Rankoro Rinoko
Rankoro Rinoko
Birthplace Land of Trees
Birthdate 4/15/3
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 5'4
Weight Omitted
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai Elemental Seals
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Seals
Clan Rankoro
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Konoha Team 13
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 14
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 17
Parents Testuo and Shunso
Elemental Affinities
Signature Jutsu
Paper Manipulation


Born just a few years before the end of Era of the Warring states, Rankoro Rinoko doesn't really remember much of the time before the villages were founded. She was only a child and a happy one at that, born to a couple in the Land of Trees with a mother that came up an artist and a dancer and a father that was a Rankoro that fought tooth and nail in the war to survive and come home to his wife and three children, including Rinoko and her older sister Mayako and younger brother Shunso.

As soon the children were old enough to begin to learn, their father Tetsuo began training them in seals while their mother Yoshike taught them in arts and dance. Shunso wasn't too fond of the dancing part, but he did it because he couldn't do his other training otherwise. A good balance had to be had, after all. Mayako, however, made it a point to prove she would outdo her younger sister in this area, thus a bit of a rivalry was spurred between them.

As the children grew older, their personalities came out more and more. Mayako and Shunso were both outgoing and strong while Rinoko was more quiet and reserved and liked to stick to her arts and hobbies rather than mingling with crowds in new places, particularly sticking to origami and painting as well as reading.


This young woman stands about average height with skin that is only lightly tanned from the sun, indicating that she tends to stay indoors a lot. Her head is adorned with bright blue eyes that are almost always accompanied by a pair of enormous black square-framed glasses and long straight black hair, parted in the center with clusters of bangs that rise up separate from the rest of her hair to go to either side of her face and not obscure her gaze. Her build is slender in her waist and arms yet noticeably curvaceous in contrast, which creates a sort of hourglass figure.

The outfits she wears looks more like that of a librarian than what a shinobi would wear, leading many to believe she is not a shinobi at all. Rather than a Chuunin vest and normal fighting attire, she wears a white button-up blouse with a red necktie, a brown vest that is buttoned up all the way, and a black knee-length skirt as well as a pair of black flat shoes, sometimes also wearing a tan longcoat with a brown collar and sleeves that match her vest. All these things fit well to her form, showing it off well, though they are made with deceptive flexibility and comfort so as to allow her to fight as well as any shinobi in them.



Rinoko is a socially awkward, shy type. When not helping with her team, she is often locked away in her room or in a corner of whatever establishment she is visiting with her head in a book. Days can often pass before she stops reading if she is free of missions or other responsibilities for a bit with absolutely no sleep. She often times even forgets to eat due to this obsession.
Despite this awkwardness, though, she is kind and caring and always ready to do whatever it takes to help her team and Konohagakure. Even if it means defying her shy nature, she will fight through whatever adversity necessary for her village and her friends.


Theme Song
Uchiha Tsugumi

Team Leader

While Konoha itself has been good to Rinoko in helping her get back in shinobi shape and making her a Chuunin, Tsugumi is the person to show the most confidence in her by making her a team leader in a sub-team under her in Team 13. For that she has Rinoko's utmost appreciation and admiration. Her strength of body and of character are something Rinoko looks up to greatly and hopes to achieve in herself some day.
Uchiha Suzu


The daughter of Tsugumi, Suzu is someone Rinoko has to admire as well. Despite being the child of the team leader, this girl is no slouch and perhaps even has a bit of a chip on her shoulder in wanting to prove she's a strong shinobi in her own right and not just here to be in her mother's shadow. Strong in character as well and outgoing, traits Rinoko is quite envious of.
Hyuga Reime


Another outgoing one. Team 13A is full of them, it seems. Rinoko has met Reime a few less times than she has the rest of the team, and, while the girl is almost a polar opposite of her personality-wise, Rinoko enjoys her company and working with her on the team.

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Flame Seal I
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