Senju Daisuke
Senju Daisuke
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Fire
Date of Birth May 14
Age 23
Height 195 cm
Gender Icon-Male Male
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Emerald
Combat Information
Clan Icon-Senju Senju clan
Affiliation Icon-Konoha Konoha
Elemental Manipulations Icon-Fire Fire
Icon-Earth Earth
Icon-Lava Lava
Areas of Expertise Destruction, Chakra Control, Elemental Ninjutsu
Team Senju Hashiramako
Summon Panda Bears
Ninja Rank Nidaime Hokage
Ninja Registration 154
Academy Grad. Age n/a
Chuunin Grad. Age 11
Jounin Grad. Age 15
Data Chart

____Senju Daisuke (千手 大介) is a 23 year old ninja from the Senju Clan. He is the nephew of Senju Hashiramako, (The First Hokage), Jinchuuriki of the 4 tailed Ape, and Nidaime Hokage of Konohagakure.


     Not much is known outside of the Senju clan of the history of their members. Daisuke is no different, his files pre-Konohagakure establishment being sealed by the First Hokage herself. What can be found in his files is information pertaining to various assembled squads and the missions they completed for the village as it went through its first three years of growth. Daisuke was 'offered' a promotion to Chuunin in the first year of the Hidden Village's existence for his level of ability, though some would say it was a little rushed offering it to an 11 year old who was mentally the same age. Daisuke would say he was forced to accept it for his clan and his family's reputation.

     Since his graduation, Daisuke has been busy training in the forests and visiting his aunt. Sent on few missions, but ones of extreme importance, the red-headed Chuunin is usually traveling with his aunt to gain worldly political and general experience.

     One of the more active Senju with a legendary, red-headed, short temper, he carries on training hard and making friends wherever he goes. He is constantly seeking to master his unique techniques and better understand himself in order to become the strongest ninja in the world. Only after being forcefully encouraged to accept a Chuunin promotion by his Aunt did his life start to resemble that of a normal ninja of Konohagakure and he began to open up to others.

     When Daisuke was 14 he gained a new level of control over his power and, with the help of his Aunt, has been able to secure a semblance of a life where he can look after himself instead of always having his Aunt watching over him. He used this new found control to enter and win the First Promotional Exams in Sunagakure for Konohagakure and for himself, the first step in his life goal. Only after his 15th birthday has he become more social around others, unafraid to show off a little of what he can do, letting others decide what they think of him after.

     Upon his 16th year, Daisuke started to get a little more comfortable around others, meeting Atsuro who showed him how to drink alcohol and relax a bit in life. Because of this new state of mind, Daisuke was able to meet his first girlfriend, Nara Satomi. Despite the new experiences he had with Satomi, this relationship ended after the stress of having a Jinchuuriki boyfriend became too much for her, and Daisuke was left disillusioned yet again about the general public. He entered a darker, less caring time of his life after his emotions were trampled, only to be left confused as Satomi returned to him, apologizing profusely and wanting a second chance. Giving her one, life returned to normal, albeit fragile after past experiences. Time will tell if this relationship, or any, can work for the Jinchuuriki.

It was in his 17th year that Daisuke was approached by his aunt, the First Hokage, to assume the position of Second Hokage. Backed by his aunt Tobiramako, Daisuke accepted the position temporarily, promising to keep Konohagakure safe and peaceful while Hashi left the village on an important mission. After assuming the mantle of Hokage, Daisuke quickly learned that his peaceful days were behind him and, eventually, his relationship with Satomi deteriorated and they parted ways. A year later, the elders (and his aunt Tobi) set up a marriage meeting without his knowledge. It was then that he met the princess of the Uzumaki clan, Tsukino. Daisuke crushed hard, though their combative nature left him on his toes whenever he was around her. Since then, and after asking her out officially on a date (while both agreeing marriage wasn't completely off the table), they have been dating and taking things in a natural progression.


     Daisuke is a friendly teenage boy that has a knack for mischief. Easy to make friends with but hard to get to open up to you, he has been protected his whole life by his aunt after the loss of his father caused his mother to slip into depression. Like a stereotypical red-head, Daisuke has a fiery temper befitting that of his favourite style of Ninjutsu. He tries to find common ground with people and does his best to befriend them but if there is no give and all take from the person on the other side, his temper gets the better of him.

     Daisuke will never leave a comrade when they need him, and for that he has been scolded by a few relatives, though never his Aunt. Rather than worry about winning or losing, making sure everyone gets out alive is important to him. Growing up, he did not have much in the way of friends because of what he was, and so he always kept to himself and clung to his Aunt. Only since coming to Konohagakure where few people know of his situation has he been able to start making friends, a concept new to him. Aside from Hinotori, Daisuke can be a bit socially awkward.

