Sasaki Makaze
Sasaki Makaze
Birthplace Land of Wind
Birthdate October 9th
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 6'2"
Weight 173
Blood Type AB+
Kekkei Genkai None>
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu
Clan Sasaki
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team None
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 6
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 20
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Wind
Element (Secondary) N/A
Father Sasaki Tenjo
Signature Jutsu


Sasaki Tenjo and Manami grew up as sworn enemies of the different paths of the Sasaki clan. They fought constantly, about everything. What colors to wear. What foods to eat. Whose dreams were better. Who was strongest. So of course, they fell in love. And of course, it was forbidden love. Their fiery love/hate relationship would end up impregnating Manami, which brought to bare questions of how to keep it a secret or put it on someone else. But the most important question was, which path would the child follow. They constantly fought over this during her pregnancy, in secret as she found a man to lay with and blame for the conception. They never agreed, of course, their blood running how with family traditions and the feud of whom was superior, right or wrong.
Manami would eventually give birth however, but she did so in secret with nothing but a wet nurse and Tenjo, which of course seemed odd. The Wet nurse was a mutual friend of theirs, the only person that they confided in.. in a round about way. It was more she figured it out when Manami would be fighting with Tenjo verbally, yet would glow a bit and flush from more than what she tried to pass off as anger, as well as how gentle Tenjo was with his body language when it came to her. When she was done giving birth, they found that there were twins, both boys. One had a head of white hair like his mother, and the other a head of violet hair like his father. The man that Manami had blamed the pregnancy on however, had dark brown hair, thus causing a bit of and issue. Before anything could be worked out however, the drunken "father" would try to barge his way in. Tenjo immediately acted, sweeping up the violet haired infant and gazing at Manami before disappearing in to the night.

Growing up as a child, the violet haired boy was called Enro until his fifth birthday. His father treated him well, and prepared him for his fate. He wanted to ensure that he and the other child, whom he was never able to meet before the ceremony, would have the best chance at actually having their elemental affinities so that the scandal could stay hidden. Manami was killed in action a mere year after the other boy was born, and they had very little time to meet with any sort of privacy in that year due to the "father" of the other child watching over her like a hawk and treating her like an object more than a woman. So Tenjo would speak with the council about trying a new seal upon his son and any other children whom would be ready at the same time. Since he was certain it would only be the two boys, he would have spent the years preparing and perfecting the seal, designed to essentially force the chakra nature even if it wasn't natural upon the children.


When the day came, and the two children met for the first time, it was uncanny how much they looked alike. Murmurs would of course occur, but because it was the small council of six and both of the fathers were unmarried, it stayed between them all. All of the proper seals were placed. The one that kept the secrets of the path. The one that barred them from ever crossing in to the other path, and overlayed on to that one, was the affinity enhancement seal. This would be placed over each boy's right eye in red.
When the ceremony was over however, the new seals would cause a violent reaction in both of the boys as the elements around them began to swirl and quake respectively. The boys, due to fate, had been split "properly" between the two sides all along, and so the seals that were forcing them to have the proper elemental affinity were super charging their innate gifts. This was not expected, even if he was wrong. He didn't expect for this reaction at all. The display of sheer, innate elemental disturbances began to make the small council murmur if these were the reincarnation of Takeo and Takeshi, the founding patrons of the Paths. The left eyes of the boys would change sharply, becoming black aside from the glow of their respective elements as the left of side of their bodies would begin to morph and change, becoming demonic looking and disfigured. Both boys would run at each other, slamming their elementally charged fists together before the shock wave of their power would blast them both back, knocking them unconscious. From that day on, the council would name them Makaze and Matsuchi, the demons of wind and earth, and Tenjo would wonder what in the world he had done.


Due to the collective display of the boys, the council mandated that they be pushed to the brink when it came to their affinities. They would take nothing less than the concentrated efforts of the fathers and guardians to ensure that this new seal array was tested to it's limit, and that the boys would be groomed in to the shining examples of the power of the Sasaki. Makaze was trained hard day and night for this purpose for years, but he was also heavily educated. Understanding the nature of the element entirely was made the priority, and thus he was rather isolated from imaginative thoughts or irrelevant data. The practices of genjutsu were not only ignored, but due to the purely logical approaches of his up bringing, it may not even be possible for him any more. While he did train with a sword and shinobi tools, he was almost scolded for doing so. The council truly began to believe that the two boys were avatars of the heroes of the clan, but that only lasted so long.


