Sarutobi Kazuo
Sarutobi Kazuo
Birthplace Land of Fire
Birthdate 12/5/17 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 25
Height 183cm
Weight 64kg
Blood Type A+
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Taijutsu (rapier)
Clan Sarutobi
Affiliation Konoha
Team N/A
Ninja Rank Jounin & Clan Head
Genin-Equivalent Age 5
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 12
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Fire
Signature Jutsu
Ash devasatation


Sarutobi Kazuo was born daughter of clan head Sarutobi Sasuke. Who played an integral part in the formation of the village hidden in the leaf. Unfortunatly Sarutobi Sasuke is sickly, which left him no choice but to retire at a fairly young age, handing the reigns to the clan to his only daughter, who is still young and inexperienced. And thus not properly respected within the clan. This whole situation is cause for tension, and it will be interesting to see how that develops as Kazuo suddenly needs to make the transition from care-free nin to care-overloaded clan-head.

But every story starts with a beginning. Sarutobi Kazuo grew up in a traditional household. Learning mannerisms of a lady first, before setting out to train with dad. Who valued traditions greatly. You will marry a good and influential husband. You will excel in the tea court. You will reject any potential suitor that doesn't pass daddy's check. Quite a bit to process for a five year old. Who was just concerned about those cool fire jutsu's and not letting daddy's taijutsu hit! That shit hurts!

Regardless of her rigorous training and strict (wealthy) environment, Kazuo lived a relatively care-free life. She was kept in the dark regarding the wars and was kept as far away from them as possible. She was sent away to a neutral land to attend University when she got older. That might have been a mistake by her loving parents. It's there where Kazuo figured out she didn't care for extravagant dresses, amazing tea and influential husbands as much as she cared about poetry, being a ninja and serving the land of fire - her way - and nobody elses. Which was the beginning of a rebellious phase which never quite subsided. Right now it's less, but 25 year old Kazou still has a rebellious streak about her.

But I digress, Kazou returned from the university carrying her best self. Ready to impress mommy and daddy with her new accumulated knowledge and more adult self. She also continued her training as a nin, which turned out to go surprisingly well. It was after a year of training and a promotion to chuunin in the newly formed village that she requested a break. She needed a year away from it all. She was holding up a guise to please her parents and it was falling apart. And she was granted this vacation. She quickly picked up a job on the shoreline protected a merchants fleet. And so began two years out at sea mostly. Travelling the world with merchants, pirates and buccaneers. This is also where she begun smoking, and where she developed her taijutsu significantly.

After this period she returned more rebellious than she left from her little pilgrimage, much to the disdain of her father who had fallen ill. She proceeds to train under her uncle. An unusual fellow who was only Sarutobi by name due to his mother. As his father was a Uzumaki. This trickle of Uzumaki blood in Kazuo. Unfortunately for her never benefited her much, except for the fact that it makes her looks a little younger than she is! Regardless, her uncle is quite a capable jounin and part of the council. So training under him was quite a delight and allowed Kazuo to progress further into the rank of jounin. Which was partially due to her political influence and value. Her education, dedication to the liberary and recording literature and other valuable writings. And her skill as a Shinobi. Was it deserved? Sort of, were there better candidates who were passed over in favor of her, due to her political standing? Definitely yes.

Regardless, she learned to grow into her position of jounin and didn't do a half-bad job at it. With her father's health declining the man makes a radical decision. Unheard of infact. He decides to retire the clan leadership, since he thinks he's incapable of doing it himself anymore. Which was kind of true, this also allowed Kazuo's father to be her advisor during the transition period, which soothed the man's sickly heart. Additionally, he implored his daughter to get married and have children before he died. Something the wild child was - not - currently interested in at all. There were too many guys to fool around with to get stuck with one fat old influential noble. Let alone take care of a kid while there are bad guys to roast. Now how do you tell that to a dying father?

Anyways, that brings us back to the beginning of the story. Kazuo is pushed into an early obligation as a clan head. She's forced to prove herself. And yet her ideas are so different than the clan's original direction that it would require them to adapt quite a bit to her ways. A challenge? Certainly! Now lets hope she's up for the task!

