Okumo Amata
Okumo Amata

A rare moment of Amata Smiling… (Pic Credit to Takeo/Shiro)

Birthplace Kirigakure
Birthdate 9/25/6
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 6'
Weight 148 lbs.
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai Insect Control and Spider Traits
Classification Swordswoman
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu and Ninjutsu
Clan Okumo
Affiliation Kirigakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Seven Swordsman
Genin-Equivalent Age 11
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Electricity
Element (Secondary) N/A
Signature Jutsu
Corpse Sewing Technique

Okumo Amata is a scientist and a shinobi of Kirigakure. She may be required to be a ninja of Kirigakure first, but being a scientist is a close second. After returning from a long mission in the Land of Snow, she quickly returned and took over the role as the wielder of Nuibari, one of the Seven Legendary Swords of Kirigakure. Any who know her know that she is robotic, calculating and as cold as ice. To see emotion from her is a rare moment that is only typically seen when one presses Amata to a point. Often that point is the tip of Nuibari.


Born of experimentation, Amata was created as much for her creator's own vanity as for battle. Amata was, like many OKumo, an experiment in the making. She was, by some, meant to be a nester but her own fasicnation with the martial arts prevented this from being truly the case. At the age of 2, when she first started actively using her spiders, she seemed more fasicnated by the poison they secreted and the silk they made than she did in commanding them to go forth and use it upon others. Many saw this as a sign of a true scientist in the making, only a few saw the dangers in this.

At the age of 5, it became clear that she wasn't going to be sitting back, plotting and planning or waiting. The intelligent girl was already peeking into various books and writings to find out how others bodies have been modified. She was curious as to how her own body could be modified. Beyond this, she was questioning every nester she could. Fascinated with the idea of how spiders could send blood down their legs like a hydraulic pump and leap 50 times their own body length. Things like this fasicnated her and perplexed her with her own body.

By the time she was 8, she had already started finding ways to make chakra path ways through her own arms and legs and then pump chakra suddenly down them to create the illusion of greater strength. Using this very idea, she smashed the head in of a wild boar, grinning as she did.

Her own fascination with modification of her body and her own spiders became an obesssion by the time she graduated the academy at the age of 11. SHe had shown an affinity for spiders and started to show various ways to modify her spiders for two purposes. One purpose was to protect and move her about, toughening their carapaces to make them be able to stand more attacks and at the same time, making them unable to conduct electricity and yet make their venom be able to hold electrical charges. She lost many spiders…and had a few incidents electrocuting herself but was able to create a spider who's venom could delivery a very shocking charge.

By the time she had reached the age of 13, she had found ways to make spiders that could create silk that could conduct electricity along its threads. Already, she had started designing pouches that could hold the various types of spiders along her person, becoming obsessed with organizing her 'troops' so that she could know where every single one of them was

When at the age of 14, it came to light that there was a place known as the Land of Snow that was possibly creating advanced technology, a mission was drawn up to go do research in that area. Quickly, the idea of seeing new developments and the abilty to be off alone for an extended period made Amata very interested. It had only been a month prior that she was advanced to the rank of Chuunin after she had captured a rogue Okumo who was a unique experiment rather than kill him, not to mention her past performance. The girl volunteered and was later chosen to go on this extended research mission. Packing up quickly, she took everything she needed and left for this very cold land. While there, she would spend a great degree of time researching these claims and also researching more modifications for herself and her spiders.

It would e two years before Amata would return to Kirigakure with the interesting ideas that those in the Land of Snow had begun to develop. Nothing concrete but certainly some neat ideas about how to move on a rail system or perhaps even something to generate power using fuels. Amata, was either way, in a strange way glad to be home, but none to excited about losing her lone lab where she was able to experiment in in peace.


Amata is terribly loyal to Kirigakure in her own way and more so to the Okumo. Everything she does is for the benefit of the future, even if it is at the expense of the present. She's always thinking of tomorrow, often putting her in position to save someone's life because it would benefit all more if they continued living even if there had to be sacrafice right now to save them. She's also, as might have been noticed, a thinker. Always trying to understand better a situation, trying to find the paths that lead to success rather than just charging in.

As loyal as she is to Kirigakure, Amata is focused on science. Rather anti-social and awkward in many situations. Worse, she doesn't seem to realize it at times. SHe pushes the boundaries of many situations sometimes when she is aware of her awkwardness, trying to see how far is too far when it comes to social situations. She often forgets the feelings of others in favor of her own wants and needs. Especially if that would benefit some study or some scientific breakthrough she wished to make. To her rank and society are just things that slow down progress.

There's an emotional, underlying side of Amata that has only really shown itself one time and no one has really seen much of it. It's almost a vengeful side. Perhaps could be considered vicious. She hides it very well, preferring to be seen as cold and calculating compared to just how dark she can be.


This woman stands just a hair shy of six foot tall. Blond hair, whispy and fairly light, looking as if any wind could catch and move it around her head. The hair frames her face and slides down her front and back to about a foot past her shoulders. Occasionally little movements can be seen through the hair though even the spiders she keeps in various areas about her person don't seem to want to soil that expanse. Her eyes are the clearest of blue as well, almost unnaturally so with pale soft skin surrounding the blue globes in a snowy expanse. Her small nose sits below this with softly red lips.

Her neck is somewhat delicate, going into a thick coat that is caught somewhere between a lab coat and a wintry coat. The coat's arms cut away to reveal two thick sleeves of grey blue. Along the upper arm of the sleeve on each side is a pouch made of the purest of silk, carefully woven into a pouch who's strap wraps around her upper arm. Along the back of her forearm, is another silk pouch worn almost like a gauntlet that seals tightly to the sleeve and has but a single strange strap that goes from it down to her hand to wrap around her middle finger like a ring on each side.

The long thick lab coat falls down to her ankles, hiding under it her top that is obviously some kind of thick wintry shirt with a silk vest over it that hides various pouches all along its white expanse. Upon her back is yet another draw string pack with various pouches around it. Her legs are hidden loose fitting almost gi like pants that go into a pair of soft boots with heels on each side, obviously made to protect from cold temperatures. Her headband of Kirigakure is used as a belt buckle to the top of these pants, her headband fashioned into a belt of silk to wrap around her waist. Going up from those feet, all along those pants are various pouches made of silk.


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Amata in Battle

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Sometimes she just has to play Psychiatrist as well as Scientist

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