Sabishi Chou
Sabishi Chou
Birthplace Icon-Tree.gif Land of Trees
Birthdate 6/22/9 B.F.
Gender Icon-Female Female
Age 19
Height 67 inches
Weight 130 lbs
Blood Type A -
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Painting, Ninjutsu, Seal Calligraphy
Clan Rankoro
Affiliation Sosho Chiyu
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age 10
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 15
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) None
Element (Secondary) None
Mother Sabishi Haruhi <DECEASED>
Father Sabishi Samba <DECEASED>
Signature Jutsu
Ink Beast

Chou is very well known for travelling the different lands and selling her paintings, to the point that she doesn't go anywhere without her personal guard. She is very humble about her fame though and constantly works on perfecting her art work. Perfectly kind on the surface, there is a dark shadow behind her that most people would never be able to place. [[OOC Note: As a reminder, all things on here are OOC knowledge and you would not be able to guess until you have interacted with her, heard rumors, or Chou has told you herself!]]




Chou is a very calm and serene person on the surface, especially to people who support her passion by buying or complimenting her art. There is always something about her kindness though, like she is using it as a wall to keep people away from herself. This leads to her not having many close friends, in fact, she doesn't seem to have maintained any besides Jukai. She is not shy about crowds though and she has always felt confident in Jukai's abilities to protect her if people did try to mob her as he would often say. She is very slow to anger and whenever she does reach a breaking point she often breaks down into a blood lust that brings her mental instabilities inherited from her father to the surface. She compares her fighting to artworks, the blood to her ink, and each move she makes is just another step towards a masterpiece. It would be hard to guess after hearing this, that Chou is a vegetarian and refuses to eat meat of any sort. She has felt such a close connection to each creature she draws, that she cannot bear the thought of them being slaughtered just to satisfy her hunger. Even though she understands her chakra sensing capabilities to this day, she still gets strange hallucinations that are linked to her mental disorder. She has, thankfully, dealt with them for so long that she is able to choose when she will pay attention to them, but occasionally she will be caught staring into the empty space by someone's side with an odd expression like she is being entertained. Her art itself has a very wide range since Chou does not feel the need to limit herself to just one style and some things she often paints are; real and fantastical creatures, portraits usually with an unique flair about them, and more surreal pieces.



This young woman looks to just on the cusp of womanhood, easily passing for both a teenager and a mature adult. She stands a few inches shy of six feet tall and has a slender, shapely build about her. Long blonde hair tapers off to free flowing wisps that pass her shoulders and come to slight curls at the ends. Her bangs haven't really been trimmed more than what is necessary to keep them from covering her eyes. Her eyes might be one of the most curious parts about her. The left one is the same shade as warm ocean waters, while her right one is as green as the grass in spring, but both are framed by a thick set of lashes. Her face has a heart shape to it, being rounded towards the top of her head and coming down to a small but pointed chin. This compliments her large youthful eyes and her rosy red cheeks rather well.

Her clothes are rustic with their colorings, a combination of black, brown, and pink tinged cream. Her long blouse could easily pass for a short dress with a longer back. Two thin black strings from up from the scooped neckline, and have been tied around the back of her neck in a firm bow. This leaves the short sleeves to rest half-way down her arm, exposing her bare shoulders, collar bone, and a modest view of her bust. Creamy pink-tinged frills decorate the edges along with some embroidery, and a large bow has been tied in the middle of the neckline. Not quite wanting to skimp on modesty, she wears dark, form-fitting hosery that doesn't have any apparent flaws to them. Her open-toe shoes are black with a faint shine to them. There is a small heel and two similar bows that have a dark onyx-like gemstone embedded in the middle of both of them.





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