Uchiha "Rainos" Yau
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Rivers
Date of Birth September 24
Age 38
Height 6'2"
Weight 190
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Translucent Grey
Blood Type AB-
Kekkei Genkai
Combat Information
Rank Leader
Position Shepherd of Fire
Elemental Affinity Fire Lightning Wind
Areas of Expertise Versatility, Strategy and Tactics, Foresight
Affiliation Hanpa
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Nature_Icon_Fire.svg
Element (Secondary) Nature_Icon_Lightning.svg
Element (Tertiary) Nature_Icon_Wind.svg
Wife Natsumi
Son Uchiha Fudo
Sister Uchiha "Ameagari" Narusegawa
Daughter Fujikujo Akane
Signature Jutsu
Demonic Illusion Pressure

"Everything is Darkness. Darkness is Everything."


Founder of the rogue band called the Takokujin, Rain is a man of many words and just as many actions. His past is known by no one but those who were there to witness it as he rarely speaks of it or of anything about himself. His reasons are an enigma, and even the group itself seems to have no true, unifying purpose.

The situations that allow people to join Rain, in his own words, are "The inevitability of walking down this path.", yet he is notorious for never explaining anything about the path beyond it is the one in which you can achieve your destiny. Never the less, for all sorts of reasons and creeds, the group has thrived and continues to be a shadow hidden in the ones cast by the great shinobi villages.

The only official thing that was known about Rain to those who can identify him as Uchiha Rainos, is that he was present at the meeting of the Uchiha when they betrayed their leader, Madara, in favor of the Senju and that he left when Madara himself did.

After this, he achieved many great feats with the members of the Takokujin. They were able to bring together a desert nation with an island nation on the other side of the world which led to a lasting alliance that has been stable for over a decade. They were able to discover ancient secrets to aid them in their quests to live freely and develop in their own way, at their own pace. They were able to conquer a land of their own, Rain becoming the Lord of the Land of Rivers. Even the mighty hidden village of Konoha was able to be captured by the group for some time. And while these events had a myriad of consequences and cascading effects on them and the rest of the world, all things come to an end. A sacrifice was made and Rain was no more…


… For a time. Eventually, he was able to crawl back in to existence from oblivion itself and found that everything he had worked for, including the Takokujin, was no more. He took on the persona of Sangai no Hanpa, Hanpa being what the group was renamed, in order to rebuild what he had lost and to forge ahead on a new path simultaneously. And though it was grueling, and he was struck down from being truly capable to becoming crippled and incapable of the feats he once was, eventually he was able to find equilibrium. With the help of the Hanpa Organization, hesitant villages and nations would collaborate to defeat The Silence, new trade opportunities were opened up via the Land of Rivers being reclaimed and a capital city known as Suisei being built to ensure that it would no longer simply fail and be torn away due to the absence of a few. And with these new feats starting to grow and ripple throughout the world, Hanpa finally unmasks himself to reveal who he truly is: Lord Rain of the Land of Rivers once more.



A cold and calculating man that does not seem to warm up to anyone easily if at all. Even his comrades do not necessarily know of his true intentions, nor of his inner workings. He is an enigma both in drive and in ability, as even those he's earned the trust and comradree of on the battle field have never truly seen what he is capable of. The only characteristic shown in battle, if he bothered to involved himself, is absolute ruthlessness. Still, having a child has smoothed out his cold, hard edges and allowed for him see things from a broader angle. He is not as tight lipped about his motives nor his vision, and the form of compassion he wields is no longer enigmatic even if it is shrouded or difficult to comprehend.

Losing that child, his wife, his village, and his abilities however have caused him to have moments of erratic behavior. A thin crack in his psyche that is masked most of the time by his over all calm and practiced approach. He is an orator, willing to explain things in depth as well as a teacher who wants every encounter to be a lesson for both himself and whom ever else in involved. The one core thing that he wears on his sleeve however… is his hatred for how Hashiramako's philosophy has ruined the world by blinding the strong and trapping them in fear under the guise of peace.


Though he is nearly 40 years old in actuality, his appearance still bears resemblance to what he appeared like when he was 27. His body having been restored by the escape from nothingness, he was granted a longer natural life span due to his bizarre journey. It did not come without sacrifice however, as while his new body resembles his form in its prime, it has not gone through the rigorous training and myriad of battles that his form was formerly forged by. Still, it can be considered a small price for resurrection in the end.

