Ongakuno Aburei
Ongakuno Aburei
Personal Information
Birthplace Unknown
Date of Birth 2/23/12 (17 as of this RL date)
Age 27
Height 5'6''
Weight 160 lb.
Hair Color Strawberry-blond
Eye Color Blue
Combat Information
Rank N/A
Position Neutral Medic
Elemental Affinity Unknown
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu, medicine, music
Team None
Signature Techniques
Entertainer's Genjutsu
Medic Nin

Neutral medic with a talent for music-based genjutsu



There are two main facets to Aburei. The first is that he is a healer. He will go wherever he perceives there is need and help any who have need. The second is that he is a bard. Using a unique form of light, musical genjutsu, he creates fascinating and delightful illusions to entertain and enlighten. Each of these facets provide glimpses into his heart, as a devoted follower of the Way.

Full History


We Live by Superchic[k]

In some ways, Aburei was forced to grow up far too quickly; in others, he's still a child and probably always will be. He sees that the world has a lot of strife and suffering and evil in it, but he faces it with a simple, almost naive optimism, believing that all things are subject to Kami-sama's benevolent control. Aburei is very friendly, and few things give him as much joy as helping others.


Ongakuno Aburei is a gangly youth in his early twenties, about five and a half feet in height. His complexion is well on the light side, and his hair, which lays atop his head in a tousled mop, is a strawberry-blond color. Wound about his head and tied off in the back is a blood-red bandana. It is much thinner and longer than a forehead protector, with the ends of it falling down between his shoulder-blades, and it bears no insignia. Aburei is not particularly handsome, but there is still something pleasant and welcoming about his countenance. His eyes are a deep blue, the color of a starry night sky. His mouth and nose are very ordinary in shape, and the overall sculpting of his face is rounded, but not puffy. His ears are rather large and stick out from his head a bit, but are still quite believably human.
Aburei typically wears a traditional white gi top. It covers his upper body well, but loosely, allowing freedom of movement and circulation of air. Aburei's legs are covered by a pair of light brown breeches which reach halfway down his shins. Like the gi top, they are built for comfort and practicality, being loose of cut and sturdy of material. A pair of worn but sturdy traveler's boots protect Aburei's feet. A brown leather belt is wrapped securely around Aburei's midriff, with a wooden recorder thrust into it on his left side. From the back of the belt hangs a medical kit.



You Consume Me by DC Talk

Kami-sama. The Great Diety. The One who Was, and Is, and will Be. Different people have different ideas about…Him, It, that old fairy-tale, whatever's truly the case. Some think there are several with different, sometimes opposing values and agendas. Some think it's an impersonal force, like some cosmic heartbeat. Some think it's all superstition. What you believe, of course, is up to you. And Aburei? Aburei thinks Kami-sama is the Creator of all things, all-powerful, all-knowing, absolutely righteous, and Aburei's best friend. Make what you will out of Aburei's claims to be intimately familiar with this being. He has tasted and seen.

Nikumari Mushi

You're Not Alone from Final Fantasy IX, fan lyrics by katethegreat

Superior, mentor, and about the closest thing to family Aburei can recall having. Aburei looks on Mushi as an adoptive big sister, and is always pleased to be of help to her, especially in medical situations.

Kushrenada Raili

When Can I See You Again by Owl City

A vibrant and unpredictable master of gadgetry. Aburei met Raili by chance and wound up travelling with her for a while. Together they saved a village of beekeepers from marauding bears, cured a berserk badger lord, and defeated a sinister rogue ninja (though of course Raili did all the heavy lifting). Since then they've both become members of Kenpei Kaze as well, although this doesn't bring them together as often as Aburei would like.

Miira Reina

Something Like Laughter by Five-Iron Frenzy

A jaded young woman who disguises her caginess with a certain sort of flippancy. Reina asked Aburei if he'd like to travel with her for no other reason than so she wouldn't be a woman travelling alone, and since Aburei didn't have any particular destination at the time, he agreed. Reina seems to have a checkered past, and she grumbles about Aburei's tendency to get her involved in pro-bono work. Still, she comes through in a pinch, and she's saved Aburei's life once or twice.


Made to Live by Switchfoot

Mission Log


Kokoroe Sousa
Akimichi Noab
Maneshi Shemri
Saito Jon
Shirayuki Koseitama
Kamizuru Cherii

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