Nara Toukai
Nara Toukai
Personal Information
Birthplace Symbol-Konoha Konohagakure
Birthday April 10th
Age 15
Height 5'9"
Weight 155 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Combat Information
Rank Chuunin
Position N/A
Elemental Affinity Shadow
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Tactical
Team Awesome!
Favorite Jutsu
Shadow Imitation and Cloak of Shadows
Data Chart


Laid back like his father, Toukai was the true son of the Nara clan. He shares his fathers' looks and his mothers eyes so he could never be mistaken for someone elses child. He was close to his parents as they raised him to learn the ways of the Naras and he made great progress showing off his keen intellect and knack for ninjutsu. His slender frame also proved beneficial for seal making as he has great dexterity and loads of stamina. Being keen of mind, he noticed that his sister had their fathers looks, but nothing of their mother. What gave it away most was the color of his sister Nari's hair. It was blonde!! It didn't take long for Toukai to figure out that something was up with it, but the bond they shared would never be waivered. She was still his sister, regardless of who the other woman was, and Toukai made sure to never mistreat her for something she had no control over. The two trained hard with each other as Toukai would always push her to her limits to make sure that she will become a great shinobi like their parents. It was then disaster struck their family. Their mother was killed during a mission and soon after the father fell as well. Toukai took it upon himself to provide for his little sister by taking whatever missions he could find himself jumping on. He did good in honing his mind to think more like a strategist which made him a very tricky person to fight. When Nari graduated from the academy, the two got a better home, but very humble in appearance, to live out the rest of their days helping each other out. The two are very laid back, but Toukai has a driven ambition to do more for his little sister to make sure that she lives a comfortable life. Sometimes that attitude collides with his laid back demeanor and his usual cloud envy.


Typical laid back Nara with goals of surpassing his parents and taking care of his little sister Nari. His primary use of skills are shadows, but there's another hidden style of fighting that he reserves for when times get dire…


Toukai is wearing a green shinobi suit that his father wore when he first became a ninja out of trying to follow in his footsteps and surpass him. He also dons a chain mesh shirt underneath for added protection and has his hair pulled back in a tail to prevent his hair from getting in his face. He stands about 5'9" and appears to be in good health. He hardly ever smiles anymore, but he keeps a friendly laid back demeanor about him at all times.


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