Sarutobi Zankuro

"Behold! The Crimson Beast of Konoha is here!"

Sarutobi Zankuro
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Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Fire
Date of Birth October 3, 5 B.F..
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 5'7"
Weight 155 lbs.
Blood Type AB
Hidenjutsu Ash Release
Classification Chuunin
Areas of Expertise Destruction, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Clan Sarutobi
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Gozanze
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Ninja Position Anbu Initiate
Ninja Registration 103558
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chuunin Grad. Age 15
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Icon-Fire Fire
Element (Secondary) Icon-Lightning Lightning
Element (Tertiary) Icon-Wind Wind(Unrealized)
Father Sarutobi Shoji
Mother Nara Yuuna
Elder Sister Nara Sakurako
Distant Relative Sarutobi Kazuo
Distant Relative Sarutobi Akinori
Signature Jutsu

Zankuro Sarutobi is the black sheep of the Sarutobi to some. This being the result of his knack for bad puns, poor timing, and poorly remembering names, or so the rumor goes. For such a jokester though the boy does have grandiose ambitions. Rather or not he has any hope of accomplishing these wild dreams, well, only time will tell.


Sarutobi Zankuro was born in a little village a few miles south of where future Konoha would be built. As a child, Zankuro was as curious as he was spontaneous, always popping up where one least expected, and sowing trouble well before he left his diapers. Still, he had a way about him — an aura some would say — that tended to put people at ease. That is to say for a time, in any case. Things took a turn for the worst in a matter of speaking around the age of five or six. While reading came easy to the boy, speaking his mind took some time, but once he found his voice the boy never really learned to stop!

Then there came one fateful day in which he managed to sneak into his uncle's private study, somehow managed to avoid the traps rig for intrusion (though this was largely a matter of dumb luck), and read the man's journal. What he found — while not the antithesis of the clan's ideology — was a recount of the past wars that got the boy to thinking. He would be later punished for the intrusion, but the stings would not stop the gears that now were whirling to life. He would never say more regarding what he saw, though his uncle kept a close eye on him ever seeing the look about the boy as he read and the tenacious grip he had on the journal…

At the age of five Zankuro officially began training as a shinobi under his parents. His mother in particular was against the notion due to not wanting her child to experience the same struggles they went through, but ultimately consented under the extreme condition that Zankuro developed and maintain his own conviction for the path of the shinobi. By the end of the year Zankuro proved just that by aiding in one of the few lesser known incursions from hostile shinobi forces within Konohagakure. Still, she would hold on to her own concerns even after Zankuro joined the ninja academy a year later. These concerns were passed on to her daughter. Sakurako took it upon herself to actively keep placing pressure on her brother to try and temper him further than what the more tentative Konoha teachers (at the time) were willing to do. He never broke once, earning his elder sister's respect and in time, her knowledge on more advance techniques.

Nine long years pass by. Two of which Zankuro spent time as a genin, adapting and learning to some of the harsh lessons of being a shinobi while also avoiding the worse the wars Konoha has suffered by sheer luck and a knack picked up a long the way with identifying traps and illusions. Granted, his knowledge was limited, but even so the reputation earned from his academy years transformed into a hodge podge of conflicting information. Despite the difficulties that sprung up as a result of these rumors, Zankuro holds true to the course he set forth for himself after the journal incident day.


Zankuro can best be described as an annoying loose cannon by those that knew of his antics during the academy years, a calculating and decisive teen to those that have worked with him during the more active times on border patrol missions, or a goofy and simple-minded fellow with a habit of making up bad puns on the spot. The truth of the matter is he simply all of these things as odd as that may sound, so in short, he's a little on the complicated side. Nevertheless, the will of fire burns within this one. He just so happens to have developed a different interpretation based on a musty old book he read regarding the wars of the past.


The man before you stands at a roughly five feet seven, fair in complexion, and a step beyond than just fit for someone his age. Short black hair adorns his scalp, framing a somewhat angular face. Although his features convey a certain severity to his nature, kind brown eyes convey a different message, reminding those familiar with him that the boy of his youth is still in there somewhere. The minor scars created by past battles only serve to enhance his handsome features, instead of detract from them.

As far as clothing goes this man has an almost disturbingly tourist thing going for him (with but a few exceptions). From bottom to top, standard blue ninja sandals adorn large feet and thick, beige shorts serve as his bottoms. Unlike standard shinobi, this chuunin's back-up supply pouch is a little larger than the norm and centered towards the side, alloting for room for the giant scroll to rest comfortable over his lower back.

The strap holding the scroll to his body also serves as a bandolier. The bandolier itself houses smaller scrolls and other ninja tools such as pills or smoke bombs as needed. Beneath the bandolier is a simple white T-shirt, overlapped by a rather loud, tropical styled, button-up shirt. Last but not least, his standard issue headband is wrapped loosely around the neck barring special occasions.



  • Age 0:Zankuro is born following an attempt to re-kindle the love between his parents.
  • Age 5: Zankuro soul becomes enkindled by a journal in his uncle Yasu's study.
  • Age 7:Zankuro begins training as a ninja.
  • Age 10:Zankuro graduates from the academy with mediocre results.
  • Age 15:Zankuro participates in the Chuunin Exams held in Kumogakure.
  • Age 15Zankuro participates in the war against The Silence.
  • Age 16Zankuro is promoted to Chuunin.
  • Age 17:Zankuro participates in the hunt for The Recluse.
  • Age 17:Zankuro experiences his first near-death moment at the hand's of a Recluse Member.
  • Age 18:Zankuro is promoted to Anbu, and placed on team Gozanze.


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