked into the tall black sandals he wears. He wears his black strapped Hitai-ate loosely around his neck like a lazy choker with a brown Haori jacket draped over his form to match his pants besides the strip of diamonds along the edge. Rather than the usual carrying pouch on the leg or behind the waist, Shugo wears his pouch as though it were a fanny pack either for tactical reasons or just because he's too lazy to reach all the way down to his thigh for a knife.


Name Relationship Rank Notes
Hige & Konsho
My Nosy new boss. Jounin. Nosy, talks to his dog, and abducted me into his team. Over all, probably not a bad person.
My cousin, and fellow outcast. Genin. Tatsuo's grown strong since his days in the academy and he's getting stronger every day on top of it. It's good to see that even when the clan may act like a gathering of fools, it only spurs him to move forward more strongly.
Medic, Doctor. Jounin. A good doctor with scary side effects to his treatments. I'm proud to say I did not, however, lose mastery of my own bladder during the healing process.
Head of the Inuzuka clan. Jounin. He seems to be good natured enough but in a trial I sat in on, he seemed to be someone everyone was cautious of. Perhaps this man isn't the kind to simmer before exploding?
Shinobu & Kame
Cautious pup. Genin. I don't know much about her as she is often a quiet thing but I do know she's a powerful girl that's paired with an energetic pup.
Daichi Lady's boy. Genin. A taijutsu nut and a bit of an aspiring ladies man I would assume based on his actions. I don't think he's someone to be too concerned with.

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