Saotome Kasumi
Birthplace Sunagakure
Birthdate Sept 9
Gender Female
Age 9
Height 4"5'
Weight 75lbs
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification Student
Areas of Expertise N/A
Clan N/A
Affiliation N/A
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Student
Ninja Registration N/A
Academy Grad. Age N/A
Chuunin Grad. Age N/A
Nature Type
Element N/A
Mother Saotome Kimiko (Deceased)
Father N/A
Signature Jutsu

Here are all the reports we have on file for the Academy Student known as Kasumi Saotome. As far as I know there is nothing missing. They are updated fairly regularly, so it's all up to date.

Family History

Medical History

Psychological Examination

Dr. Nakamura's Journal

Physical Description

Skill Report

Mission Reports





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