Ryu Keichi
Ryu Keichi
Birthplace Land of Wind
Birthdate 13/8/13 B.F.
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 1,91m
Weight 82kg
Blood Type O+
Kekkei Genkai Chakra strings
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, chemicals
Clan N/A
Affiliation Unaffiliated
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Wanderer (Chuunin)
Genin-Equivalent Age 8
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 15
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) None
Element (Secondary) None
Signature Jutsu
Mandorēku no napāmu


Ryu Keichi was born in the puppeteers clan collection. Both his parents were soldiers, and effectively, they both perished during the wars. Keichi himself was an orphan. But the damaged heart of a small child losing his parents caused him to run away. When he was found he was put in an orphanage among monks. Who gave him the space to develop his abilities, spiritual guidance and most importantly, shelter from the wars. Keichi used chakra strings for his ability, and soon found himself quite adapt at manufacturing hidden weapons, and eventually full puppets. His favorite and current puppet is Mandoreku, made from very pliable wood, treated with fire resistant chemicals. This puppet was one of his first greater creations, and the only one he kept.

Keichi left the monestary when he turned eleven. He wasn't even sure in what country he was. The war was still going on… more in its aftermath. But there was still violence. He wanted to see what all this village commotion was about. More importantly, he wanted to find a teacher in his puppet jutsu. He knew it was his families, the monks had told him. He just didn't know where to go look for them!

Doing odd jobs and travelling mostly Keichi came across the advice not to go home to the land of wind. The Puppeteers aren't the trusting types. They would rather kill him than teach most likely. Heck he was a teen, what did he know? "Not going there!" He concludes… Turning back the other way. Gaining more experience, teaching himself. Improving his puppet. He's constantly on the lookout for lighter and stronger wood, an ambition is to learn Mandoreku to fly. And yes, he treats Mandoreku as a pet… as something that's alive.

As time passes Keichi got stuck in a rut. He did odd jobs, sure he was strong. But he wasn't as strong as he wanted to be. He was set on finding a teacher. His life was divided between work and training.

Mandorēku henged into Younger Keichi (15)


Keichi often seems wise beyond his years. He has a tendency to speak using "cute" phrases. He is an obsessive fashionista. Easily excitable. And carrying himself with a fiery passion. He loves what he does and does what he loves. Keichi enjoys drinking, eating spicy (new) things, exploring and adventuring. Other things he loves are puppets for obvious reasons, and has a serious dragon obsession.


Before you stand a tall man, with brown hair that falls just over the face. He has a whole array of different outfits, but clearly has a sense of style. In fact, you would be safe to say he is quite the fashionista. Most of his clothing however has one commonality, it's left open down the middle, showing off his chiseled abdomen and chest. He has a strong good physique and during summer he carries a healthy tan.

His hazel ruby eyes are fairly unique, and something that often begets attention. He doesn't know where he has got them from, most likely a genetic mutation. But he can't complain. Along his chest on the left side is a small scar that's clearly done by some sort of knife. But otherwise his skin is fair and mostly undamaged.

His puppet Mandoreku is the shape of a traditonal Japanese dragon. Long and thin, made of wood. With forearms and claws, a long slithering body.. with small hind legs. While that's his natural form the pieces can all be seperated and shifted to make him look somewhat ike a human, if his body is shrouded with a piece of rag and a cowl. Since the head remains a dragon head. A henge can also do wonders. In his normal form, Mandoreku has the tendency to coil up around Keichi like a snake. With his head resting on Keichi's shoulder.

Keichi is quite fond of accesories. He can often be found wearing necklaces, flashy belts and other accesories. The more extravagant the better!



Name Relationship Info
Inuzuka Atsuro Friend Keichi has met Atsuro while he was wandering through Konoha. They had some friendly chats in the hot springs. His dog Taizen also seems to match well with Keichi. After finding they're quite similar in many ways Keichi proposing joining Atsuro's next day's workout. Having no clue what that would entail!
Yamanaka Nori Acquaintance Keichi met Nori while he was rebuilding some buildings that got mildly damaged during the TFM assault on Konoha. This obviously resulted in an exchange of philosophy on faith.
Hyuuga Atsui Acquaintance Keichi met Atsui and sparred with him briefly after trolling him by using his chakra strings. The result was interesting, the boy was wise enough to call the fight on time.
Doihara Ishino ??? Keichi met Ishino while he was attracted to rumors of a puppet show in Fuuma alley. Unfortunately, circumstances made it seem like Ishino was a villain and a terrorist. Keichi made an effort to stop that, which resulted in an ugly injury.
Okumo Meruin ??? Meruin was henged in a crowd as a salesman in Fuuma. After he was being bullied, Keichi, being who he is stepped in and tried protecting Meruin. Who in turn had to protect Keichi from the marauding man he was chasing. This however did build an immediate trust for Meruin. His selflessness was thoroughly noted.
Uchiha Fudo ??? Keichi isn't sure about Fudo. He saw him training and bullying another nin. Something Keichi did not approve off. Then he suddenly started teaching?! Really odd…

Ninja Journal

Skills And Abilities

"I've done Kugutsu a huge chunk of my life, and I try to spend a lot of time on the nuances, the subtleness of the ground game. It's a big part of my fighting style."

"The chemist who can extract from his heart's elements compassion, respect, longing, patience, regret, surprise, and forgiveness and compound them into one can create that atom which is called love."


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