     He works hard and perseveres through challenges in order to come out a better person in the end. His overall motto in life is "Because 'we' have lived the life we have, feared, shamed and scorned by others, 'we' must be the ones who put on the biggest smile of them all if anything is to change." With a strong sense of morals and ethics, he will voice his opinion when something feels wrong. Generally nice all around, he will go out of his way to do what he feels is right and shows an overall kindness to others.

     Being a Senju, Daisuke shows a general 'coolness' towards the Uchiha clan, though his best friend happens to be one of them. It's no secret that the Uchiha clan and his are not friends. Over the years of hanging out with Hinotori, he has come to respect the Uchiha as a people, but if one happens to pick a fight, they are in for a world of pent-up frustration unleashed on them.



__Daisuke stands well above average height for his age, reaching somewhere over six and a half feet tall. He has brilliant red hair that sits untamed atop his Konoha forehead protector, left to curl forwards, up, to the side, really in no particular direction it seems. His bangs creep down over his eyes often enough, getting brushed aside with a carefree push of the hand. While the teenager seemed carefree in his youth, a determined look now resides within his emerald green eyes. Those green eyes are set into a well defined face with a strong jaw and highlighted with well tanned skin. His body has been hardening by continuous, vigorous training and battles, strong legs and a sturdy chest create the outline of an agile taijutsu fighter while his skin somehow remains unmarred. The boys appearance gives off an almost feral-like aura with his hair contributing a lot to the general feeling of wildness.

__Daisuke often wears a dark green vest given after the formation of his village, choosing a sleeveless vest with various pockets and compartments for scrolls and other things. The area where the sleeves would be seems to have many small tears in the fabric, perhaps from a 'customization' he had personally done to the original vest. A folded white collar and padded shoulders protects his neck area from harm that he may not see. With a zipper down the front usually left undone and two large pockets on opposite breasts, the vest is not just a typical Konoha status symbol but customized for his style of combat. Worn underneath is a long-sleeved plain grey shirt with the symbol of the Senju clan on his left shoulder. Looped to his belt and sitting on the back right side of his hip is his pouch of scrolls, shuriken, kunai, etc. He wears a pair of long brown cargo pants with a weapons pouch taped to one leg and black light weight training boots. His hands often are covered with black finger-less gloves with metal plate guards on the back of the hands marked with the symbol of Konohagakure and are used to deflect weaponry if needed. A small cylindrical holster on his belt holds his weapon of choice, an extend-able metal staff, or rokushakubo.



Age 1: Developed a near-fatal illness
Age 2: Son Goku sealed within him, losing his Father in the process, his illness is cured
Age 4: Entered Senju apprenticeship
Age 7: Officially recognized as a Genin of the clan
Age 10: Moved to Konohagakure upon its establishment
Age 11: Promoted to Chuunin of Konohagakure
Age 13: Accepted into his first official team, led by Uchiha Kirin
Age 13: Fought alongside allies against Nuraku to free Konoha from his grasps
Age 14: Formed a contract with Son Goku, mastering the power within him
Age 14: Won the First World Promotion Exams in Sunagakure as a Jounin candidate
Age 14: Fought to free the Panda Bears from Kirigakure and formed a summoning contract with the animals
Age 15: Paired up against a ninja he did not have an ounce of respect for, Daisuke forfeits his Third Round match in the Second World Promotion Exams in Kirigakure, leaving his title up for grabs.
Age 15: Promoted to Jounin rank after the Second World Promotional Exams.
Age 16: Had his first alcoholic drink, went on his first date, had his first girlfriend and first break up
Age 17: Promoted to Nidaime Hokage of Konohagakure by both Senju sisters.

Jinchuuriki Relations



Abilities and Skills

Mission Log

Social Scene Logs

Because missions and social scenes don't exactly mix, this is a list of Daisuke's day-to-day happenings that have been logged.


"Demons" Imagine Dragons Daisuke's hesitation to open up completely around others, putting up a wall between him and them socially
"Everyone Cared" Nickleback Daisuke's dream for Konoha and the world, inherited by his Aunt
"Headstrong" Trapt Daisuke's stubbornness and red-headed temper get the best of him at times
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" Green Day Daisuke's childhood and the segregation he felt being what he is
"Hell Yeah" Rev Theory Mission Time, getting pumped up
"Every Tear is a Waterfall" Coldplay Waking Up

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