Seishukuni Tsubasa
Seishukuni Tsubasa
Personal Information
Birthplace Missetsu Village
Location Symbol-Sunagakure Sunagakure
Date of Birth NA
Age 23
Height 6'0"
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Combat Information
Rank Chuunin
Position Member of Missetsu Shinobi Council, Member of Missetsu Sage Clan
Elemental Affinity Lightning, Earth, Crystal
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu and Seals
Team NA



Tsubasa is relatively quiet and reserved, though around the right people he can open more than usual and even make jokes. Generally however, he carries an aire of dignity and refinement, choosing to be deliberate and slow in all his movements. This is not to say he doesn't talk, as he does that quite often.

In his mind, he is one hundred percent loyal to Missetsu and Sunagakure. He wouldn't dare betray either and won't suffer those that would betray them. Therefore, any talk of disloyalty around him is likely to be met with a stare though he probably won't do anything - at least in public.

Mostly, Tsusbasa is a loyal friend and ally willing to give his life at the slightest notice and that is a trait that has not gone unnoticed by people. He is personable but reserved and can be approached easily enough. Although, by far, he seems to enjoy reading more than conversation.

Also important to note is his love of gardening, a thing that Missetsu doesn't offer but he has taken an interest in since he moved to Sunagakure.


The man before you is almost six feet tall stopping in at 5 feet and 10 inches. His body is very lithe and his skin is very pale indicating a lack of direct sunlight. His hair appears to have never been cut as it flows down his back to his waist. On his forehead is a tatoo that can only be described as an infinity symbol with the left and right part of the eight missing. It is the traditional symbol for the Missetsu Sage clan. His hair is long, flowing black and is tied into two separate braids so that it appears as though he has pony tails that hang down his back. His eyes are a piercing brown and he wears a pair of small, black wire frame glasses for his near sightedness.

his clothing is very different from the typical shinobi or sunagakuran garb giving him a distinctly foreign appearance and he is techincally foreign to Sunagakure. He wears a colorful two piece robe made of a black material with gold edges on the sleeves, tunic and pants. Underneath his tunic is a long sleeve white shirt to make up for the cold that Missetsu is usually home to. His waist is tied by a teal sash, a symbol of the Shinobi Council, and on top of that is a leather belt, the end of which contains an embedded green stone, another symbol of the Sage clan in Missetsu. His feet are covered by simple yet open wooden sandals and underneat those, a cloth wrapping to protect his feet from the leather. He wears a deep green cloak around his body that is made from a silk material. It has a hood on it, but the hood remains down more often than not.

A staple of this man is the book he always seems to carry. One is never too sure what he'll be reading next.


  • Ninjutsu: Lightning, Earth, Crystal, Seals
  • Knowledgeable: He does a lot of reading and has a basic grasp of most topics
  • Researcher: His research topic is the many uses of Crystal Manipulation
  • Debilitating Disease: His entire family has a blood disease that attacks the physical strength of the body


Reading, Research and Gardening.

Mission Log

Theme Music

For Tsuabasa

  • I will not Bow - Breaking Benjamin - General Theme
  • Bring the Beat Back - Scorpion P AMV - Battle Theme


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