Satonezu Eremi
Satonezu Eremi
Personal Information
Birthplace Kadomai
Date of Birth January 17
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 5' 9"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Combat Information
Rank Tokubetsu
Position ANBU Captain
Affiliation Konoha
Areas of Expertise Taijutsu
Favorite Jutsu
Fist to Face


Likes Sake, Recognition, Bravery, Intelligence
Dislikes Cowardice, Bullies,
Hobbies Drinking, Training, Sky gazing
Strengths Taijutsu, Friendships, Dependability, Trustworthy
Weaknesses Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Gullible
Name Rank Type Mods
Bandage Bind D Attack Attack Stun
Dynamic Entry D Attack Tricky
Leaf Whirlwind D Attack Counter
Dynamic Action C Attack N/A
Leaf Great Whirlwind C Attack Counter
Leaf Rising Wind C Attack Counter
Shadow of the Dancing Leaf C Attack Attack Stun/Tricky
Front Lotus B Attack Powerful
Leaf Strong Whirlwind B Attack AOE/Counter
Spiraling Leaf Uppercut B Attack Attack Stun/Tricky
Morning Peacock A Attack AOE/Counter
Reverse Lotus A Attack Powerful
Rotation A Defense Damage Reduction/Versatile
Daytime-Tiger S Attack AOE/Counter/Piercing/Terrain Altering
Midnight-Sun S Attack AOE/Chargeable/Piercing/Powerful/Terrain Altering

**11/4/2015 **

To myself:

I started a journal once before, but couldn't keep up with it. My thoughts, they've become so scattered lately that I'm losing track of myself. The sake doesn't help. I started carrying a little black book around with me where ever I go. Jotting down things that happen during the day so I won't forget them. It never used to be a problem before, but so many things have been happening lately, I simply can't keep up.

For starters, a kid ran away from Konoha, an Uchiha by the name of Shinji, Chuunin. I've been in his shoes before, but this was different. I was a nobody from a good for nothing clan when I split and he's an Uchiha. An Uchiha! You have to be awfully powerful to get away with that. Naru. So I was tasked with tracking him down. Yeah, I'm an ANBU member again. So I track him down, wasn't too hard, but the challenge was that Shinji had quite the story lined up. He was ready for whomever came to find him, trying to pull at their heart strings. He used a Genjutsu on me. My weakness. Took the form of Takeo. I couldn't find it in myself to hunt him down, so I took his eyes. He'd still live, but he wouldn't be the same. I left him a kunai if he wanted to take his own life. I never went back to check if he did or not.

Then I ran into a girl that I thought was Renai. Not even a simple mistake, girl looks exactly like her. That definitely took a toll on me. I thought Renai was dead and then I see this girl, this Chiasa that looks exactly like her. Same abilities too. Hair color is different though. I confronted Chiasa, calling her Renai. She said she didn't know me. I couldn't believe it. Thought maybe she had her memory erased. I refused to believe that Chiasa wasn't Renai. I kept pushing and pushing, maybe a little too hard. I don't think Chiasa liked that, but eventually I think she just felt sorry for me. Then grew interested to know more about this Renai. Could be related. They might even be twins…

**11/10/15 **

To myself:

I had a wild idea that maybe I could keep one of the Sharingan. I'm just so weak at Genjutsu. I had to get permission from the clan head of the Uchiha, Kurome. She didn't like the idea, but she didn't outright shut it down. I had to prove myself to her. She asked me a few personal questions, and I answered truthfully, then she took me out on a mission. If you can call it that. More like helping her with her own personal vendetta. Whatever. She approved me the Sharingan. I just needed a medic.

I went to one of the few that I knew. Kenta. Typically I'd go for Taiki, but he's so busy, and I doubt he'd approve. Kenta, on the other hand, though not as enthusiastic as you'd like, still agreed to do it. I had to sign some forms that he kept locked in his desk, behind his locked office. What's in there? Afterwards he took me into surgery, put me under and several hours later I was awake in a hospital bed.

He said I had to stay the night and then keep the bandages on for at least a week. I had to come up with a story that I bashed my head coming out of the bar, so people wouldn't get suspicious. Once I removed the bandages though, my right eye, it…it was weird. I haven't gotten full control of it, but seeing through a three tomoe'd sharingan…

I was just glad when I took the bandages off there wasn't a baby red potato there.

**11/16/15 **

To myself:

I was promoted to ANBU Captain. It came as a bit of a shock. Welcoming and overwhelming. I know I'm a physically capable individual, but definitely not as skilled as I'd like to be. I was tasked with putting a team together. The only people I could find that were both qualified and interested in joining, weren't the best candidates.

Etsu…There's quite the past there, not much of a present and the future looks blurry. She's definitely skilled enough. Her Kikaichu make better scouts than anything out there, but her personality…Her anger…Her resentment.

Zankuro, I don't really know the kid. He's a bit too doughy to be physically capable for not being an Akimichi, but he's got some techniques and he obeys orders. He's a bit…eccentric, but he has his serious moments. He likes to have fun while he works, but he gets things done.

They've both really proven themselves useful though. Our teamwork needs improvement, and I don't know if our camaraderie will ever improve…but we accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

**11/28/15 **

To myself:

I went out to Fuuma Alley looking for answer to Renai's whereabouts and while there I ran into a Kiri Shinobi. I didn't hesitate in confronting him and asking about the girl. He was vague with his responses, refusing to reply directly. It only made me angrier. I kept poking at him, hoping he'd attack me. He put his hands on me and told me, not with so many words, that Renai was dead. I was furious, but I didn't let it show. I told him to get out of my sight while he had the chance and warn the others of Kiri I'm coming for them as well. He stood his ground, so we fought. Turns out he was a Jinchuriki. Haven't fought one of them in a long time. The fight escalated quickly and eventually he ran, I assume back to kiri.

I gave it a few days before traveling to Kiri myself. I've been there before, lived there for a while and knew just where to go. I waited at the bioluminescent lake, hiding in the shadows within the bordering forest. I figured when darkness came and the lake's eerie glow was at it's brightest, someone would be attracted. My hunch paid off, but it wasn't quite the trophy I was looking for. A young girl was there, about 9 years old I approached her silently, she didn't suspect anything. I could have killed her before she knew what happened, but I gave her two choices. Abandon every thing she knew and loved about kiri, run away forever or…die. Foolishly she chose to fight me and while she was incredibly skilled, I didn't put much effort into it she still ended up dying. I laid her body to rest, covered her with sand and placed her cloak with the clan symbol and hitai-ate on top. I took with me her student I.D. Her name was Shirayuki Tsubaki. I said a prayer over her burial. I didn't feel right about what I did, but it had to be done. To all of them. To all of Kiri.

It will happen.

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