Senju Hashiramako
Senju Harshiramako
Personal Information
Birthplace Land of Fire
Date of Birth Jan 10
Age A Lady Never Tells (32)
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Combat Information
Rank Shodai Hokage
Position Former Leader of Konohagakure
Elemental Affinity Wood
Areas of Expertise Ninjutsu, Forming Villages
Team 1
Sister Senju Tobiramako
Nephew Senju Daisuke
Brothers Two, deceased
Favorite Jutsu
Wood Release Secret Technique: Birth of Dense Woodland

Senju Hashiramako is the first Hokage of Konohagakure and the former clan head of the Senju Clan.


Senju Hashiramako is the First Hokage, and was a driving force for peace at the end of the Ninja Clan Wars, as well as instrumental in the formation of Konohagakure. She is a calm and collected person, as well as kind and caring, with a deep sense of loyalty. She sees the people of Konoha as a part of her own family, she believes that all Leaf ninja should show a true loyalty to each other regardless of their clans, and that a Kage must be willing to put their life on the line for their village to set an example for all others.
She is known to be a master of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu, though she is most famous for her Wood Release jutsu, a combination technique that allows her to mix earth- and water-natured chakra to create this new element. By converting chakra into the source of life, she was able to create trees, cause them to grow to great sizes, and manipulate them to diverse shapes and battle uses at will. It was said this ability was used to create the very landscape and foundation that Konoha is built on.


Hashiramako is very much a humanitarian. When there is another village in need after some form of disaster, she is often one to arrange and send aid to that village. She even personally visited Kumogakure after a war with Kirigakure to aid them in rebuilding the structures of their village.
She is also an optimist, looking for the best in people despite their reputation. Even when confronted with members of the Kirigakure Death Hand, she is cool and confident, to the point of eating breakfast on a ship with the Mizukage.
As a leader, she keeps her door open to her subordinates and treats everyone as fairly as possible. She does not go on too many missions these days, but carefully chooses teams to carry out the work of the village.


Hashiramako is not a gorgeous woman, but she is a veteran of the ninja clan wars who has escaped getting scarred in any of the many battles she was in. Still, she doesn't accentuate her looks by wearing makeup or jewelry, either. She has long black hair, and confident dark eyes. A smile comes easily to her face.
In battle she wears heavy armor made of dull red metallic plates over a black bodysuit. There is a kunai holster worn on her right hip, and a pouch on the small of her back as is common for many ninja. Indeed, her whole visage is more that of a warrior than one of traditional femininity. Outside of battle, simple red white and black robes and a gown give her the necessary warmth while still remain practical to walk around in.


0 B.F. - Struck a deal with the leader of the Uchiha clan, Madara, and formed the first Hidden Village, Konohagakure
10 A.F. - 10 years later, out of necessity, chose her nephew as Nidaime Hokage as she started on a mission she may not return from


Hashiramako is very talented in several areas. Her focus is on Wood Style Ninjutsu, however she is also very talented in using Genjutsu, Medical ninjutsu, and hiden jutsu. Her years of experience and continued training has even made her taijutsu skills something to be reckoned with, making her one of the strongest ninja currently in the world.

Mission Log

As a Kage, Hashiramako doesn't attend to many missions personally. She is more involved in the day to day administration of the village and overseeing the various training programs for students all the way up to her most elite ANBU corps. However, when the need arises for personal intervention, she will rise to the challenge and do whatever is necessary to ensure the success of that mission.

RP logs of missions and other scenes

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