Shibata Akina
Shibata (柴田) Akina (明菜)
Birthplace Land of Wind ()
Birthdate April 15th, 5 B.F.
(Year of the Boar)
Gender Icon-Female3.png Female
Age 12
Height 5 ft. - 1.52 m.
Weight 95 lb. - 43 kg.
Blood Type O-
Kekkei Genkai None
Classification None
Areas of Expertise Poison
Clan Shibata (柴田)
Affiliation Icon-Suna.png Sunagakure
Team Team Two
Ninja Rank Misc-Genin.png Genin
Genin-Equivalent Age 12
Chuunin-Equivalent Age N/A
Nature Type
Element (Affinity) Unknown
Element (Secondary) Unknown
Father Akihiko (明彦)
Signature Jutsu
Poisoned Senbon






Before you is a young girl with long, straight ink black hair that tapers off at the small of her back. Long locks shimmer with faint blue highlights frames her pale face. A slender nose is the center piece of her smooth face. Separating her deep coal black eyes and long black eyelashes. Below her nose is a pair of soft lips. The curvature of her chin leads to her slender neck.

Slender shoulders lead downwards, covered the ebony material of a long, hooded cloak that sways with the slightest breeze, clasp a dull and worn iron, though intricately detailed into a symbol that loops around and into itself. The front of the cloak is open, showing the ink black traveling kimono that cups along the undercurve of her chest. The long, dark sleeves of her kimono cover over her lean arms, the long hem to completely envelope her feminine hands and slender fingers.

The lean stomach curves naturally beneath the open cloak, a smoky sash wrapping around her small waist as the smooth curve of her hips continues under the hem of the dark kimono, long hem brushing over her sculpted legs as she moves with little hesitance. A fully equipped ninja pouch strapped to her right calf, out of sight except for the rarest of occasions when the folds part just slightly. Her small feet adorn a pair of black sandals with a slight heel to them.




Skills And Abilities


Chronological Timeline & Ninja Journal

May 9, 7 A.F. - September 3, 2012 Tiny Prick of Poison

May 13, 7 A.F. - September 5, 2012 Endless Bubbles

May 15, 7 A.F. - September 6, 2012 Puppet Play

May 19, 7 A.F. - September 8, 2012 Pick Pocket Troubles
June 2, 7 A.F - September 16, 2012 Stillness of a Clock

June 4, 7 A.F - September 16, 2012 Few Comforting Words

June 6, 7 A.F - September 17, 2012 Non Faces

June 30th, 7 A.F. - October 2, 2012 Never Stood A Chance

July 20th, 7 A.F. - October 9, 2012 The Lowest Bidder

August, 7 A.F - October 16, 2012 Next of Kin
September 14, 7 A.F - November 6, 2012 Hog Crazy
September 28, 7 A.F - November 13, 2012 He'd Be Dead Any Other Time

RP Logs


Theme Song



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