Moon Princess Serena
Birthplace The Mortal Plane
Ascension Date Year 7
Gender Female
Age 4
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Blood Type Immortal
Kekkei Genkai Creation of All Things
Classification Creator
Areas of Expertise Creation Jutsu
Affiliation Eternity
Team The Sovereign
Immortal Rank Wizard
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Yin-Yang
Signature Jutsu
Creation of all Things

Moon Princess Serena sometimes refereed to as Luna, is a creator from Sovereign. Princess Serena constantly seeks to shift the world into balance while bestowing creations upon the shinobi world that others would feel are interesting. She is constantly working to maintain the world while dealing with Sovereign, a mysterious group of gods that stake claims to the realm.


The Ascension Arc
Unlike many of Sovereign, Serena had started out as a mere mortal of the shinobi world. During a time of stagnation Serena made routine visits to the Sovereign shrine from which she kept ripe with donations, worship, and spirit. Serena had wished upon the north star for the power to change the world…Eventually such a wish had been granted. Under much discussion amongst Sovereign's immortals, it was deemed that they would bestow their best worshiper ascension to evolve into an immortal that would be responsible for adding color to the world, and embarking the shinobi of the mortal world on unforeseen adventures. Serena was regarded as royalty of Eternity, by the Holy Honor, and given sanctuary by Sovereign.

It was here that Serena worked closely with Goddess Fulgur, helping shape the world person by person while Fulgur turned the world into her personal game of thrones, plunging the world into chaos and bouncing it back again.


The Little Pawns Arc
During this time, Serena took the form of a mysterious cat known as Luna. Luna took the time to plunge into the minds of shinobis and then set out a cascade of events that would ultimately lead them to their end goals. Luna was responsible for devising a method of putting each shinobi through incredible struggles. Crafting events that would continue like pull them through the gauntlet but in the end grow them into something better. This method of creating an interesting world made things quite happy for Serena. Finally with the power to create a better place for others. A certain event had caused fractions amongst Sovereign in the shinobi world however which would chance the pace for centuries to come.


The Division of Power Arc
The Shinobi World was in chaos after the 2nd Kirigakure War. It was becoming frustrating that the gods above took advantage of the mortal plane like pawns. Forcing them into wars amongst one another with one or many sides being predestined for victory or for loss. Sovereign was forced into an emergency meeting to deal with the issue. It was decided that no god no longer would have their hand in more than one nation and that over the period of time, leadership of said nations would be would be given to those of non immortal birth. Shinobi who risen to the top hierarchy of their kind. Those who provided the most flowers to Sovereign shrines. The change had brouight about some bad juju between the alliances Soverign members, and certain events had lead Serena to resign from her post as the dreamweaver, and instead focus on the generation of new Shinobi.

The division of power arc brought about the council of chosen dream weavers(GMs) headed by the Master Weaver (Plot Royal), who would continue to weave events without controlling the nations directly.

~The War Room

The Birth Arc
Once the Division of Power was created, Luna found herself as the Goddess of Life. She molded old and new spirits into shape and form and given reason within the Shinobi world, while also looking after the dead, turning their legacy over into different beings. Through this time Luna also did much work on the Shinobi Repository, a giant source of information that could give the shinobi more power if the information stored upon such repository was satisfactory. Being so close with creation, Serena became more interested in the creation of abilities and began to help out all facets of Eternity Operations. Serena oversaw the implementation of many new ideas such as the reshaping of Genjutsu. It wasn't until the next era that Serena had became more bold and energized to begin her own changes to the way the world worked.

The Revolution Arc

The Revolutionary Arc was a time where the old creator had randomly returned back to Eternity by the name of Valkyrie. Eternity itself was beginning to crumble under the weight of their own creations. After many gods had passed through Eternity and left their mark, now was the time of unity and embarking on a better path. This path was known as Eternity 2.5.

~Her Holiness Valkyrie

Goddess Valkyrie Returns to her Throne.

This revolutionary period wrecked havoc amongst the shinobi world as well as the immortal realm. The loose alliances of the immortal world was forced to become firmly united as a single entity. Before it was easy for shinobi to call about the gods separately, leaving other gods out of necessary information for the workings of eternity. A lesser god by the name of Gilgamesh was formed to act as a central repository of information, binding the the gods together in order to keep every single one of them on the same page.

The revolutionary period brought about discomfort about how the current system had remained, and the idea of change had brought about many more wishes and thoughts. While the Gods were open to change, many of the ideas brought forth brought about great discord within the stability of the realm. The Gods were forced to banish individuals in an attempt to restore order as gradual changes were made to bring the shinobi world to a better place.

This time was fleeting however. After many changes were made, Her holiness Valkyrie was forced to leave, leaving instructions on how to complete the balance but no directive. The pace of changes began to slow down without the ambitious Valkyrie. Despite the Realm remaining stable, the Goddess of Life, Serena became obsessed with the wanting the improve the realm further. It was then she attempted to take over where Valkyrie had left off, reading her notes, and going under the tutelage of the God of Creation, Shoki. Under his leadership she began to practice Creation Jutsu with the hopes of creating a better world.

The Creation Arc
Serena had become more bold as her training of creation jutsu had continued to grow. Her first creation was simply allowing the shinobi world to increase their health without having to pray to the gods. Such a task was simple but yet effective… and thus she had continued this practice embarking on more and more ambition projects.

Her knowledge of eternity had continued to grow. The ancient texts of eternity was written in a language that only few could understand at first glance. It took some time but she became talented in learning how to decipher it..and then modify it to feet her needs. She began to focus more on creation jutsu, which made the birthing of new shinobi a lower process but at the benefit of putting great ideas to life.

Serena had helped facilitate the ideas of shinobi, wishing for a better future and a system that would help evaluate if such wishes would work or not, or if merely parts of them could be used. The unified Sovereign was able to govern with ease, and crack out systematic changes that would help push Eternity beyond the 2.5 ballpark.

Serena's ambition had ascended her status beyond royalty and into a Wizard of the Realm. She was granted her own personal dominion over the Eternity moon as long as she continued to perform great works for the benefit of all. Serena now straddles between a jack of all trades, knowledgeable in many facets of eternity. Her official title is as follows. Moon Princess Serena, Protector of Theme, Goddess of Creation and Life. Advisor to the Throne and Land of Abilities.


Serena is what one would consider the leveled headed Princess of Sovereign. She has taken up a stance of constant neutrality along with frequently playing as the devil's advocate when dealing with the creation of the mortal plane. She also maintains unity amongst Sovereign and finds unique ways to make their rulings more efficient.


Much like many of the immortals. Serena is able to take any shape or form she so desires. Traditionally she is portrayed as a beauitful young girl with long locks of golden hair. A half moon crescent remains along her forehead. Between Fall until the beginning of spring, Serena shifts to Luna who is portrayed as a mystic black cat with a half crescent moon charm on the forehead.

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