Seishino Kanami
Seishino Kanami
Birthplace Land of Rivers
Birthdate Feb 19, -19 B.F.
Gender Female
Age 28
Height 5'8"
Weight 132 lbs
Blood Type ???
Kekkei Genkai N/A
Classification N/A
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, performance arts
Clan Nogakujin
Affiliation Icon-Tao-ShihTao Shih
Team None
Ninja Rank Wanderer
Genin-Equivalent Age 14
Chuunin-Equivalent Age 22
Jounin-Equivalent Age 26
Nature Type
Element Unknown
Mother Seishino Merodi (Deceased)
Father Seishino Raguna (Deceased)
Signature Technique
Hidden Shadow Snakes
Favorite Techniques
Body Shedding
Curse Grudge Spirit Kill

Formerly completely unknown, Seishino Kanami is now known relatively widely as one of the Nogakujin. Further, she is seen as more than just a skilled actress but also a powerful kunoichi with snake-related jutsu, terrifying illusions, and a penchant for the dramatic. For such a powerful ninja to come from the Land of Rivers, and a Clan of stage performers no-less, with NO ONE having heard of her previously is very surprising to a number of people. Even more surprising is how far she made it in the First World Ninja Competition in Kusagakure without a single loss. As one of the finalists for Bracket 3, she is being viewed with caution by the Hidden Villages and pride by the Nogakujin as a whole. More recently she was one of the finalists in the Bloody Mist Cup Tournament in Kirigakure. She made it through to the last round, a "battle royale" between herself and two other finalists, and then gave up without a scratch because she had merely been using the tournament as a way to advertise for a stage performance she would be starring in. She remains confusing and worrying to many people.









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