Okumo Naoya
Okumo Naoya
Birthplace Land of Water
Birthdate 8/11/3 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 176cm
Weight 80kg
Blood Type B-
Classification Okumo Officer
Areas of Expertise Medic, Taijutsu
Clan Icon-Spider Okumo
Affiliation Icon-Kiri Kirigakure
Team Team Alpha
Ninja Rank Jounin
Graduated Academy Age 11
Chuunin Promotion Age 14
Jounin Promotion Age 16
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Water Water
* * Classified * *
Signature Jutsu

A boy, a creature, a nest, a experiment.. One who doesn't truly understand where he fits into the picture at most times and tries to choose where he belongs rather than waiting patiently. He often follows the guidance of the voices in his head, or rather truly within him, even when it might not be according to plan. Most of all he is someone who cannot stand staying still for long or settling. His drive is to become the best without question, even though he isn't sure what he is to be the best at.



Competitive and stubborn are both words that describe this subject well. He seems to respond poorly when isolated or left on his own without a clear goal. Once there is someone else following a similar goal his reactions time and effort seems to increase significantly. While observed passively, he seems to perform poorly with picking up significantly new tactics from mentoring, reverting to familiar tactics, though he does change his tactics when not prompted to, this proves difficult in recording or predicting.





Ninja Journal

* * Recorded Volumes * *
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Skills And Abilities



Seeming to grow from his initial mastery of Chakra Spider Strike, this young Okumo has managed to cover his body with silk and use pulses of chakra to enhance his movements. It is unclear what the limits of this tactic are, but there are two common states he has demonstrated while active in the field of combat.


Compared to his academy years, the young Okumo's chakra control has advanced dramatically, mastering the basic control methods most Chuunin are expected to have but also advancing in Ninjutsu beyond control of his brood. His focus remains much on his own body but as of recent observations, his Kenjutsu capabilities have also been advancing, but are still under developed.


Seemingly the core of this young Okumo's combat tactics isn't with how to puppet or guide his brood but learning from them and mimicking them. Either from his genetic planning or he chosen training, the boy remains lightly muscled, relying on his speed rather than brute force even though he focusing on using his own hands in combat.


While the boy focuses on Taijutsu in most cases, he has learned to blend his tactics with Ninjutsu. The focus of his jutsus varies rather dramatically, spanning multiple styles. Each of the styles not being related or even similar to one another yet blending together well depending on the condition of his goal.

Medical Talents

Contrary to how the subject has been developing with more unique and extreme offensive and defensive tactics, he has began to study methods to support others. Blending use of more traditional medical use, such as herbs and saps along with specialized venoms he has began to become a competent medical agent. It is some what troubling that, despite this focus and talent, that it is rarely displayed in use outside of a few scenarios.

RP Logs

Song of the Soul

This is a song, echos not with something he sings but how he acts and how he thinks. As an experiment, a trial of a new procedure his greatest fear is being classed as a 'failed project'. This has caused a growth in his personality, a driving sense to prove himself even if it's something minor or if only a few would even notice.


The further he experiments with his brood and himself, he begins to lose more of himself to the swarm. Where he was once singular, separated largely from the brood living within him the more he's been practicing on understanding and harmonizing them, their traits are shifting his own mindset. Now that the link between himself and his brood has become telepathic to an extent, at times he questions if the ideas were his drive alone yet can't come to fear it, just oddly finds it amusing.
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