Sasaki Tsuchi
Sasaki Tsuchi

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Birthplace Sunagakure
Birthdate 9/15/7
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 5'5"
Weight 138 lbs.
Blood Type B+
Kekkei Genkai Sky Manipulation
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu and Summoning
Clan Sasaki
Affiliation Sunagakure
Team Sandstorm
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Genin-Equivalent Age 11
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 14
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Wind Manipulation
Element (Secondary) Lightning Manipulation
Element (Special) Sky Manipulation
Parents Unknown
Signature Jutsu
Ferret Summoning

The Sasaki of the Sky of Sunagakure. Summoner of ferrets and team lead of Team Sandstorm. She fights for, what she believes, to be the benefit of Sunagakure. She is fiercely loyal to the people of Sunagakure not necessarily to the village itself. She believes that the people are the village and without them the village would be as nothing. In battle she can sometimes be a bit rushed, often making decisions quickly rather than thinking them all the way through. It has led to mistakes, but she acts when others would wait. She does learn though and, at moments, has been seen to be quite wise.


While she was born to a normal Sasaki family, on the Path of Wind, she wasn't able to keep normalcy for long. She's old enough to remember the horrible time prior to the villages. Her parents were lost during that time and she was one of the many orphans of said war. Tsuchi might have been a Sasaki but she was still put into a group home for kids orphaned by the war. She was known for acting out. Often caught doing things or in place she shouldn't be. She was still put through the same ceremony all Sasaki are put through at the age of 5. Marked for the Path of Wind and as such able to harness the wind. Before she was even in the academy the girl had found a way to use the wind to knock things over from a distance.

Never was the girl good at just moving the wind with simple hand seals and focus. She had to find a new way to control it. She can make the seals, create the wind but she directed it with her movements. She would move wind through punches or kicks, eventually integrating it into her own style of taijutsu as well to go with it. By the time she moved out of the academy, the girl already had a couple of solid moves under her belt. She would later move on to even start using Lightning as well. An affinity she was shown to have a natural talent with as well. Tsuchi would find herself far more disciplined than she was prior to the academy with a purpose in being a shinobi though she was still a bit of a trouble maker.

Tsuchi would learn stealth only for the purposes of it making her have a greater talent for making an entrance. She was always a girl who preferred actions over words. She wasn't dumb or anything, she just preferred to act over talking. Sometimes it was known for getting her in trouble but she could be diplomatic if it was required to help her village. She'd just prefer to be on the frontlines to sitting back and talking or planning.

Over time, Tsuchi calmed down to a degree but was still known for her quick actions over her words. She was an excitable individual, always ready to go rather than sit still. Her focus started to be out of the village. She might love Sunagakure, but it was but only one village. Any and every mission that would take her away to see more of the world was on her agenda. After a while, one of the Chuunin exams came along and she rushed off to take it. It was through mostly brute force and pure determination that she was promoted during that exam. Her methods might have been more straight forward but none could deny the effectiveness of her shock and awe nature.

After her promotion, she decided to use her new rank as an attempt to get into more out of village missions. She proved on more than a few missions outside of the village that she could be trusted to talk to other villages. She could be crude at times but had such a genuine spirit and helpful nature that it was hard to not understand any of her intentions. Hers was not the first impression. Some even scoffed at her at first but she was willing to get involved, get her hands dirty and help anyone who needed it (as long as it didn't bring harm to Sunagakure).

Most recently, the conflict with the Hitokage flared up. She rushed in head first to help…only to lose many comrades and new friends all the same. Many still burn in her mind. It was perhaps this battle itself, against such a senseless enemy that forced her to start thinking about Sunagakure's future rather than just the next moment. She wasn't a planner or a thinker but she knew something had to be done.

As the conflict with the Hitokage starts to come to an end, she returns to the village, looking forward to being home but even more so looking forward to attempting to become more than just a smash and grab mission taker. She now is looking forward to becoming more to her village.


She is a fighter first and foremost. She doesn't believe in backing down from a situation. She knows when she is outgunned, but if she were the only thing between Sunagakure and destruction, she'd stand before destruction willing to die. She is not a shrinking flower and is often the first to speak up in a bad situation.

Another important aspect of her personality is how much she cares for others. It's a dangerous aspect, but she cares for others and seeks them to become better. She doesn't just wanna protect them, but she wants to see them become amazing. She believes that everyone has a high amount of potential and deserves to live up to their potential. Often this can lead to tough love scenarios, but she would never seek to put someone in a dangerous position that she couldn't pull them out of.

Her doubt is often an aspect of her personality. As much as she believes in others, she doubts herself. In a lot of ways, this aspect of her personality is a driving force of her other parts. She often looks back at her other decisions, her choices, and even her own skills and doubts herself. She is seen sometimes as a leader, even as it stands she is a leader of her own team and she doubts herself. This aspect both drives her to drive others and to drive herself to constantly try to be better. It is what often drives her long sessions, alone, in the desert trying to perfect her skills because she always doubts she's done enough.


The first thing someone might notice about this girl is her pink hair, cut long across the top and over her face, her hair flowing this way and that in a wild nature. The sides of her head are shaved above her ear and back down to the nape of her neck, giving the effect of a mohawk that was never styled up, simply flowing over her head. Partially covered by her hair, her sunagakure headband is worn over her forehead. Her eyes are blue and her nose pierced with a simple stud in the nostril. Her ears have two thick rings, one in black at the top and one in green at the bottom. Her mouth is a soft pink, small with a cute nose to go with it. Her neck is slender but her shoulders are slightly wider than one might expect.

A pair of goggles sits atop her forehead where her headband should be, ready to be lowered if/when a bad sandstorm takes over the area. Around her neck is a soft brush of cloth bunched up that could be raised over her nose if need be to protect from a storm. She wears a dark red, pinkish shirt that goes up high enough that the bunch of cloth around her neck hides the top of her shirt. The long sleeved shirt goes up and under a tan leather duster jacket that hangs open and loose, falling down to nearly the ground, the base of it tattered from time and the outside of the old leather jacket dusty and dirty with time, baked under the sun. Her hands are covered in a pair of fingerless black gloves and her right arm, at the middle of her upper arm, has her headband wrapped about it with the symbol of Sungakure proudly placed in the middle of the metal.

Her pants are what one might expect of typical cargo pants that hang down to just above her ankles to where they are wrapped, much like a boxer's hands, down. The wrapping goes down over her feet which are hidden completely inside closed sandals to protect from the sand.


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