Okumo Meruin
Okumo Meruin
~Personal Information
~Birthplace Kirigakure
~Date of Birth February 14
~Age Sixteen Frosts
~Height 5' 11"
~Weight 196 lbs
~Hair Color Platinum
~Eye Color Complicated
~Combat Information
~Rank Jounin
~Position Yondaime "4th" Mizukage
~Elemental Affinity Wind
~Areas of Expertise Assassination, Domination
~Team Kirigakure
~Favorite Jutsu



One would be hard pressed to find warmth in Okumo Meruin. His facial expression rarely deviates very far from one of a certain detachedness, calm and somewhat austere. To those who interact with him, they'll find that he is demanding, exacting, often uncompromising, something of a perfectionist, and prone to wasting as little time or breath as possible. Those he has no business with tend to find themselves ignored after a mention that he has other things to attend to. To those with whom he should, he is notably polite, though just as notably cold. There are dismally few who would expect anything more than this from him.



Age 2: Made first conscious use of his spiders
Age 3: Began physical training — simple exercises.
Age 6: Began his anatomy lessons
Age 6: Obtained the title: 'Defiler of the Flesh' and became part of local folklore
Age 7: Killed his first opponent who could fight back
Age 7: Achieved the Rank of Genin
Age 7: Obtained his first rival — someone who wants to kill him
Age 8: Won the First World Ninja Tournament — Genin Bracket
Age 8: Was promoted to the rank of Chuunin
Age 9: Hit puberty and was driven half insane
Age 10: Fled to the desert to conquer his passions
Age 13: Returned to Kirigakure, seemingly in control
Age 14: Promoted to Jounin


Spider Traits Taijutsu

Data Logs

Interpersonal Relationships

~Name ~Relationship ~Data
~Okumo Tsuyosa DNA Donor One half of the gene pairing the clan coordinated in my creation. I have met the man a total of four separate instances. Examining his physical form, I appear to have inherited his height, eyes, and hairlessness. He is strong and swift, muscularly lean. It is likely that my favor shall favor the same.

He was an oddity in the fact that he was born with Solifugae. There are no other publically recorded cases in which an Okumo was paired with anything other than one of the true spiders, the Araneae. This is the likely reason for his lack of deadly poisons, instead utilizing paralytic agents and his own poison used to cause debilitating pain. His brood is as swift and sturdy as he. It is doubtless only his high intellect that has made him a gifted genjutsuist as well. It is his primary combative study. Should I ever be commanded to, I have between a 68 and a 73 percent chance of killing him in combat.
~Okumo Chiryoku Incubator The second half of my initial genetic makeup. I have never met her. From what I have heard of her, she is also of high intellect and her brood is of the same ilk. It is said that her spiders have the ability to learn independently of her and have managed to use their webs in various interesting ways. A potent genjutsuist, an above average suiton ninjutsuist, with a brood of nearly excessive toxicity. With all knowledge acquired, my hypothesized chances of killing her, should I be required, are between 44 and 47 percent.

Mission Log

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