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Leader Hanpa
Members Ayumu, Kaede, Haruna, Ieyasu, Ryousha, Soubi, Yashuu, Hisashi, Tarou, Zetto
Affiliation Higure
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Team Jutsu Jutsu
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Team Profile

Remnant (Hanpa) is an organization that seems to have no identifiable goals on the outside. Internally however, the focus of Remnant is to create a neutral and independent faction within the age of major shinobi powers that is not beholden to any particular government or creed. Each member of the group has their own goals and dreams and seeking the fruition of those goals is the purpose of their collaboration. At times, this may mean that one persons goal is completely against another members own goals. This is often resolved by the singular rule of the organization: Do not harm the individuals or interests of the group. Abstaining from participation or working for an opposing cause is allowable, but any direct interference or sabotage is forbidden.

To this end, leaving the group is allowed at any time, though they are still bound by the contract of not harming the group if they in turn do not desire the consequences of that act. This can make the group seem unstable, even entirely different at times, but there are almost always a core group that remains with a unified goal in mind.

Remnant was named due to the fall of another group in the past that, once it lost its leader, the ones who remained felt that it was simply incomplete without that individual and thus decided it was only appropriate to rename the organization to fit that loss. It is a reminder of the bonds that grew and were cultivated under much the same mentality and the idea that it still exists even to this day.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The greatest strength of this organization is also its greatest weakness. While it allows for a large variety of ideas and ambitions to be part of the whole while accommodating all of them, it also has to contend with the very nature of opposing view points and goals: Conflict. There is always a thin line between cooperation and divergent paths and maintaining that line is the real challenge of this group.

Still, due to all of the various talents, view points, ideas, directions, and desires, there is actually a strong bond that can be forged through having to face those conflicts head on instead of hiding behind a charter that demands one way of being versus another or admonishing particular perspectives entirely.

Memorable Moments

This could include funny/epic quotes or fails. Yeah.. fails would be funnier. XD


The Silence, Hanpa Mission: Traversing the Spider's Web

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