Sayamoto Misaki
Sayamoto Misaki
Birthplace Land of lightning
Birthdate 5/12/7 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 5'9
Weight 59kg
Blood Type +AB
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Clan Sayamoto
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team Team Blitz
Ninja Rank Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Lightning
Element (Borrowed) Fire
Signature Jutsu


Misaki (13)


While she was always a bright young girl, a sunshine with sufficient friends, a loving family and a fairly normal life. Things changed when she turned eleven. The mark of her eleventh birthday, spend alone, with no one remembering but her Bijuu who she mentally blocked out that day in anger. Since then she has been anti-social.

Withdrawn, disinterested, depressed, egoistic, indifferent and isolated. The bright girl she once was slowly dying. With nobody at her side. Maybe, just maybe her new team could bring her back. She lost her friends in just a year. Her Bijuu trying to coax her back into the girl she was. He was her only framework, her only support. And that showed. Arrogance just dripping off.

She did however remain in the academy and always seemed eager to learn. She just stopped being respectful and thankful about it. She however never physically turned on her comrades. Even promoting peace during these times of turmoil. She would rather have people beat into her than that she would beat into them. Especially within her own village.

Misaki (15)


Misaki has straight black hair (sometimes hinted brown) which frames the sides of her face. She has amber eyes, that flicker brightly under the right sunlight. Giving them that honey-brown glow. She has a pale complexion and her weight and height are quite normal with a blessed, curatios chest. Her curves came through nicely in her teens, also visible in her hips. Her hip to waist ratio is just perfect, giving her that slim fit look she was longing for! Complimenting her toned slender body. Her long straight black hair shines in the sunlight; goes past her shoulders with spiky bangs that cover her forehead. Now also occasionally complimented by a hint of makeup!

Misaki wears a hashed shirt, with a chuunin vest over top, usually left open down the middle, showing off her toned stomach. Though her chest is hidden beneath white wrappings which function nearly the same way as a sports bra! She also wears skirts, miniskirts or loose fitting baggy chuunin pants, depending on the weather. Usually she likes to wear a flower to decorate her shoulder. And she won't ever be found without a beautifully decorated feather (with brilliant different colours) in her hair! Attached to one of her bangs.

Misaki - Matatabi Chakra Leak

Misaki her D-rank transformation - Due to the mutual agreement seal between Matatabi and its current jinchuuriki chakra can technically move freely between host and tailed beast. Matatabi is however holding back whatever he can, and only when the host needs, or specifically requests chakra does the host receive a trickle. This leak can also occur accidently. The sudden wave of chakra creates a faint marine blue hue and changes the eyes into cat eyes of two separate colors. The host will at this stage will experience greater speed and stamina.


Team Blitz





Bijuu <-> Bijuu



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Misaki crosses her arms and closes her eyes. Her mind on the inside looks like a large garden, tranquil and calm. Kept by the Matatabi. He has a castle on the far side… She has a house on the other. In the middle is a line made of chalk

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