Satonezu Daichi
Satonezu Daichi
Birthplace Konohagakure
Birthdate 3/28/4 A.F.
Gender Male
Age 9
Height 4'6
Weight 70
Blood Type A-
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Clan Satonezu
Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Team Lunar
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 9
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Fire
Element (Secondary) N/A
<Brother> Satonezu Hirokazu
Signature Jutsu

Daichi is a young boy whose only hope and dream at the moment is to become someone who can help his village grow and leave a legacy for the next generation. He will try his best no matter the consequences to make that happen.


Maybe two years after he was born his mother fell horribly ill, and was told at the most she would have five years to live. His dad having to take care of her was unable to provide for Daichi and his brother. Daichis older brother stepped up and ended up being the one that taught him for most of his life.

Around a year and a half before Daichi joined the academy his mother died, and this only caused his father to go into a sort of depression. Daichi barely had any understanding of how his father was feeling, but his brother did and argued with their father over how he acts. Daichis dad was drunk one night when his brother came home to tell us he was going on an important mission. The two of them then had an argument while Daichi wasn't in the room over his fathers behavior and it ended with his brother leaving the house. A week later and his brother still never returned from that mission. Feeling betrayed by his brother and hating his father because of what happened that night he promised himself that he would work to never need help from anyone else ever again.

He enters the academy as a quiet boy who tends not to work well with others. Most people were put off by the way he acted except for this one boy who every day made an effort to talk to him. Daichi every day ignored him until a day when he noticed him leaving his home while being yelled at from his father. He decided that he would give the boy a chance, and started opening up again. Eventually the two of them became friends and Daichi grew into a better person because of it.

About a month after Daichi's eighth birthday he was out training in the training ground when a few guys came out of nowhere to attack. He couldn't tell who they were underneath the cloaks they were wearing but it didn't matter. He quickly threw a few kunai at the attackers catching one in the chest. The others landed next to Daichi and grabbed him, and the one on the left raised a kunai to his throat. Then someone else came out of nowhere attacking the cloaked figures. His rescuer was a Konoha jounin and quickly pushed the two to retreat. Daichi walked over to see who he hit with the kunai earlier and notices the face of his friend under the cloak. The jounin comes over and confirms the boy to be dead before taking Daichi back to his house and explains everything. Remembering everything that had happened that night he can remember a glimpse under the masks of the other two when they got close. They were his parents and eventually he heard a rumor that they were trying to kidnap people to keep themselves young.

Daichi decided that he wouldn't let issues change who he was anymore and opened up to everyone completely gaining friends and becoming an overall happy person again. On his ninth birthday he made a promised himself to find his brother again. Now he is working on graduating the academy to become a working member of the village.


Daichi is a young boy who is very kind and caring to most people as long as they are to him. He tends to try and help people with their issues never expecting anything in return. He tends to be unable to hide his emotions, and everything he feels tends to be obvious to anyone that pays attention. Living with his father his whole life has made him a tough person inside and out. He tends not to let people bully him because of it. He tries to come off as a very understanding person despite his age. For this same reason he isn't afraid to harm someone if it comes to that and will do almost anything to complete his goals. He will most of the time avoid situations he doesn't like by going out to train. When he is betrayed by people he trusted or cared for he tends to become very uncaring unless there are reasons that explain it or his love for you is big enough for him to get past it. He tends to have a good self confidence about him and believes he can learn anything with time, but he won't shy away from asking for help.


Daichi has dark blue eyes, and short and messy auburn brown hair. He has a scar cutting from the bridge of his nose to the middle of the left cheek, and his cheeks are dotted with about a dozen freckles each. His face tends to make him look tired/bored even when he's in an extremely happy mood. His body is of average size and proportions, and he tends to be overlooked for these reasons. His clothing starting from the top is firstly his hitai-ate for the hidden leaf village. Next he is wearing what seems to be a dark blue undershirt covered by a dark red jacket. It seems to be a nice comfortable fit for him. Next is normal dark blue pants all the way down to his toeless shoes he wears.


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