Rurohashi Ruri
Rurohashi Ruri
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Wind
Birthdate May 21, 15 B.F.
Age 23
Height 5'5" tall
Weight 124 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type The type that probably tastes really bad to ghouls.
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Tomogan Icon-Tomogan
Clan None
Affiliation Icon-SunaSunagakure
Team Team 01
Combat Information
Ninja Rank Jounin
Ninja Registration 001414
Genin-Equiv. Age 12
Chuunin-Equiv. Age 13
Jounin-Equiv. Age 19
Nature Type
Element Unknown
Father Rurohashi Rurano
Mother Rurohashi Rikako
Sister Rurohashi Rinako
Signature Jutsu
Stored Fire Stream

Ruri Rurohashi and her twin sister, Rinako, are ninja from the Land of Wind. They rose to the rank of Chuunin after the Clan Wars ended and Sunagakure had solidified its position as a global power. Four years after the Hidden Sand Village had been established, both Ruri and her older sister had become Jounin. They have seen good things and a whole lot of bad things, but they have grown as women, ninja, and human beings along the way. Fears and hatreds that have plagued the twins their entire lives are gradually being grappled with and resolved.

Ruri once had a personal goal of revenge… But she has seen too much death caused as a result of hate and attempts to exact vengeance to be willing to make more. The world has enough suffering to go around. Why add to it? Besides, she has people who need her.



At heart, Ruri is a scholar. She could have just as easily have been a brawler like her sister, but the same could be said of Rinako. What seperates them most is that Rinako has the natural resources available to excel at Taijutsu and even Ninjutsu thanks to the Chakra available from the Tailed Beast sealed inside of her, she has great strength and endurance, and she even heals faster than any normal human being. Ruri recognized early on that she lacked any of those advantages and so instead of focusing on things she knew she could not match her sister in, she devoted herself fully to expanding her intellect, her knowledge, and her skills. She could identify the correct course of action, or what enemy they were facing, or how best to serve in a "support" role for her sister, and Rinako would bring the pain to those who dared to get in the way of the twins.

However, though she originally entertained notions of "protecting" her sister, she still feels not-so-deeply within herself that she is not up to the task, that it will always be her who is being protected by Rinako, and she is more of a burden than a boon. For awhile, her partial-possession by the remnant of an enemy ninja named "Sheex" seemed like an ideal way to connect to and understand her sister. Ruri wanted to have a monster inside of her that she had to struggle against, to show she could be strong just like her sister.

She nearly wound up losing her mind, body, and soul to that monster in the process. At the least convenient moment, Sheex took over. He was successfully ejected from Ruri's body permanently, but it was almost too late. Now Ruri has no voice whispering in her head, she has repeatedly failed to live up to her own expectations, and she feels weaker than ever.

Add onto this that she has a crippling phobia of dead things -- especially dead things that are moving around when they should not be -- and Team 01 has an unpleasant habit of running into enemies that are dead or LOOK dead, and Ruri feels more and more like a coward for trembling when she should be stabbing. Rinako handles it fine. Why can't she? Well, things are getting worse for Ruri.

The source of her fear of undead and corpses in general is directly rooted in the tales of the Ghoul of the Desert that began almost 20 years ago, during the Clan Wars. The horrible cannibalistic monster that brought soul-chilling terror to civilians and ninja both for over a decade and a half has been a source of deeply rooted fear for Ruri almost her entire life.

Recently, she met the "mythical" creature in person on a mission. That mission was failed as a result of her horrified paralysis. She blames herself 100% for the mission's failure and being confronted with the truth of the Ghoul actually existing, as well as the fact that she ran with only a brief order to retreat and did not even make sure her friends and team mates were following her. Her self-confidence has taken a major hit.

She'll need the help of her sister, Kara, and Shemri to rebuild any degree of optimism about conquering her fears some day.

Ruri is usually serious in most situations, but does have a sense of humor — even if somewhat dark or strange. She doesn't sleep very well, and somehow manages to stay up for days at a time, working on one thing or another. The kunoichi then passes out, and after three hours or so, she is energized and ready for more. She isn't especially friendly to strangers, though she will be courteous to them, at least.


At just under five-and-a-half feet tall, with a build that leans more towards slim than curvaceous, Ruri doesn't cut an imposing figure. Her form is toned and lean, the obvious product of a strict exercise routine, with a loosely defined musculature built for speed more than strength. Her curves are slender, yet obviously feminine, with a semi-tanned, even complexion holding very few blemishes. Her hair is a dark mass of raven locks, soft to the touch, and full in volume. Left to its own devices, it would fall just short of the small of her back, not quite coming down to her waist. Her face is youthful, with gently defined lines that point to her age being somewhere in the later teen years. Her eyes are brownish, the color of honey, and set under light, thin, immaculately plucked eyebrows.

A slim nose, straight, small and pointed, is positioned just above a pair of almost-thin lips, with just enough definition to them to give the upper one a cupid's bow.

Ruri wears a hita-ite (forehead protector) with the symbol of Sunagakure upon it. This protector is typically worn about her throat. When "on-duty" or just generally doing ninja-y things, Ruri wears a maroon lycra top on her chest and a beige Sunagakure-styled flak vest that together are designed to allow her to blend into the earth-tones of the desert at day or night. There are no sleeves to this garment, and her shoulders and arms are left exposed, aside form a pair of odd, padded bracers on each wrist that appear to have storage compartments in them.

Ruri wears a pair of tight, dark-grey pants that are made of a material similar to the lycra on her upper half, but with some bagginess to them to allow air circulation and thus diminish the heat she endures. The ankles, however, are sealed with elastic and have draw strings to close them even more tightly. This keeps the heat from the desert from rising up into her pants and also keeps out sand and dust during storms or ninja-running across the wastes of the Land of Wind. Likewise, the waistband can be cinched shut even more tightly. A belt hangs from her hips that are wide enough to identify her as a "woman" instead of a "girl". The belt has two ninja tool pouches. One has standard equipment, it seems, but the other has ink, needles, and various tattoo supplies, as well as a Bingo Book. Slots for scrolls also line the belt.

Ruri's feet are wrapped in linen bandages, and over that are rubber-soled tabi with special soles that minimize the possibility of slipping or going off balance when running on the sand by acting as sourt of "sieves" that funnel the grains backwards, beyond the wearer's heels. This means one can essentially "ski" across the desert to a limit degree, maintaining momentum with less effort, and terminating that movement by twisting the foot so that the grooves in the sandals are no longer facing the sand. This acts as a sort of "brake" for desert-based running. These sandals are less useful in other environments.

Ruri's arms are usually left bare, even in the deadly desert sun, exposing that she has a number of odd tattoos on her arms and shoulders, and even some on her collarbone and delving down towards her chest. The tattoos are Seals and Jutsu Formula, as well as some that are pictograms of things like fireballs, suits of armor, brick walls, and so on. Some are even just small kanji for various things. They are all highly stylized and arranged in an orderly manner.



"Move Your Body" Eiffel 65 Action! Battle!
"Ever The Same" Rob Thomas For You, My Sister
"Scars" Papa Roach The Worst Wounds Are On The Inside
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Title Artist Meaning Link
Title Artist Meaning Link

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