Birthplace Land of Lightning
Birthdate 10/1/19 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 34
Height 5'10" feet tall
Weight 185 lbs
Blood Type Yes
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification Medic-Nin
Areas of Expertise Medical Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Chemistry
Clan Yotsuki
Affiliation Fall
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 19
Jounin-Equivalent Age 25
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Lightning Icon-Lightning
Chakra Natures) Yang Icon-Yang Yin Icon-Yin
None Living Dead
Signature Jutsu
Chakra Dissection Blade

Her true identity is unknown, but her codename, Relic 3, denotes her as a member of a mysterious organization known only as Fall. She sometimes appears in places where medical emergencies are occurring, and seems to be seeking out ninja with unusual or rare abilities, for an unknown end.


Reikoku is an alias, with her true name further obfuscated by a codename: Relic 3. What is known of her is very little, as she is still keeping to herself and her wandering is conducted under the premise of recruitment and study of ninja of unusual power or with unique capabilities. Still, she does not seem new to the ninja world by any means, and some people may feel like they already know her, though from where is hard to say… She does seem to bear some similarity to the people of the Land of Lightning, however, particularly the dark-skinned Yotsuki.



Reikoku is a seemingly cold woman on the surface, but underneath the icy exterior, there is a raging inferno of anger and frustration, which is expressed through seemingly clinically detached cruelty, inflicted upon those who displease her in some way. While she can be inoffensive and relaxed, she can also be frighteningly intense, whether in personal interactions, combat, or romance. Being subjected to her at her most extreme is like being battered in a storm, and with similar potential for injury or worse.

She seems to possess an insatiable curiosity, especially for scientific advancement, jutsu knowledge, and anything labelled "secret". If it's forbidden to her, she wants it, and will use a variety of means to obtain it.


Reikoku is a woman about 5'10" feet tall, with a large mass of spikey blonde hair extending down past her shoulders, blonde eyebrows over intensely light-blue eyes, and dark-toned skin. On her left cheek is a series of swirling black lines that is apparently a tattoo of some sort. Her build is somewhere between slender and curvaceous, with compact muscle of sufficient density to give her an amazonian appearance.

Reikoku is presently wearing a black long coat with a hood that can be pulled back or up to cover her head as-needed. Underneath the coat is a black leather corset, with miniature red bows up the front. Black semi-baggy pants upon Reikoku's legs, and a pair of black leather boots complete her attire. On her hands are black fingerless gloves.



Doctor's Medical Journal

Skills And Abilities


((Note: All stats listed are half of those on the game itself.))

Status/Age Nin Tai Gen Int Pow Spd Sta Seal Total
12 1.5 1.5 1.0 2.0 1.0 1.5 1.5 1.5 11.5

RP Logs


Specific RP Logs


Title Artist Meaning Link
"Lights" Ellie Goulding Cold. I'm so cold now. I didn't used to be that way. And I don't even care anymore.
"Sword of the Stranger" Sword of the Stranger OST Quiet contemplation. Empty halls beneath the ground. The march to war and vengeance. Betrayal of a memory and a promise. Is it worth it? We'll find out when the ashes settle.


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