So, a little more on her career! Her time with her father carried her through genin level at an early age. During the formation of the villages Kasumi was a teen. Too experienced to be a Genin, too inexperienced to be a jounin by the newly set village parameters. She was granted the rank of chuunin in the village officially right off the bat both due to her age, which was mid-teens and her experience as a ninja, and political standing as daughter of a clan head and famous ninja. He also vouched for her and insisted she would ascertain the rank of chuunin right from the formation. Something Kazuo was quite happy with. During the first years of the formation, as mentioned before Kazuo helped in the literature department mostly. Records, library and stuff like that. Her missions were diverse but nothing you would write home about. Her biggest achievements were probably during the wars that followed the formation. As well as work as a foreign diplomat. Where she provided the land of fire with numerous trade agreements. That’s when she requested her vacation. A pilgrimage which she saw as a personal growth project. Luckily the village leadership, as well as her father agreed.

So she spent two years out at sea. What she did there varied a lot, mostly she worked as a sellsword to gain experienced in real fighting. Something she personally insisted on. Eventually she bought a small ship of her own, hired a small crew of her own and went out exploring mostly. Which gave her a lot of insight on foreign countries and their mannerisms. Plus, she’s quite well versed on sea because of that. Most of her time was spent in the Southern lands. When she returned her looks had changed, though she came back with an enormous amount of combat experience.
So her time as a chuunin continued after that adventure, this time training under her uncle. Her combat experience, along with self-reliance she learned by being away for two years put her at near jounin level after continuous and rigorous training via her uncle. By now she’s in her twenties, and mission are picking back up. All sorts of ranks and types, though again… none special enough to write home about. She wasn’t fortune enough to stop Docter evil and his deathbeam. Her jounin promotion was earned via continuous effort and political pressure. Sure she was at about jounin level combatwise. But she could still learn a bit. That’s where daddy dearest his influence came in to give her that edge! Her greatest achievement would be the building project of expanding the library. Which was an internal job rather than a mission. Plus, if anything was done out at sea, she was there. She almost needed to be, her experience far exceeded anyone elses in the village. Including the Hokage herself. At sea that is. Other achievements include working on the frontlines in the war yet again.
She also ran two teams, both of which went OK-ish. She wasn’t that good of a teacher and the missions she completed were always successful, but with normal-ish results. She never really excelled or blinked out in much. Other than things at sea. One of her most noteable achievements as a chuunin was her raid on the Pirate group ‘Wakabushi’ who were completely annihilated by Konoha in the sixth year after formation. The bounty per ship destroyed was enormous, so that earned the village quite a bit of money!

Kazuo (14)


Well thought, well judging. Wise, especially for her age. Unique and free spirited. Peace striving. Very friendly/loving, though not showing it on the outside. Extremely addicted to poetry and quite poetic herself. (Haiku’s mostly) Well educated though she resents tradition and rigidness.

Her one dirty pleasure is being a bit of a drunk. Next to enjoying a drink, she likes to hang out (hotsprings, shopping) as well as train, she does regular work in the academy. She gives weekly lectures about the land of fire and the will of fire on the roof of the Hokage’s lookout. Where she also teaches about poetry and literature. Basically to all who want to attend, though there’s always genin and students who are forced to attend by their instructors. She also adores sailing.

Additionally she writes her poetry.

Her goals are to: Follow in the footsteps of her father, being able to make, or rather keep the clan great. Significantly modernizing Konoha while revitalizing the power of words and literature. Improving the library.

Kazuo is properly cultivated by her family. Taught traditions like tea courting and other diplomatic skills. She also went to literature school in Shong-uni, in the land of tea. Where she developed an affinity for poetry, Haiku’s specifically. This however isn’t the education she flaunts and enjoys. She spent two years of her life at sea, so she has significant knowledge of navigating and sailing. This also influenced her fighting style. She’s particularly studied in Jisei.

Kazuo (19)


Kazuo is a woman who is probably only in her mid-twenties. She stands around 55 or so, with a trim but still curvy build that she manages to maintain despite a diet apparently consisting only of alcohol, cigarettes, and take-out. She has dark purplish, or black hair, an intricate tribal tattoo on her right shoulder and upper arm, and dresses in unlaced combat boots, partially undone Daisy Dukes or something similar, held in place by a stylish belt. She wears a short black tank-top. By her belt is also a sheath containing her fire-themed rapier! She also likes to wear black or green fingerless gloves, occasionally with studs on the knuckles for harder punching!

Kazuo's rapier, made of chakra-metal

Kazuo (23)





Sarutobi Sasuke - Father


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Skills And Abilities

- Fire manipulation
- Fire rapier style

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