Nara Usagi
Nara Usagi
Birthplace Konoha, Land of Fire
Birthdate January 15th
Gender Female
Age 14
Height 5'4"
Weight 147 lbs
Blood Type O Positive
Kekkei Genkai Standard Nara
Classification Med Nin in Traiing
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu and Medical Nin
Clan Nara
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Team 6
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age Graduated at 13, is focused on Medical Nin training
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Shadow
Element (Secondary) N/A Yet
Brother Nara Shintaro
Father Nara Katsumori
Mother Nara Katae
Signature Jutsu
Shadow Imitation

"Some people call me lazy. What they tend to forget is while I'm being 'lazy', I'm doing just as good if not better than they are" Usagi in regards to people speaking on her laid back look on life.


The young Nara woman is nothing 'special' to look at, but is most certainly interesting to see in action. She generally prefers to be chewing on a straw, and if she is seated, she will almost have her feet kicked up. She hails from the Nara clan, known for its intelligence, but also it's laid back look on life. In her case, it seems to be 'very' laid back. Almost to the point of laziness, despite the fact that she keeps herself in shape, more than enough to be a shinobi. She failed the academy entrance once, though any that knew her could have told anyone she was bored with it. She passed the second time, and while she did do well, she didn't excel. Part of that comes from her having watched others do it first, and finding ways to do it easier, with less effort and strain. No matter the ninjutsu, she seemed to find an easy way to do it compared to others, and burning less chakra for the same results. She's made it to Genin, and during the process, showed some talent towards medical nin, which immediately got her sent to learn on that….much to her dismay. Medical nin was hard work, but when asked she simply shrugged and said "Whatever" with a smirk. So the young genin is learning her trade, some saying taking to it with a good liking. But where she goes from here, is anyone's guess. One thing of particular note is the armband with a feather on it. While Usagi has made mention that there 'is' a story behind it, no one she knows has heard it yet.


The young Nara is almost….'almost' the definition of lazy. Despite the fact that she keeps herself in good shape to be a ninja, she is otherwise known for putting in the least amount of effort to get the job done. There are times when people around her, particularly her family and clan, have seen her put effort forth instead of just the minimal amount, but such times, unless the situation is dire or there's an emergency, are few and far between. She's definitely intelligent, and knows it, but for the time being….she uses it to find the path of least resistance. As she's gone into Med Nin training, she's putting forth more effort into such, seeing it as a worthy goal of her full attention. The Academy, on the other hand, didn't change an iota. Her grades remained the same as she continued through, leading several to believe she 'could' do it, she just needed to get over doing it the easy way. Having graduated, she's more focused towards her medical ninjutsu now, and trying to get to the point where she could be of use on a team in that manner. Aside from that, you'll likely find her in a hammock, with a piece of straw in her mouth as she watches the clouds go by. For those who get close? She does care. And she will make the effort for them. Just have to get her attention first.


The young woman seems to stand just at around five foot and four inches, with blonde hair that reaches down to her waist. It never curls, but seems to be flowing with anything past a regular breeze that comes through the area, and left to do just that. Her complexion is a light tan, with deep blue eyes that seem to keep an eye on most of what's in vision. Her face is a bit rounded, not chubby, just she hasn't lost some of the 'baby face' that she's grown up with. Moving on down, she is definitely growing into a woman's body, fit and in shape, but not lacking the curves that she's going to have once they fill out fully. Her build can be definitely said as somewhere between slender and athletic, as she's not muscular by any standards, but can move as needed -when- needed. Her clothing generaly consists of her ninja outfit which is the fishnet underarmor that is offset by the Chuunin's Flak jacket she earned in the recent Promotional Exams. Her shorts are much the same way, nearly skintight but breathable, going down to just below her knees, and is that same jungle green as the vest. Her shoes, much the same color, are also built for ninja use, fully covering and keeping the ankles protected from below as well, with ankle socks peeking just above those. Her arms remain bare except on her right side, which has a small band with a feather sticking out of it that goes up her arm on her right bicep. Past that, her hands can be seen with fingerless gloves that are jungle green as well. Her Konoha protector is used as a forehead protecter, and serves double duty by keeping her hair back a bit so it doesn't get in her face. On the back part of her waist, there's two of the circular packs that carry the basic ninja implements such as kunai and explosive tags.


Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities

Usagi has begun showing skills related to her family's jutsu at this point, as well as starting to be able to write her own explosive tags, though at best right now they are rudimentary. Her favored form of combat seems to be centered around interchanging styles, going from full blown taijutsu to laying traps with her tags, to throwing shadow jutsu out as needed.

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