Satonezu Ataru
Ataru Satonezu
Birthplace Kadomai, Land of Fire
Birthdate Nov 17th -9 A.F.
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'10"
Weight 178 lbs
Blood Type A+
Kekkei Genkai Weapon of Justice (sorta)
Classification Taijutsuist Expert
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Satonezu
Affiliation Kadomai and by extension Konohagakure
Team Naru's Team
Ninja Rank Chuunin
Nature Type
Element N/A
Father Shinji
Mother Maiko
Signature Jutsu
True Beat Down

Ataru travelled the world to break free of the timidness that is epitome of his clan. Now he stands up for anyone who can not stand up for themselves.

? Background ?

? Personality ?

Ataru is fun loving and easy going. While always serious about any mission he might be on, he never gives up that optimistic desire to reach for the best.

? Appearance ?

Before you stands a youth of notible height, already at 6' and sure to grow even more. Inspite of the young age, a fighter's body is honed under the clothes that he wears. Unkept honey blonde tresses brushed at the collar of his scarlet red trench coat. Calculating hazel eyes peer out beneith thick lashes with an unassuming smile on his lips. Though first impressions would have most simply dismiss him, there is something in the set of his stance, the curl of his hands that says he's ready for the next fight.

The long sleeve trench coat hugged the teen's body like a second skin. Often it would hang open, revealing the worn chestnut leathers beneath. Large hands with tapered fingers were wrapped in well worn, dirty bandages that had seen many a fight and long dusty day. Kunai pouches lined the front of the leather vest and hugged his hips. The leather on his legs sported the same looking pouches, although they were kept in place by straps that wound about his thighs. Unassuming tabi shoes, well worn like the rest of his ensamble were unique in design, for they held slots for each of his toes. This odd feature aided in his dexterity and manuverability.

? Relationships ?

? Timeline ?

Age 9: Started basic training for Shinobi with Konoha representatives that visited Kadomai.

Age 11: Decided to leave Kadomai to find own path. Made it to Fuuma Alley.

Age 12: Day after birthday, Ataru was pick pocketed, lost his gold and tried to gamble it back. Put into debt with mob family in Fuuma.

Age 14: Due to lucky streak, Ataru was able to flee from mob family in Fuuma. Went to Land of Earth to practice and learn more.

Age 15: Having found his strength and made a vow to never stand back while others are used like he was, he returns home to meet with family again. Due to accident in a spar, was put in jail for a time while Ryuu recovered from the spar.

? Theme Song ?

? The true voice of a warriors will ?

? Abilities ?

Taijutsuist Brawler:

Name Jutsu Type Effect
Momentum Taijutsu Attack

? Ataru's Mission Logs ?


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