When the boys were teenagers and still Genin, they were finally pitted against each other again before the council. It was the day to prove that they are what they have thought all along, and that the amplification seal was a worth while investment. Things did not go quite as planned however. The battle, in a word, was savage. The moment that they were let loose upon each other, their demonic arms and eyes would be conjured. More developed now, there even seemed to be an eye on the back of their hands. They truly looked inhuman as they fought just as one might imagine the wind and earth clashing if they were depicted as enemies. They went at each other like sworn enemies bent on killing any last trace of one another. It then dawned upon the council, that what ever these seals did, they were not only drawn to each other, but instead of just enhancing the element it was causing them to almost act as the /will/ of the elements themselves. There was some deep satisfaction in watching this display, but there was also a bit of horror. These two would never be able to cooperate, and were a liability, despite their symbolism. It took half the council to stop them from fighting one another, the desire in each was so strong. The enhancement seal program was scrapped, never to be used again and the two elemental brothers were kept at the Genin level and kept separated once more.


Over time, as Makaze grew older, he would go on more missions, meet more people, and form his personality as less and less of a wild child. Most of this was due to his friend, Katama of the Kuroyari. She came to the village for further training in the shinobi ways and the two of them hit it off immediately. She was so stern and disciplined that it rubbed off on him, making him a more balanced individual. Matsuki however trained with great obsession, desiring more of that power he felt when he was facing Makaze. He wanted to feel it again, and keep it forever. But he knew that the only way to do so, would be to crush Makaze. He set up and ambush for him and Katama. First, he separated them with an earth wall. Then, he struck out without any other warming, his tainted arm ramming Makaze through the wall, head first as one shoulder and his head was pressed back harshly, his claws digging in to the flesh around Makaze's left eye. Katama moved in to action, cutting at the offending arm as it seemed to be reinforced with extremely durable minerals. She would finally drive him back however, as the village came to investigate what was going on. Makaze fell limp after slipping in to unconsciousness.
He would wake up, bandaged around his head with his neck braced, Katama sleeping next to him as he tried to remember what happened, only getting the flashes of violence. His enhancement seal had disappeared, or at least it appeared that way. His right eye seemed to be changed to be a deep red color, just like the seal used to be. Somehow, it appeared to leak or seep in to his body. He recovered, now wearing an eye patch over his maimed eye, and due to his mission record and his calm, cool head that had matured in to his early 20's, he was promoted to the rank of Chuunin of Sunagakure. He hasn't ever manifested the demonic appendage again, but still yet, he possesses and uncanny control over the wind to the point that it seems almost unconsciously so.



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Height: 6'2" Weight: 173

Dark violet shoulder length hair is worn in what can best be described in a "feathered, wind swept" way. The locks of hair being swept towards his eye patch and scars on the left side of his face which leave his somber, red left eye exposed. The eye rests below a dangerously sharp brow that doesn't dare to provoke so much as it promises to end and situation that arises. The eye patch itself is large and black; a white 'X' emblem is embossed over it. His face is smoothly chiseled in an angular fashion, speaking to his youth and masculinity all at the same time. A strong, long bridge supports a narrow nose that rests above his slightly pouted lips. He has piercings in his ears; three along the upper ridge of his left ear and one large lobe earring in his right which he changes from time to time. He also has two studs on either side of his lower lip.
His body is lean and tones from years of training and combat, but it is not bulky or truly developed in muscular definition. He tends to wear rather casual clothing now, as if he is retired from the shinobi life. The only indication that he is in fact still an active shinobi is his belt buckle, which has the Sunagakure emblem pressed in to the metal. His clothes, while often changed, are usually dark or black in color, with a contrast of red.


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Skills And Abilities

Path of Wind
Strong Force

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