Onkyou Hibiki
Birthplace Land of Rice Fields
Birthdate 3/5/4 B.F.
Gender Misc-MaleSymbol.jpg
Age 12
Height 5' 4"
Weight 105 lbs.
Blood Type AB
Clan Misc-GeminiSymbol.jpg
Kekkei Genkai Dyou
Affiliation Icon-Kiri2.gif
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Misc-Genin.png
Nature Type
Element (Primary) Icon-Water2.gif
Element (Secondary) Icon-Wind2.gif
Father Onkyou Jiro
Mother Onkyou Akemi
Brother Onkyou Hibiki
Brother Onkyou Nobu
Signature Jutsu

"I know that I shall meet my fate
Somewhere among the clouds above;
Those that I fight I do not hate,
Those that I guard I do not love;"

-W. B. Yeats


Whether or not the boy's parents died is unknown, for they have not returned, but nor was Hibiki left to stay in order to know if they have since survived. In the power-hungry Land of Rice Fields, the lord of the Onkyou, being not disinclined to listening to the chatter of the world around, kept watch over the development of the Hidden Villages, and in the years that passed since the Clan Wars, heard great rumors surrounding the production of shinobi coming from these hives of ninja activity. Being an industrious lord, and not wishing to waste the prime opportunity that arrives with the successful development of an Onkyou coupling, the lord pledged Hibiki to Kirigakure in hopes (by the rumor that the Kiri shinobi are extremely successful assassins) that the boy would learn the Hidden Village's techniques, in order to greater enhance the Onkyou and their reputation. That is, at least, what was told the boy.


Hibiki sees himself as fulfilling his duty: to his village, to his clan. But it is only duty. There is much he wishes to know back in the Land of Rice Fields — there are many, many questions. However, duty still. Apathy, thus, is Hibiki's most excelling virtue. The unusual nature of his being also helps in lending the boy this disregard, making him sometimes spacey, or neglectful, or uncertainly inquisitive — what some simply call broody and wondering. However, Hibiki is also sometimes known for cycling rapidly through moods, as if wrestling from himself the condition of his character. There is an appeal of the night, empty and quiet, in which Hibiki likes to be. But the strain of duty, and his nocturnal ranges, often leave him weary, alive through a tiring perception: the flashing embers of a dying fire. But that is never to say who the boy will be tomorrow.


This youth is engulfed by his coat: the sleeves reach beyond his fingertips; the hem hangs to his calves; the collar rises to his chin — a roaming vast of stormcloud gray, tealed at the edges, a Gemini two embroidered goldly on the breast; a belt fastens at the waist. Though pale, the boy's color is firm. His face - much like his self - is slim, perhaps made so by the onset of puberty and its gangly ways. He rises in altitude, taller than most his age now. His eyes are steady and bright and awake, coppered & speckled with curls of gray. His hair is a length of periwinkle: pale, and to the neck. Beneath the boy's coat is a loose shirt, netted and cotton; over it hugs a buckled black flak jacket. A pair of black trousers end just beyond the knees, the remainder of the legs wrapped in bandages. Black sandals leave but his toes exposed. A forehead protector bearing the distinct swivels of the Village Hidden in Mist does its duty in station.



Name Notes
Doihara Ishino An intriguing individual who comports himself often elegantly, often by the company of a man-like puppet: a master and butler.
Okumo Kaguya Meruin A ruthless, efficient teacher. A tactful, exacting shinobi. A mysterious, intriguing comrade.
Sayomi Sumiko A precise individual. A stern ally. A friend?
Kaguya Tsiro An individual of intriguing encounters. Powerful, and not yet a vivid ally.


D-Rank Invisible Text Invisible Text Invisible Text
Aqua Bullet Hidden Mist Technique Wind Bullet Wind Barrier
C-Rank Invisible Text Invisible Text Invisible Text
Wind Cutter Water Wall
B-Rank Invisible Text Invisible Text Invisible Text
A-Rank Invisible Text Invisible Text Invisible Text
S-Rank Invisible Text Invisible Text Invisible Text



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