Name Relationship Notes
Uchiha Tessen
Hanpa Member: M.I.A A ronin without a battlefield. A man I met in passing… and instantly dueled, eye to eye. There were no words. There was no reason. We simply battled with our wills alone, and I was the one to come out victorious. This was all he needed to know. He would come to serve me, without my asking. He would come to honor me, protect me and what was mine… and make it his personal goal in life to further my ambitions. It was what he wanted… to serve once more someone worth wielding him. He was my blade, and no matter his fate, he shall never be forgotten.
Hanpa Member: Admin Division Someone that I can both take great pride in and yet none at all. She has earned everything she has become without me, and yet there is no way that I could not be proud of what she has accomplished. She has helped Hanpa when it was desperately needed, and without my knowing, may be one of the only reasons Hanpa was still around at all upon my return.
Iga "Ryoji" Ayumu
Hanpa Member Hopefully, someone I can still rely on now that I have returned. Though from what little I have heard he seems to have settled down some where in Sunagakure, perhaps even as a shinobi of the village. Odd, considering his relatively unstable personality. Hopefully whom ever he has chosen is capable of seeing the rhythm in his improvisations.
Kaede Hanpa Member: Combat Division As a young man, he was full of misguided drive and destructive raw talent. To what I have heard, he used it during my absence and caused all sorts of trouble for himself. However, even when he was lost, not knowing who he was or where he was going, he found me once again, and in doing so he regained himself as well as purpose. He is a man now. His patience has been fortified, but the crystalline gleam in his eye still strongly resembles the agent of chaos that chose to follow me that day. If anything… finding himself again seems to have made him even more devout than before.
Yotsuki Zetto Hanpa Member: Combat Division A man forged in wars past, he is both easy and difficult to understand. His goals he keeps tightly to his chest, but his methods he all but celebrates at every opportunity. His is prideful, and lacks what would be considered discretion. He would do well on an open battle field, and I believe the current definition of Shinobi life does not suit him. I also believe that is why he is with Hanpa now despite his ties to Kumogakure and his continued loyalty over all to that village. I do not mind… I in fact expect it.
Inoue Haruna
Hanpa Associate An elegant woman from even the depths of my past. She is one who has sworn off of violence and wants only for her family to be safe. Her skills as a medical kunoichi and talent with seals allow for her to still protect them and others without engaging directly… but I do fear that the realities of life may one day catch up with her idealized restrictions. But I am less worried about what it will do to her versus what she will do to whom ever sheds that particular light on her life.
Former Leader of Hanpa The man I left the rest to. He was capable enough if he put his mind to it and I knew this, as long as he was not distracted. It seems however that the title of Raikage has become his own. Given his history, I am quite proud of him, however it does make me wonder just what he did with the responsibilities I left for him.
Burning Leaf Taijutsu
Burning Leaf Taijutsu is a versatile style of combat designed for those who do not pull their punches, nor rely on conventional means to attain success. It can be considered ruthless and cut throat due to the calculating and cold nature of the tactics used within it. For the most part, this style emphasizes the usage of shinobi tools, reaction time, and quick wittedness to gain the advantage over other opponents. While this style focuses primarily on shinobi tools, it does still have advanced forms of basic hand to hand and weapon combat. Applying cool and collected logic to combat in general, this style can be considered the antithesis of other styles of combat within the Leaf village.
Journals 1
Journals 1-20
Scene Title Date Posted
Rain in the Rain 02 Mar 2016 20:54
Drunk Men and Loss 18 Nov 2015 21:29
Kneel 27 Oct 2015 18:57
Goodbye 20 Jan 2011 15:34
Darkness 14 Jan 2011 21:24
Takokujin: Why Opposites Attract 14 Jan 2011 21:21
The Invitation 11 Aug 2010 19:46
Mysterious! Meeting of the Enlightened Uchiha 11 Aug 2010 17:37
Crossroads 11 Aug 2010 16:53
Scene Title Date Posted
Sands of Time 13 Feb 2015 00:32
Hanpa's Rebirth 04 Feb 2015 20:53
After the Rain 04 Feb 2015 20:49
Tributaries of Fate 03 Feb 2015 16:53
Home 16 Dec 2014 20:28
Strangers Cross Hampa's Birth 03 Jan 2012 15:32

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