Saito Jon
Saito Jon
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Lightning
Date of Birth 12/27/11 (27 as of this RL date)
Age 37
Height 6'3''
Weight 178 lb.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Combat Information
Rank Jounin
Position Top Investigative Officer, Kumogakure PD
Elemental Affinity Lightning
Areas of Expertise All-Around, Investigation
Team None (yet)
Signature Techniques
Subduing Rod
Just Realities
Detective Skills
Insight of the Sleuth
Warrior's Circle B
Hurricane Spin B
Lightning Disc

Police detective with a comical crow companion; speaks soft, carries a big stick



Jon is Kumogakure PD's top investigative detective. His abilities are very well-balanced, without any outstanding strengths or weaknesses. As a police officer, however, he has received extra training in the usage of weaponry. Jon's weapon of choice is a metal rod which can be either wielded in the manner of a katana or extended to the length of a bo.

Full History


Saito Sleuth by Aubrey the Bard

Jon is a solid, staid individual. He goes through life taking problems as they come, guided by a strong sense of duty and justice. Jon is known as a man of few words, not anti-social, but not very outgoing either. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), any blank spaces in conversation are typically filled by Jon's ever-present companion, a garrulous talking crow by the name of Scruvo.


Saito Jon is a tall, thin man in his early thirties. His hair is a muddy brown color, and sprouts in every direction in short spikes. The features of Jon's face are rather sharp and hawk-like, and his eyes are a steely grey in color.

Jon typically wears a white short-sleeved shirt and a (usually open) blue denim vest with lots of pockets. In the back, a leather holster for Jon's weapon pokes up from beneath the vest. This holster is attached to a shoulder-strung belt, which clips to another belt around Jon's waist. On this belt a shinobi pouch hangs from behind and a police badge is clipped on front, although both are often obscured by the vest. A black pair of pants covers Jon's legs, a pair of shuriken holsters are strapped to his thighs, and shinobi sandals protect his feet. On his hands Jon wears a pair of black biker gloves, and snugly tied over his forehead is the forehead protector of Kumogakure.

Though essentially not a part of Jon, his crow companion, Scruvo, can most often be seen perched on his left shoulder (so as not to obstruct Jon from reaching his weapon). Being a crow, Scruvo is colored completely black, but he keeps his feathers glossy clean and usually has a roguish sparkle in his eye. Scruvo has a habit of tilting his head at a jaunty angle when talking to people, which is nearly all the time.



Kamikaze by Five Iron Frenzy

Mission Log


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