Personal Information
Birthplace Kazan Island, Land of Water
Date of Birth 9 Feb
Age 12
Height 4'5"
Weight 70
Hair Color Varies (Typically Lavender)
Eye Color Lavender
Blood Type B
Combat Information
Rank Genin
Affiliation Icon-Water Kirigakure
Elemental Affinity ???
Areas of Expertise Genjutsu
Team Kirigakure's Team 0
Favorite Jutsu
Amaranthine Dreamscape


Owatsumi's past is somewhat murky, but it is known by those in the know that he has been an apprentice of the Mizukage's since he was at least seven. A member of the Mizukage's Team Zero, he lives with his teammate/"sister" Tsun in a pointlessly large mansion in Kirigakure. His performance at the ninja academy was exemplary, and he is considered by his instructors to be an exceptionally gifted prodigy, particularly in the field of genjutsu. Despite the impressive lauding from his superiors however, he has yet to really accomplish anything noteworthy or interesting yet.


Capricious, self-centered and childlike. Owatsumi is known for speaking in riddles, lying through his teeth, and changing his story at the drop of a hat. He abuses the trust of his friends without compunction, rewards deceit, and constantly tries to manipulate situations to his favor. All that aside however, he's just a dear.


When his appearance is not being altered by genjutsu, Owatsumi appears as a small, cherubic boy with lavender hair and eyes, fair skin, and vibrantly colored clothing of a rather traditional cut. Note, no matter how his appearance changes, his eyes will always remain a fairly distinctive purple.


Owatsumi's color scheme shifts frequently within his genjutsu. These are a few schemes he might adopt, depending on his mood.


Age 0-6: ???
Age 6: Apprenticed to Mitsuo
Age 10: Graduated Academy


Owatsumi's abilities are presently unknown.

Mission Log

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