Saito Sentouki
Saito Sentouki
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Lightning
Date of Birth January 06
Age 18
Height 5'8"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Combat Information
Rank Senshi
Elemental Affinity Lightning
Areas of Expertise CLASSIFIED
Team None
Favorite Jutsu
<Insert Jutsu here>

Saito Sentouki is an young Senshi of Kumogakure who works to protect the village. Unlike the others of his rank he tends to come off as a easy going slacker. Spending most of his time relaxing and taking life one step at the time.



He is quite loyal to his village and friends like most of his Clan. Due to the way he was raised he happens to be respectful to people older than him enemy or not. Generally Sentouki is quite the gregarious fellow who enjoys striking up a conversation. Easily he can be recognized as an easy going slacker, who comes off as lazy.


Saito Sentouki sports an athletic muscular build standing at 5'9". Any veteran shinobi would probably guess his weight to be around 180 lbs. He has sharp facial features complimented by a slightly dark tan. He has short spikey white hair and intelligent brown eyes albeit with a slight lazy look. Slender dark brows rest over his eyes groomed into a natural arch. Situated between his eyes and mouth is a slightly bulbous nose. His ears are pretty much oval shaped moving every few seconds, as if he is trying to pick up on the sounds around him. He is dressed in a sleeveless black uniform, and a white one strapped over one shoulder flak jacket. The lower half of his body is covered in slightly baggy black pants with traditional tabi on his feet. Strapped to his shins are protective shinguards. Around his waist is a belt and pouch that has the usual shinobi weaponry stashed within. Tied around his head is a black headband with his Kumogakure forehead protector attached center place. His hands are bandaged in white bandages up til his elbows. His forearms also seems to be protected by forearm protectors. Strapped across his back is his sheathed Murakumou Sword, the proof of his rank as a Senshi of Kumogakure.



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